As a popular and trendy fashion jewelry statement, the bow necklace comes in many varieties. The classic style is a minimalist small bow attached to a matching chain made from the same metal. Bow necklaces are a flexible type of jewelry, however, and sometimes the bow serves as the focal point for several charms. It can be made of metal, acrylic or ribbon, and one of the cutest styles is the ‘faux bow’. Some of these use rhinestones or beads to create the shape of a bow.

8 Popular Bow Necklace Choices for a Unique Fashion Statement

1. Dainty Bow Necklace

gold bow necklace

A dainty and beautiful bow necklace adds subtle elegance to your look. A simple bow in silver or gold is one example of this popular style. The tiny bow on one minimalist necklace by Olizz is made of gold vermeil and it hangs from a 14K gold filled chain. You can still have a texture to your necklace, though, even if it’s demure and dainty. Wearing a twisted bow is one example of adding interest while maintaining the overall simplicity of the style. For example, the Kate Spade “Skinny Mini” bow necklace keeps the simple charm of the bow necklace even with the addition of pavé diamonds.

2. Charm Bow Necklace

necklace with various pendants

A bow can be the focal feature of a necklace along with complementary charm highlights to set it off. Styles range from fragile and dainty to a true statement piece that includes multiple strands and many charms. For a dressy minimalist charm necklace, Allurez offers a textured silver bow with a single pearl that dangles from a delicate sterling silver chain. On the other end of the spectrum, the bow can be an anchor feature, with coordinating charms included in the design. A charm necklace can also be layered with a simple chain to focus more attention on the necklace.

3. Mixed Media Bow Necklace

red polka dot bow necklace and metal chain

There are also mixed media necklaces that have a combination of materials. There is beauty in the contrast of a lacy bow with charms that dangle beneath. Mixing materials in the fashioning of contemporary jewelry is a growing trend. The combination of different metals, beads, and fabrics creates an eclectic, modern look. A mixed-media bow necklace can also be designed with a retro, vintage look by using repurposed materials and adhering to vintage styles. One example of this eclectic look is the ‘faux’ bow necklace described next.

4. Faux Bow Necklace

copper bow necklace with metal chain

A necklace in the shape of a bow, but made up of beading or another material, is a clever variation on the bow necklace. One example is a necklace that features a bow in great detail, with rippling ribbon and a fabric-like texture but made of silver or gold metal. There are some inspired bows made entirely of beading, sometimes in a pattern like the United States Flag. Manufacturers can also create an appealing necklace by attaching various shapes that form a bow once they’re side by side. One of the most artistic examples of a faux bow necklace is the twisting of a piece of rectangular metal until it resembles a bow.

5. Victorian Bow Necklace

ribbon bow necklace with pendant

A bow necklace created in the Victorian style can be an elegant vintage design. During the Victorian Era, tastes ran to the opulent and showy, and there are some gorgeous Victorian necklaces that incorporate bows. You can get the antique Victorian look, though, without going in for diamonds and pearls. A bronzed bow with a single ruby red crystal drop beneath looks both Victorian and dainty. Bow necklaces still exist from that time, and one can find real antique necklaces in thrift shops and at estate sales. Precious stones and pearls were popular choices during the Victorian era, however, and antique jewelry can be quite expensive if the stones are genuine.

6. Double Loop or Strand Bow Necklace

Eiffel tower, bow and heart pendants necklace

A double loop bow is another stylish choice. It catches the attention and gives more flexibility for incorporating flourishes like texture or beading. Another style is double or multiple strand necklaces that have bows as the interest item. Bows can be layered in the center of the necklace or on different parts of the chain. Each bow can even contain different materials that coordinate with each other, like crystal and pearl or ribbon and beads. A multiple strand necklace can often be a beautiful statement piece when worn with a plunging neckline.

7. Ribbon Bow Necklace

black ribbon choker

This type of necklace can be cool and elegant or have a folk art flair, depending on the materials and styling. A ribbon choker made with quality fabric and featuring a bow as the focus of the piece will add interest to a high-necked top. For a ‘cottage chic’ look, a selection of bows in different fabric colors and textures is an adorable style. You can create a casual look or dress up an outfit with the range of selections available.

8. Big Bow Necklace

metal big bow necklace

We can’t talk about bow necklaces without mentioning this style. Whether it’s made of fabric, beading or metal, the big bow necklace has been around for a long time and seems to be here to stay. This is also a design that can be as casual or dressy as you like. A frayed-edge or distressed fabric can give the necklace a ‘boho chic’ look, and a fine material with threads of gold can create a big bow necklace that’s worthy of an evening outfit. There are even laser-cut acrylic bows in a silhouette style, for a trendy look.

As you can see, there are a ton of choices available in bow necklaces. From a dainty, delicate bow on a fine chain to an eye-catching array of bows in bright colors, every woman can find the right necklace for her taste and budget. Which one is your favorite? It would probably be hard to narrow it down to just one with all the variations out there. Share your favorites with us or let us know about a style we might have skipped!

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