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6 DIY Hair Buns for Every Hair Type

They say that girls always want what they can’t have when it comes to hair. Those of us that have Rapunzel long hair dream of a pixie cut, straight hair girls always want curls, while those who do have curls complain they’re too much of a burden and want smooth locks. Our wishes may be ever changing, but there is one thing that’s constant – the bun. No matter what type of hair we might have or what length it might be, it seems as though the easiest solution for us to get what we want from our hair is top knots. Here are the 8 best buns for every hair type you can start wearing today.

Straight hair

They say it’s the easiest type of hair you can possibly have and they’re probably right. But straight hair can come with its issues as well, like being extremely frizz prone, greasy, thin, have oily roots, limp, lifeless and even boring, which is where the bun comes in. One way of getting rid of all these problems, very quickly and easy is by tying the hair in a knot, which will solve any problem that might arise, including bad hair days.

#1. The messy bun for long straight hair

The easiest DIY top knot for long straight hair is the messy bun. All you have to do is bring your entire length to the top of the head in a rough pony tail, twist it into a long braid and then twirl the braid in a round donut shape. Make sure you secure it with lots of bobby pins or with a clip, because long hair is usually heavy as well. Pull strands or pieces of it here and there and let them flow loose on the length of your back, shoulders and face. Don’t worry about frizziness. This is what a messy bun is all about. It’s hot and relaxed at the same time.

#2. The braided bun for short straight hair

You might think it to be a bit difficult to get a bun out of short hair, but it’s not entirely like that. You can even make one on the top of your head, but it’s a bit trickier and it requires many pins, which you might find uncomfortable during the day. However, the perfect solution for short straight hair as far as knots go is the braided bun, which will hang beautifully low at the back of your head. It’s very bohemian looking and goes perfectly with jeans and a loose top or with any type of dress. You can even wear this one for a wedding.

Wavy hair

We have always considered wavy haired girls the lucky ones, because they possess the perfect combination between curly and straight, which we all covet so much. However, wavy hair too can pose challenges to its owner, because it might get too fluffy when faced with humidity or turn into limp strands if it’s not treated with the right hair care products. Therefore, it’s bun to the rescue once more.

#3. The half-up-half-down for long, wavy hair

This is one of the prettiest and most natural dos out there, which is guaranteed to show off your beautiful mane. All you need to do is to part your hair in half on the horizontal axis, tie the upper half into a small and loose bun, while letting the lower half of your hair flow freely. This works fabulously if you have ombre hair, no matter the color, because the layering it naturally comes with will show off all your ombre hues. Match this particular hair style with a pretty floral dress and some boots and you have a killer look for a festival.

#4. The hun bun for short, wavy hair

This one is basically a variation of the half-up-half-down bun for long and wavy hair, only that the position of the bun itself is different, giving the hair do a completely different look. The technique is the same, meaning you have to part your hair in two, leave the bottom half free flowing on your shoulders while tying the upper half in a tight knot very high on your head. This is why it’s called the “hun bun”, because it looks a bit like a hun warrior’s do.

Curly hair

The last decade has seen the revival of the curl. Ringlets and waves have been brought back into the public eye and made cool again, which is why numerous fashion houses and brands came out with lots of products and centered on curly haired girls. Making a big, complicated hair-do out of curly hair is not always possible, which is why girls gifted with this mane tend to turn towards the bun. Here are some amazing ideas.

#5. The sock bun for long, curly hair

One of the easiest ways through which you can get all your curly hairs to get into a bun and stay there, is the sock bun. Tie all of your hair in a very high pony tail, and then loosen it up a bit, so that you don’t get a headache. Take a bun shaper or a rolled up thick tube sock and place it and the end of the pony tail, and roll all the hair through it, all the way to the base. Make sure it covers the shaper or the sock completely. Another way to make sure it’s completely hidden is by using one that matches your hair color, so black for black, brown for brown and cream colored for blonde. When the bun has reached your head, secure it with pins and you’re done. This is also perfect for medium hair, but with a smaller shaper. You can find tutorials online.

#6. The Roman goddess bun for short, curly hair

Who says short curly hair and buns don’t go together? An amazingly cute solution is the Roman goddess one, in which all you have to do is to first tie a head band around your hair, loosely 1 inch away from your hair line and then bring out several sections of your hair and pin them at the back of your head with bobby pins. You’ll look sophisticated in no time. This hair-do is so easy that you don’t even need a hair tie or any other accessories for it!

Here are the easiest and quickest 6 DIY hair bun styles for every hair type, according to length. They are simple enough so that you can do them at home for yourself but definitely an upgrade from the classic buns.

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