Nowadays, when most people hear about hair nets, they immediately think about those sanitary blue or green disposable ones that kitchen workers wear on their heads or their beards and mustaches, in order to avoid hairs from getting in people’s food, when in service. Or they think about surgical ones, worn by doctors and nurses for hygiene reasons as well. However, hygiene and facial hair was not always what hair nets were all about.

The hair net has always been a style accessory and a quick look at fashion through the ages will demonstrate just that. Amazingly enough, hair nets came into fashion somewhere in The Middle Ages and were reinvented over and over again in different periods after that. The hair net’s interesting trajectory now gives us amazing style ideas to wear one in a very stylish and fashionable way.

#1.  Back to basics

A good way of finding styling ideas on how to wear a hair net is to take a cue directly from history and the different time periods which reclaimed it. And you can start right with The Middle Ages look that inspired it all. This one is perfect for wearing at a wedding, as a bride or as a guest. Pull back your hair in a slick pony tail and curl the loose hair strands in picture-perfect bouffant ringlets. Then cover the top of the pony tail and roughly half of the flowing curls with a hairnet. For an even more historically accurate look, you can use a special net, beaded, embellished with pearls, rhinestones or lace.

Make sure to keep your make-up light and your dress appropriate to the hair net style you’ve chosen. This particular way of wearing a hairnet is appropriate not just for weddings, but for formal parties, costumes and themed soirees as well.


#2. The romantic days

Skipping a few centuries in the future, the Civil War days bring us another great idea on how to wear hair nets. The hair style in itself is quite easy to do. Part your hair in the middle, but only in the front. Take the two strands on each side and twirl them all the way to the back, where you can secure them with bobby pins or a clip. The rest of the hair goes in a beautiful low bun at the back of your head, twisted into whatever shape or size you might fancy.

The hair net you need for this look has to be big enough to cover your entire head, including your bun. It also needs to be of a very fine weave, preferably in a color very close to that of your own hair, so it’s close to invisible. You can also wear a wig, if it’s more comfortable, as wigs tend to keep better under a hair net.


#3. The roaring 20s

Another inspiring age that brought the hair net back to life was the 20s. Luckily for us, that particular time period was so beautiful and glamorous that it seems it might never really go out of style. What you need to pull off this look is a very simple, yet slick, shiny and tight low bun, with your hair parted on the side. Cover your entire head with a black hair net with a wide band that needs to go low over your forehead. Complete your outfit with a flapper inspired dress, with fringes, tassels or sequins, high heeled shoes and a striking make up. Smoky eyes and a red lip are important to pair off the heavy hair net and balance it, so that your outfit doesn’t look like a costume. You can wear this combination to high-end parties, dinners, festivals and even brunch if you’re bold enough.

#4. 40s glam

Another style that seems to always be in trend is the pinup 40s style. Made famous by the beautiful drawings of scantily clad attractive ladies, it’s always a great source of inspiration when it comes to fashion. However, this particular hair style is a bit harder to do at home by yourself, so you might want to ask for some help. The idea is that you tie your hair behind your back, in a loose weave and cover it completely with a heavy hair net, which was also called a snood back then. Lots of hair spray is the key here.

You can buy a net or crochet it yourself.  Rock some 40s bangs with it and add a ribbon on top and your look is complete. Colors your lips cherry red, use a heavy eye liner and you can wear this attire almost anywhere. Retro is back and it seems like it’s here to stay.


#5. The crazy cool 70s

We all know that, as far as fashion goes, the 70s were probably one of the craziest periods we experienced so far. The materials, the patterns, the shapes and the colors all screamed fun, playtime and freedom. Hairstyles were no different, which is why we can take a cue from there and sport a simple, crocheted hair net over loose hair. Add a vintage crocheted top and some bell bottoms, golden jewelry and platforms and you’re good to go.


#6. Style and practicality

Whoever said that style and practicality don’t mix was wrong and the hair net as an accessory is here to prove just that. There are certain activities that require the usage of a hair net, but creativity transformed that requirement into a beautiful piece of head gear. Ballet is one of those situations, where the dancers need to make sure none of their hair escapes while they dance, so they tie it and cover it neatly with a white or pink hair net. Equestrian competitions are famous for their competitor’s unique style, which includes traditional and elegant hair nets, under the helmets. You can buy these online.

They can also be worn during sleep, if you want to wake up to a beautiful head of natural beach waves in the morning. Wearing hair nets while sleeping keeps the hair from getting tangled as well. They also accompany long dreadlocks and replace the usual thick colored cap. Nylon hair nets which cut across the forehead can be worn by cholo men or wrestling competitors and can also be made of cotton. They are mostly decorative, though.


Here are the best ways in which you can sport a hair net in style. There are many options out there you can try, so don’t be afraid to step out of the box and experiment.

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