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7 Best Yoga Headbands for Long and Short Hair

During a yoga session, it can be distracting, if not downright frustrating, to have hair that is consistently getting in your face. To prevent this issue, there are a variety of headbands that exist for both short and long hair to keep it out of the way. These headbands are both useful and fashionable, and can provide you with an easy solution to a troublesome problem. In the article to follow, several different types of headbands will be discussed to help you choose the best yoga headband for your needs.

1. BLOM Original Women’s Headband

This particular headband features a loose knot and pleated design. It allows for a number of different style options depending on your mood. The headband can be folded or unfolded and worn either thin or thick across the head.

BLOM’s multi-style headband is also reversible and slip-free while still maintaining a sense of comfort. In the summer, this headband can be worn as a workout tool to keep hair out of the face; in the winter, it can double as an ear cover to keep your head warm.

2. Oureamod Wide Headbands for Men and Women

These headbands come in packs of five different designs or colors, depending on your choice. Since the fabric is both stretchy and lightweight, it is perfect for keeping hair back and for keeping sweat out of the eyes during a workout.

Oureamod’s multi-use headband can be used in a variety of other ways, including: a headband, cap, beanie, scarf, around the neck, helmet liner, balaclava, or a dust screen. This headband set gives you a full range of use during nearly any outdoor activity, and looks cool to boot.

3. Heathyoga Headband

Fully reversible with two different colors per headband, the Heathyoga headband is both useful to control hair and sweat as well as highly stylish. These headbands are designed to do away with the painful, tight elastic bands of the past so that you can enjoy your workout or your night on the town in comfort and fashion. They can also be worn as a small scarf during the winter.

Heathyoga offers this high quality headband in a variety of bright colors and solid tones. The fact that they can be flipped means you are essentially getting two headbands in one with each product. Each headband is also thicker than the average elastic headband. This is helpful for both durability and preventing sweat from getting in your eyes.

4. DASUTA Non Slip Lightweight Multi Style Bandana Headbands for Men and Women

Whether you are in the market for something to help hold hair and sweat back during yoga, running, sports, or other physical activities, the DASUTA headband is a perfect, affordable choice. These headbands are made of high quality fabrics that are fully reversible and come in packs of five different solid colors. With so many options, they are perfect for both physical activities and general, everyday use.

The thinner elastic band works well for both short and long hair, as well as a variety of different hairstyles that may prove more troublesome to keep back while working out. DASUTA’s headbands are flexible enough to fit any head, man, woman, or child. They can even be used as scarves when not needed to keep hair and sweat at bay.

5. TecUnite Sports Headband

TecUnite has created a style of headband with a special stitching that makes their product extra durable and stretchy. These headbands are specifically designed with an internal silicone bar that prevents slipping and will stay in place even during the most intense activities. Nonetheless, they are stylish enough that they can be worn for everyday use, as well.

Each pack comes with two headbands: one gray, one black. The TecUnite sports headbands can be hand washed if they get too dirty, and air dried. The silicone bar, special stitching, and high quality materials make this headband comfortable, lightweight, and useful for a variety of activities.

6. Gaiam Banyan and Bo Hot Yoga Headband

Thanks to this headband’s hot yoga focus, it is an excellent perspiration absorber that is best utilized for high intensity physical activity. While Gaiam markets this headband for hot yoga specifically, the thick, elastic band and internal silicone strips make it perfect for any physical activity or as a colorful addition to hair for fashion purposes.

The band of the Gaiam Banyan and Bo Hot yoga headband is extra wide to provide for maximum hair coverage and control, which is essential during activities that involve a lot of motion and/or sweat generation. The high quality fabric is durable enough to survive a machine wash. This makes it a perfect addition to your workout wardrobe.

7. Rwesion Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headband Headphones Headset

If you are in the market for a little extra innovation with your headband, then consider this Rwesion line, which includes a set of removable, Bluetooth headphones. The headphones slide into specially designed pockets that, when the headband is placed over the head, sit comfortable over your ears to provide some easy listening or amped up workout tunes that fit your lifestyle.

The headband itself is made from lightweight, knitted fabric that is stretchy and comfortable. In the winter, the headband headset can serve as a way to keep your ears warm when you are outside. It even allows you to answer your phone if you have the headphones set up to your phone’s Bluetooth. The headband comes in either black or grey and is designed to fit both men and women.

Summing Up

Every headband available on the market today has its own advantages. Finding the best yoga headband to meet your needs requires you to give these headbands a chance and see if they are the right fit. If you have tried some of these headbands before, or if you know of another product that would work well, leave a comment and let us know!

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