A blue bow tie is always a good idea! Whether dressing up or dressing down, some accessories are simply universal. The bow tie may top the list as an accessory designed for any occasion. Furthermore, with clip-on options making it more accessible, one has every excuse to show off in style. Blue bow ties specifically can give one a pop of color or retain a neutral palette. It allows the wearer to mix-and-match with as much ease as needed.

Top 8 Blue Bow Tie Picks

Blue Bow Ties for Casual Events

blue tweed bow tie

Despite bow ties having a reputation for formal events, wearing a bow tie for a casual night of drinks or a Sunday afternoon can add a unique flavor to an outfit. Tweed, for example, is the perfect material for any casual, comfy clothes.

Printed Blue Bow Ties

world map bow tie

If solid colors are a bit too boring (especially on a solid-colored outfit), busting out a patterned, blue bow tie may be the perfect way to add a twist to a dull outfit. The one featured above combines a beautiful sky blue (or in this case, ocean blue) with specks of brown land to form a “world map” blue bow tie. Luckily, as brown and tan are neutral colors, the only color necessary to match is the blue. Though neutrals are always a great option, an orange or pastel-yellow button-up and a dark pair of jeans would make this outfit great for any casual setting.

Knit Bow Ties

knitted blue bow tie

Using unique types of fabric with a neutral blue bow tie is a fantastic way to style with simplicity. Wearing the look pictured above with a suit can be worn in office settings or events where a formal dress code is the norm. However, wearing this with any colored button-up, from scarlet to mint-green, can be effective in not only showing off a range of color but a range of texture as well. Though the unique colors of the button-up will draw eyes from across the room, this blue bow tie will ultimately be the focal point of the outfit because of its material.

Blue Bow Ties and Suspenders

bow tie and suspenders

A bow tie’s best friend can be a slick pair of suspenders if one can style them correctly. The one above features a bow tie set with matching suspenders. Here, the bow tie isn’t necessarily the focal point, but rather, the tie and suspenders as a team, so a nice white shirt would be preferable here. The blue bow tie and suspenders will stand out fabulously against the light fabric. However, if color the goal, one could pair the set with orange, its complementary color. It is preferred, however, to stay away from a shirt that has too much of a pattern to it. Otherwise, the ensemble will look too busy and detract from the tie.

Patterned Bow Ties

dots bow tie

A blue bow tie speckled with color is great for those looking for a little pop without getting too flashy. This tie, found on Amazon, uses different shades of blue and white to create a look with subtle notes of flair. Winter is an excellent time to use such an accessory. A white, long-sleeved shirt covered with a blue sweater would utilize the colors found in the bow tie while still giving it a hint of difference. Here, the blue bow tie is still the focal point of the ensemble, but the white shirt and blue sweater tone down the dots. Throw on a pair of jeans to make this a casual outfit, or swap the jeans for a pair of slacks to give it a more business-casual air.

Linen Bow Ties

light blue linen bow tie

This sort of tie is extremely versatile for any dress code, and a classic pick for any man. The  blue color makes it a neutral, which allows the tie to be used for any outfit, whether colored or plain white. The uniqueness of this piece comes in with the texture of the bow. The cross-hatch pattern that the fibers create can be brought with white as a denim-style, or it can be set with a suit for a more black-tie event.

Floral Bow Ties

Floral Bow Tie

With floral making a huge comeback in recent years, this tie is an excellent accessory for those looking to stay on the edge of trends. This particular bow tie has a navy blue background with notes of lighter blues for the flowers. Although the bulk of the accessory does stick with a neutral pattern, one should match their outfit to the lighter notes, so as not to clash with the flowers. Bright colors should be avoided – especially those that don’t mix well with light blues. For more colorful options, matching this tie with a pastel orange or pastel purple would be a great option. Something in-between the two is possible as well, as this tie could be paired with a light brown belt. Either way, this bow tie is excellent for a casual outing.

Colorful Blue Bow Ties

Colorful Bow Tie

No matter the type, the bow tie is normally the centerpiece of an outfit. Going completely colorful is a great way to draw complete attention to the accessory. The bow tie above, despite having colors like purple, yellow, red, and teal woven through the pattern, remains a blue bow tie simply because it uses light blue as a base for the tie and dark blue as accent colors. This, however, is by no means neutral, so a white, black, or gray button-up will do the trick. If neutral isn’t an option, matching this with any of the accent colors (yellow, for example), is a great option as well.

Though bow ties get a reputation of being only for formal occasions, recent trends shatter this notion. It’s completely possible to deck out in a bow tie for casual outings, business-casual affairs, or a night on the town.

Any other unique ways to style with a bow tie? We’d love to hear your favorite ways to accessorize in the comments below.

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