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There are numerous reasons to need a bow that’s elegant, symmetrical and visually appealing. You can make them to accessorize packages, hair, flowers or used as decorations for weddings and holidays. Learning how to tie a bow with ribbon that’s rather… 0_white-bow-tie-1018506 The dapper look of a bow tie can add a little something extra to men’s outfits anytime you wear a dress style shirt. Long and short sleeve dress shirts look fantastic with a bow tie to style it up further. You can wear a white bow tie for a highly fashionable… frayedgroup-4447057 If your crafting project needs a touch of the rustic, burlap ribbon is the look of choice right now. Burlap ribbon allows you to skip all the nasty cutting and fraying that is part of working with traditional fabric, and it comes in dozens of colors and widths. In… 0_cancer-awareness-1-1398936 Cancer awareness organizations have developed a handy scheme in which specific cancer ribbon colors signify support for a certain type of cancer. These colors are most often worn as ribbons. When attending rallies, marches or walks, they can also be incorporated into… What simple but significant accessory can make your outfit go from good to glamorous in seconds? The pussy bow. No matter if you wear it over a blouse, shirt, top, dress or coat, a silk or satin pussy bow can make you look effortlessly fabulous and sophisticated. If… We all love ribbons, ties and bows to pieces, we have to admit it. It doesn’t matter if we use them for tying gift boxes, decorating a Christmas wreath or wearing a ribbon tie as part of our outfits. We even love lyrics related to ribbons, like the ‘Tie a Yellow…

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