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How to Make Ribbon Flowers and Get Great Results?

Have you ever wondered how to make ribbon flowers? Well, it is simple. Ok, to be honest, it’s not very simple, but it’s not that hard either. You just have to follow some precise steps. After a while, you will develop lovely new skills.

Pretty ribbon flowers can be used for many purposes. You could enrich the beauty of a handbag, or a hair clip, headbands, brooches, even scrapbooks, and more. They can be made from a wide range of materials such as organza, velvet, satin, etc. Just let your imagination and creative side take control over your brain.

Furthermore, ribbon flowers are great for decorating, personalizing clothes on special occasions, etc. Once you learn the little secrets of this beautiful craft, you will be able to create roses and other flowers in less than a minute. All these craft products are pretty and unique, you cannot make two of them 100% exactly the same, which is a good thing.

Firstly, you must buy some materials. Secondly, think of a specific design you want to make. Create it in your mind before actually making it. Think of the many possibilities in which these little beauties can be useful. You can even use them in gift wrapping, to embellish hats, party favors, on the back of the chairs at a special event, or even create special wedding bouquets.

When it comes to how to make ribbon flowers, a key ingredient is to be patient and love what you are doing. Passion and dedication are important factors in everything that you do.

How to Make Ribbon Flowers? Step by Step Guide

  • Choose the material you want to work with. You have plenty of options to pick from when it comes to selecting materials and colors. There are ribbons made of silk, velvet, satin, and many more other materials. You can go for the colors you most like. However, keep in mind the focus of the event or the theme of the party you are making the flowers for. All colors are beautiful and make a great impact: yellow, pink, red, blue, green, etc. just choose one or some of them and get started.
  • Cut the ribbon to about 8-inch long. This is optional, however. In fact, you can cut the ribbon as long or as short as you want. It all depends on the item you want to create. For each type of flower you make, you will need a different length of material. For example, if you want to make a rose, the 8-inch size is perfect. A short ribbon will make it harder for you to make the flower. On the other hand, if the ribbon is too long, it can also be tricky. Another way to do it is to leave this aspect at the end of your work process: you can take a longer piece of ribbon, create the flower, and, at the end, when the flower is finished, you can cut the extra piece of ribbon left.
  • Folding the ribbon. In this stage of the process on how to make ribbon flowers, you will have to appeal to your most creative ability. Now is when you must fold the ribbon over itself at a halfway mark to form a 90-degree corner.
  • Keep folding. Continue the previous process, by folding the bottom part of the ribbon over the central areas which you have already folded. The other strand of the ribbon must be now on the bottom. This step of how to make ribbon flowers requires a great deal of attention and precision. Just take your time, start at a slow pace, and do not panic if it’s not coming the right way from the first time. Keep trying and do not lose your focus.
  • The folding process is not over yet. Keep on folding until both bottom ends get over the central folded area. This way you will have created a perfect pile of forms in the shape of a square. Alternate folds until the pile of squares gets a significant thickness. You can also stop if you used almost all your ribbon. Gather your ribbon as tight as possible. Do not worry about having too much ribbon length in your hands. You may cut the extra fabric at the end of your creative work.
  • The fingers’ ability stage. In this step of the creative process, you must bring the ribbon’s ends together and hold them with both your thumb and your index finger. Do not worry about letting go of the pile of already made shapes, because they are already folded together. Furthermore, they will simply become similar to an accordion shape.
  • The “pull the accordion through its own middle” step. Hold one of the ends of the ribbon and easily pull the end out of the shape that you have created so far. Make sure to keep the other end still while you go through with the pulling process. Otherwise, the whole shape you have created so far will be ruined. This way it will get the folds of the craft’s shape closely one to the other, creating a small knot of flower petals. Continue to stretch the form until you get the flower you want in terms of size and shape, but be careful when you pull. If you pull too much, there is a chance that the folded ribbon will pop out, and your entire creative work will not be finished properly.
  • The final touch stage. In this final step, you can tie a knot in the backside area of the flower. Then, you have to cut all the extra ribbon that you have left. Flipping the flower and pressing it can help you with the pressing process of the ribbon. While you hold it down, you can also tie the knot. Remember, be careful while you work on the flower, otherwise, pulling it too hard can damage the craft and leave it undone.

Ribbon flowers are a beautiful creation you will be proud of for people to notice. There are many creative ways to make a fabric flower. When it comes to how to make ribbon flowers, one of the easiest way to do it is to use a narrow satin ribbon. Go ahead and be creative. Either you do this a full-time occupation, with a commercial result, or you do it as a hobby in your spare time, making ribbon flowers is a great way to break free from the daily routine and get some steam off.

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