There’s nothing more adorable than a child in a fashionable, colorful bow tie. Kids bow ties are easy to wear and no-fuss, making them especially suitable for dress wear. Even better, they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Choose one that matches your kid’s unique style, whether that’s patterns, classic colors, fancy silk or superhero icons. Check out these top picks for kids bow ties below.

8 Kids Bow Ties for a Classy Photo-Worthy Look


Gray Chambray Kids Bow Tie

Chambray Kids Bow Tie

If you’re looking for something classic and understated, this medium blue chambray kids bow tie from J. Crew could be easily incorporated into many different outfits. Pair it with slacks and a nice dress shirt, and send your child in for picture day in style. Or, use it as a finishing touch to a full formal look for a special occasion. This chambray tie is even suitable for everyday wear; it’s adorable for any occasion. The soft cotton is sure to be comfortable on your child’s skin; he won’t even notice it’s there.

Superman Superhero Kids Bow Tie

Superman bow tie, one of the most popular kids bow ties

Many kids love bow ties, and the best part is that they get to incorporate their personality into formal wear; this Superman is a perfect example! Got a child who’s obsessed with superheroes, action, and excitement? Give them some ownership over their look by showcasing this fun, colorful and handmade bowtie from Etsy. Superman adorns the front in a collage-esque pattern, and there’s an easy velcro closure at the back, making this a no-fuss bow tie for any child six years or younger. This bow tie will add a little personality to a classic suit, perhaps with a red pocket square to match. (If your child’s more into Iron Man or Star Wars, don’t worry – this Etsy artist has got you covered on those kids bow ties, too!)

Classic Black Velvet Kids Bow Tie

black velvet bow tie

These velvet kids bow ties from Nordstrom’s will add a nice dose of glam to any outfit. I envision this black bow tie with a classic tuxedo tailored to micro size. With this soft pop of velvet finishing off your child’s outfit, your little one will easily be the most dapper at the party. If you’re feeling more adventurous, this bow tie also comes in red for a splash of classy velvety color. It’s pre-tied and adjustable for different sizes.

Mint Green Formal Kids Bow Tie

mint green bow tie

If you thought kids bow ties were only for boys, you were sorely mistaken! Etsy’s attractive mint green bow tie with white neck-ribbon could be worn on both boys and girls. Its soft, light colors would be especially suitable for a formal occasion like a birthday party or wedding. Pair it with a white lace dress and a matching white ribbon in the hair. It’s handmade and comes in a variety of sizes with silver adjustable clips.

Silver Metallic Faux Leather Kids Bow Tie

Metallic Silver Faux Leather Bow Tie

From the same artist on Etsy, we have this amazing metallic silver bow tie, which is simply too unique and stylish to handle! This kids bow tie could be used to add some awesome personality and color to an otherwise classic formal outfit; or, you could change it up and incorporate the futuristic vibe of the bow tie into the whole outfit, with metallic silver shoes or shoelaces to match. This bowtie comes in a variety of sizes for any age child and has adjustable clips.

Navy and White Polka Dot Kids Bow Tie

navy blue and white polka dot bow tie

Kids bow ties with patterns like polka dots are some of the most fun to choose from, and the most versatile. This one from Macy’s comes in navy and white, but there are other options too, like yellow or red. The bowtie itself is reminiscent of a nautical theme, with the navy blue and white polka dots. Pair it with a navy blue suit and a crisp haircut, and your child will surely impress everyone! It’s suitable for a variety of occasions; it’s actually hard to imagine what this bow tie wouldn’t go with. This bow tie comes in one adjustable size.

Silk Gold and Navy Kids Bow Tie

Silk Gold and Navy Bow Tie

It doesn’t get much more upscale than this! Add a bit of luxury to your micro fashion with this 100% silk bow tie from Brooks Brothers. The smooth gold fabric adds a wonderful finish and would be fun to match the rest of your child’s outfit. Try adding another gold accessory, like a watch, to round things out. This bow tie comes in three different colors, but the gold and navy is especially fashionable. The silk is woven in Italy, and the kids bow ties are made in the USA. Your child is sure to cherish this special bow tie for years to come; this bow tie would also make a great gift.

Red and White Polka Dot Kids Bow Tie

Red and White Polka Dot Kids Bow Tie

You can match this maroon and white polka dot bow tie from Peppercorn Kids with a classic blue or white button-down shirt. The simplicity and versatility of the pattern and colors are absolutely lovable. It’s absolutely gender neutral and would be super cute if paired with a dark blue dress and braided hair. This bow tie is for ages 2-6 and is fully adjustable.

There are almost too many cute kids bow ties to choose from, but these are my absolute favorites. Kids bow ties are some of the most fun parts of micro fashion because you can truly have fun with it, and you can even let your child choose which bow tie he or she would like to wear.

Plan your outfit around the bow tie if you can: let the bow tie stand out as the centerpiece, or let it blend in seamlessly with the rest of the outfit. Dress these kids bow ties up or down. Many of these kids bow ties would be a smash at a regular school day, while they are also great for upscale formal-wear. Most kids bow ties are adjustable and pre-tied – an easy option for a busy parent.

Would you dress your child in one of these kids bow ties? What would you pair with it? Leave a comment below with your own picks!

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