Flower crowns represent the perfect accessory in almost every occasion. Whether you want to wear it at a wedding, at a party, or even at a casual social event, this item will differentiate you from the crowd. This article is useful for those of you who were wondering how to make a flower crown. If you were searching for flower crown tips, look no more. We gathered some useful information and tips to help you create the desired piece of accessory.

how to make a flower crown

How to Make a Flower Crown?

First and foremost, you will need some supplies and materials to work with. The main focus should be on the flowers. You can choose from many different types of flowers. You can go for one of the following:

  • Real flowers. This is a good choice if you want a natural and fresh look. The best idea when you use real flowers is to purchase this season’s flowers. If you buy these instead of some other exotic ones, you will make sure they last longer and keep their fresh look.
  • Artificial flowers. Despite de fact that they might not be as pretty as natural ones, artificial flowers last a lot longer, and they will not change their appearance during your special event. You can find this kind of flowers at specialized shops or sometimes even at local stores. However, pay attention to pick only the good-looking flowers, to give the crown an elegant stylish look.
  • Hand-made flowers. Yes, you read that well! If you want to engage even more into the creational process, you can craft your own flowers as well as the entire crown from scratch. There are many ways and online tutorials that teach you how to craft your own ribbon flowers. It is not necessary to only use ribbon. You can also make them from paper or other materials. Let your imagination go wild.

Other materials you will need in order to create the flower crown of your dreams:

  • Wire and tape. You will need these items in order to hold the flowers together and create a round-shaped crown. The best ones are floral wire and floral tape. This way you will make sure that no flower will break while you work with them. You have to take this aspect into consideration especially if you choose to work with natural flowers because these are more fragile than the artificial ones.
  • Cutters or scissors. The best way to do it is to use the cutters for the flowers (in the case in which you picked real ones). Other materials can be cut with scissors as well.
  • Optional greenery. You can also use leaves and other green items in your crown if you want so. This is a good idea because it will embellish your floral creation.

All The Next Steps On How to Make a Flower Crown

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  • The next step that you must follow is to grab a meter and measure your head. Though, make sure you add an extra 2 inches to that initial measurement. This solution is motivated by the fact that you might wear the floral crown over a special hairdo.
  • Follow the previous measurement. Now, it is time for you to cut the floral wire according to the previous measurement. Pay attention to what type of wire you buy. On some types of wires, the floral tape sticks easier than on others. Furthermore, if your wire is too thick it is better to use a wire cutter instead of a regular one or, even worse, a pair of scissors.
  • Shape the wire into a round form and do not forget to overlap the ends. This way, the wire will not break and the flowers will stick together better and longer on the crown. You can use the floral tape to strengthen the overlapped wire in order to fix the ends better. A solid foundation is one of the secrets of a beautiful floral crown.
  • Prepare the flowers. In this step of the process, you must arrange the flowers and cut them shorter so that they will properly fit on the wire. You can use a regular cutter if you work with natural flowers. Otherwise, use scissors or wire cutters. A great tip is to use more than one type of flowers. This will offer your hand-made crown a richer structure.
  • Follow the leader. Set the first flower on your working table and then place all the other flowers after that first one, in the order that you want them to show on your crown. As an additional tip, you should place the bigger and more beautiful flowers in the center of your accessory. On both sides of this central focus point, you can add smaller flowers to create a symmetric look. A balanced style is obtained when you make sure that all your flowers are pointing in the same direction. Furthermore, pay attention when you arrange the flowers. Try to place them in such a manner that will completely hide the wire.
  • Fix the flowers. It is time to make sure that all the flowers stick on the wire. For this, you will have to fix them on the wire with floral tape. Wrap the tape around the flower stems while you hold them horizontally onto the floral wire. Be very careful when you place the tape as well as when you cut it because you do not want your crown to look sloppy and made in a hurry. After you thoroughly press the tape against the flowers and the wire, it is time to go further in your crafting process.
  • Keep arranging the flowers. Continue the process of placing the flowers around the wire and try to form a perfect circle. If you think there are not enough flowers you can add some more between the existing ones. However, make sure you will not ruin the initial round shape of the crown.
  • Embellish your floral crown. To enrich the overall style of your hand-made accessory, you can use some additional items such as elegant ribbons. A good idea is to tie the ribbon at the back of the crown. This way, people will see the beautiful and vivid colored flowers at the front, followed by an elegant, classy ribbon at the backend.

There are also other creative alternatives when it comes to how to make a flower crown. You can either braid all your flowers and craft an all-natural crown, without any other items such as wire and tape. Well, maybe just little floral tape will be incorporated into the crown.

To sum up, I hope this article was useful for you and that it offered you creative tips and ideas on how to make a flower crown. Do not fret if it does not turn out to be a perfect crown from your first attempt. The most important things are: being perseverant and letting your creativity flow.

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