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Top 8 Cute Bow Sandals for Every Style

Bows have been a popular ornament for outfits in recent years, and sandals are no exception. Flashy or simple, sexy or cute, bow sandals are an extremely versatile shoe that’s great for any style. The pros don’t stop there. Bow sandals are rarely focal points of an entire outfit, so the wearer has the ability to match it with any other accessories they see fit. Here are our top picks.

8 Bow Sandals You’re Going to Fall In Love With

Ankle Bow Sandals

The sandals pictured above, where the sandal’s big bow wraps around the ankle, are a fabulous way to add a bit of flair to an outfit without being too “out there.” This shoe is perfect for those styles that want to add a bit of fun but don’t want the bow to be the center point of the outfit. The solid, neutral-colored bow allows for color in other places in the outfit, such as in a colorful, patterned skirt or top. Perfect for late spring and summer, these bow sandals are perfect for those casual, laid-back outings.

Chic Beach Sandals

This type of bow sandal is absolutely perfect for those hot days that will be spent relaxing by the water, whether beach or pool. It encapsulates a beachy boho style that’s meant for a true summer’s day. For outfits, brown colors would be great to pair with the sandals, as it’s the main color in the shoes, but anyone looking to spread a little color could certainly use the royal blue featured in the bows of the sandals. These shoes don’t necessarily need to match the swimsuit underneath, but make sure to coordinate with the slip on top!

High-Heeled Bow Sandals

For those looking for a little more glam, high-heeled bow sandals are perfect for those warm nights out. In the style featured above, the bow is crimped, making it a bit more appropriate for the “little black dress” wardrobe, but the crystals in the platform beg for something a little more casual than an office party. Thus, these shoes are great for going to the club or getting late-night drinks with friends. Because the color the mostly white, the wearer is free to put a little more color to the outfit. Of course, the little black dress is always a perfect option, as well.

Perfect Getaway Sandals

These bow sandals are great for that summer vacation (or that tropical winter getaway). Meant for those who like style and comfort, these sandals, though built with a slight sole-lift, have a cushy base at the bottom, designed specifically for comfort. Fashionistas that cater more towards color and floral patterns will be in love with these sandals, as they can pair them with any beachy outfit and fit right in. Fans of a retro style will love these sandals as well, as the colors and patterns are reminiscent of a more vintage style.

Cork-Wedge Sandals

Those looking for a bit of style without getting too flashy need to look no further. These cork-wedge bow sandals feature black straps that hug the top part of the foot, while the straps at the ankle keep the foot snug and in place. The tiny bow at the top of the shoe gives it an elegant flair that’s great for any outing. However, the cork at the edge of the sandal makes this shoe a little more casual, so while dressy-casual, summertime events work, those black-tie functions may do better with something more solid-colored. Still, these sandals are the perfect addition to any outfit that requires a bit of class and elegance, or any casual, colorful ensemble.

Simple Bow Sandals

Of course, not every bow sandal needs to be colorful and strappy. The sandals pictured above are a simple, stylish take on the bow sandal, with extra emphasis placed on its sleek and minimalist design. While the whole of the shoe is reminiscent of the standard flip-flop design, the bows with the gold tassels and the pattern underneath give it a new, fashionable twist. Because of this, these jelly sandals are great for beach wear or for casual summer outings. This style is simple and neutral, the wearer can pair it with any colorful articles they see fit.

Stylish Flip-Flop Sandals

In the same vein, these shoes are great for those that love the last style, but hope for a little something extra. These nude sandals are perfect for outings, and less-so for the beach (as the gems at the center of the bow require a bit more care from the elements). Though the bow is larger on these sandals than the last pair shown, this is still an excellent style for those who want a little bit of flair, but not so much as to detract from the rest of the outfit. The gold between the toe also gives it a hint of class that’s excellent for afternoon or evening wear. Paired with its neutral color, this sandal is also great for those looking to put a little more color in the rest of their ensemble.

Formal Bow Sandals

Lastly, these sandals are excellent for those looking for more black-tie options for the summer. The ones in the link above are a suede, high-heeled sandal, with a bow at the top and straps on the ankle. Because of its luxurious fabric and elegant style, these shoes are awesome for any classier function. We’re talking even those that require black-tie. Though the wine red can add a much-needed hint of color (without getting too crazy), there are neutral options available for those who want to adhere to a strict color palette.

Bow sandals are a wonderful accent to any wardrobe seeking a bit of flair. From beachy boho styles to black-tie ensembles, bow sandals are a wonderful, versatile addition to all modes of dress.

What are the cutest sandals you have stashed in your closet? We’d love to hear about your flashiest, simplest, or most comfortable pair. Leave us a comment below; or, if you have questions, we’d love to help you out.

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