Floral headbands are a fun addition to any outfit. In recent years, they’ve become associated with music festivals such as Coachella, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to wearing floral headbands at a festival. These headbands come in so many styles, colors and sizes, from subtle looks to huge flowers. They can work for a variety of occasions, including parties and dates.
In this list, we’ll cover 6 of the cutest, coolest floral headbands that don’t require a full festival look. From attention-grabbing to subtle, there’s a headband for everyone.

6 Tips on How to Wear Floral Headbands

1. Dark Rose Headband

Burgundy Floral Crown

Image Source: Etsy

This handmade rose headband features large flowers in a rich burgundy color. It’s a stand-out look that’ll stun your friends and is perfect for a sultry night-time look. Each faux-rose is made from foam and is oversized.

Try pairing this headband with a bright matte lipstick, a dark dress, and a simple hairstyle. Experiment with an up-do for a fancier, more creative look.

A good idea is to keep your outfit relatively monotone in color, since you don’t want to distract from the beautiful crown on your head. However, this headband look is definitely for the bold, and you could even get away with a bright red dress and shoes to go with the roses.

2. Subtle Gold Headband

gold floral headband

Image Source: Instagram

If you’re looking for a less bold look, this headband is for you. It consists of 5 small flowers set in a lush gold band with gold leaves. It’s classy and unique, yet still understated enough that you could wear it during the day for work or a lunch date. You could also wear it at night for a party or concert.

This gold headband comes in several different colors, but we love this purple one — the purple contrasts perfectly with the gold!

We recommend wearing this headband with an updo, ponytail or braid so it doesn’t get lost in all that hair. Pair it with a cat eye and nude lip, and wear a flowy top or a kimono. Add some gold rings to finish the look, and you’ll radiate coolness.

3. Frida Kahlo Headband

Frida Kahlo inspired headband

Image Source: Etsy

There’s one other classic place that you’ll find floral headbands and crowns aside from music festivals, and that’s in traditional Mexican fashion. This style is commonly associated with the artist Frida Kahlo and with celebratory outfits.

This style of headband is big and colorful, consisting of all different colors of flowers. To rock this look, there’s no need to downplay the rest of your outfit – you can wear a colorful dress and bright lipstick and jewelry, all of which can incorporate the many different colors featured in your headband.

To take some more inspiration from Frida, try wearing a super-bold brow, updo, and dangly earrings. Or you can just rock the headband with a dress or tank top — the crown itself is enough of a statement that it’ll go with pretty much anything.

4. Fairytale Flower Crown

 Keiko Lynn flower headband

Image Source: Pinterest

Blogger and fashionista Keiko Lynn is famous for her many floral headbands, which she seamlessly integrates into a variety of outfits. We’re huge fans of this fairytale look, featuring an oversized floral headband in muted pastels and a dusky lace dress.

This look is boho, comfortable, yet classy at the same time. It’s perfect for so many occasions, whether you have a wedding to go to, a picnic, or just an awesome date. Keiko paired her dress with platform wedges, but you could definitely substitute those with some off-white Chuck Taylors or other casual shoes.

We recommend wearing this look with a pigmented lipstick to offset the many pale colors.

5. Succulent Headband

Live succulent headband

Image Source: Etsy

If you want something totally different than the usual floral headband look, try looking for a succulent headband instead. Instead of traditional cloth or foam flowers, they’re made using flower-shaped succulent plants. The result is a totally avant-garde look, showcasing various shades of green.

This one from Etsy is particularly unique because the succulents are actually still alive when they’re shipped to you. They’re made using cuttings from live plants!

The best part about this headband is that it’s versatile. It can be paired with everything from formal dresses to casual T-shirts. However, since they’ll only last up to a few months, we recommend saving this look for a special event.

6. Baby’s Breath Headband

baby's breath floral headband

Image Source: Pinterest

Interested in making your own flower headband? Baby’s breath is a great place to start, since it’s inexpensive enough that you can buy plenty to play around with. Baby’s breath is understated and simple. However, if you use enough of it, it has a delicate aesthetic that’ll make you look like a nature-loving princess.

You can wear these floral headbands with your hair up or down. Try it with a side braid or long flowing waves. Since the colors of the headband are pretty neutral, you can go wild with your outfit – continue the neutral theme or throw in some colorful patterns. For a more formal look, pair the headband with a lace dress.

We recommend keeping your makeup pretty neutral with this look to go with the natural theme. Add some gold eyeshadow or bright gold jewelry – for some reason, gold matches wonderfully with baby’s breath. One tutorial even shows you how to spray paint the baby’s breath gold!

Closing Up

These 6 floral headbands are unforgettably unique. As you can see, once you broaden your horizons, there’s no end to the many ways you can wear a floral headband outside of a music festival. They come at all price points, and one can wear them with so many different hairstyles and outfits. You can even buy a headband that’s still alive!

Whether you need to be dressed up or down, there’s a headband that will take your look from average to Instagram-worthy. Leave a comment below with your favorite look from this post, and tell us: how would you wear your headband?

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