Vintage pin up hair ideas seem like they take hours to create but that’s not necessarily the case. There are many hairstyles that recreate the iconic pin up look without requiring a lot of effort or complicated techniques. It’s always refreshing to try out a new hairstyle and completely transform the way you look and feel. Pin up hair styling hacks can help you pull off these seemingly complicated hairstyles without having to spend the night before preparing and putting rollers in your hair.

Pin up hairdos effectively combine structured waves and bold curls to create a look that is both sultry and sweet at the same time. The image of the pin up girl, sensual yet classic, bold yet feminine, has remained a popular fixture of American culture to this day. Not only are pin up hair styles elegant and complex, they also effortlessly bring together romantic waves and over-the-top curls.

Recreating Iconic Pin Up Hair Styles Fast and Easy

Unlike the lovely pin-up models from decades ago, we have the newest hair styling innovations to help us create a perfect look in a matter of minutes. The complicated waves, curls, and up-dos that took hours to perfect in the 50s can, with the help of our modern hair styling products and appliances, be accomplished faster and easier nowadays.

Although some of the more purist hair stylists might swear by the old methods, not all of us have the luxury of putting rollers in every time we want to change it up a bit. If you’re pressed for time but you still want to get that lovely vintage look, here are 5 easy pin up hair styling tutorials that won’t take forever to create.

1.      Victory Rolls

Happy, smiling, pinup girl with hair in victory rolls.

Happy, smiling, pinup girl with hair in victory rolls. Shot on white background.

Victory rolls are a go-to pin-up look. They are classic, beautiful, and easily achievable. They will look amazing on any face shape and you can easily create them from medium or long hair. If you have shorter hair you can adjust the size of the rolls to your hair length and get the look that way. Style smaller rolls and simply brush out the hair at the back smoothly. You can follow these steps to style your victory rolls in no time:

  • Split your hair into three sections: right side, left side, and back. Brush each section smoothly and spray some light hold hairspray on each section right before styling it.
  • Take one of the sections on the side and use either hair gel or hair wax to smooth it out and control loose hairs. Take the ends and start rolling them up upward towards your head. Keep the roll controlled and smooth while rolling. If you need some extra support, you can use a hair doughnut or backcomb your hair to keep softer hair in place.
  • Once you’ve rolled the hair up to your head, use as many hair pins as you need to secure the roll. Do this with both side sections.
  • Use a fine comb to fix and smooth out the exterior of each roll once you’ve pinned them.
  • Brush the back section and backcomb the interior of the hair at the base of your head. Take the ends and tuck them inwards and roll them under the hair, in a curl. Secure the ends at the base of the neck with hair pins.
  • Use strong-hold hairspray to keep the hair in place. Spray it over each section with care.

2.      Pin Up Curls

portrait of pretty girl in pin up curls

Pin up curls

Pin up curls come in a wide range of sizes and styles. From the big and bold curls that beautifully style longer locks to the delicately structured curls that you can downsize for shorter hairdos, pin up curls will help you dress up any look. You can roll up your hair in large curls for an elegant up do or create smaller curls for a romantic, sleeker look. For a shorter style, curl the rest of your hair into looser curls and create a few pin up hair curls that are textured at the front. Longer locks offer more versatility, but the same principle applies:

  • Separate the strands that you will be turning into pin up curls from the rest of your hair. Tie the rest of the hair away to keep it from tangling.
  • Take the hair ends and roll them horizontally to create the pin up curl. Once you’ve created a curl, use hair pins to secure it in place. Make as many pin up curls as you need to create your look.
  • Style the rest of your hair around the curls. Use a curling iron to create looser curls on the rest of your hair.
  • Spray strong-hold hairspray on the pin up curls to keep them in place.

3.      Fringe Roll

fringe roll hairstyle

Fringe roll hairstyle

You can always keep your fringes in check by styling them into a frontal roll that makes for the perfect up-do. This is the perfect vintage bandana look since you can simply pin the rest of your hair up at the back of your head and walk out the door. You can tie a bandana over the rest of your hair or simply use it to separate the front and back section of your hair. It’s also a perfect second-day look, because the messier your hair looks at the back, the better this pin up hair style looks. Just pin it to the back of your head and make your fringe roll draw all of the attention:

  • Part your hair in sections by creating a horizontal line at the crown of your head and all the way to your ears. Take the hair from the sides and the fringe and tie it together at the crown into a ponytail.
  • Backcomb the interior underside of the ponytail. Take the ends and roll them underneath to create the fringe. You can use a hair doughnut or additional backcombing for more support.
  • Pin the roll down with hair pins and use a comb to smooth out the exterior. Use hairspray to make it stay in place.
  • Tie the rest of your hair into a high ponytail at the back and style it in curls or pin it up as you prefer.
  • Use the bandana to separate the two sections and tie it behind the fringe roll.

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