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10 Unique Equestrian Gifts for Horse Lovers

Are you in need of a gift for a horse lover? Look no further! A horse lover wants only one thing: an object to remind him of his affection. People who love horses don’t necessarily have to be riders or own their own ranches. Horse gifts can be an excellent idea for those that share a passion for these majestic animals. The only problem is finding a gift that is truly useful for a rider or one that captures the beauty of this unique animal. We have selected 10 unique gifts for horse lovers that do a great job at both. Most of them aren’t even expensive.

1. How to Think Like a Horse

‘How to Think Like a Horse’ is an excellent book that will teach you how to get inside the mind of a horse. Needless to say, the receiver will become a horse-whisperer of sorts after reading it. Even if horses are gentle and calm creatures, they remain unpredictable to people who don’t know a lot about their survival instincts. Equine behavior will start making sense after reading Cherry Hill’s book. It contains information about the basic needs, routines and responses to actions to things such as touch, sound, smell, sights etc.

2. Equestrian Clothing

There are various stores specialized in equestrian clothing, however, many riders use regular clothing as there are no safety requirements for shirts, breeches and footwear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer your riding friend a gift that he will actually use? Companies like Kerrits specialize in equestrian apparel. On specialized websites you can find amazing products such as full-seat breeches, horse riding vests & jackets at great prices.

3. Mare & Foal Two Toned Pendant Necklace

Are you searching for horse gifts for girls? The ‘Mare and Foal Two Toned Pendant Necklace’ might just be your perfect choice. This necklace has a 17 ½ inch chain and a delicate pendant horse pendant. The great thing about this gift is also the fact that it is relatively affordable. It only costs 19$ and you can be sure that the person that you will be gifting it to will wear it every day.

4. Horse Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarfs are the latest rave this year. If your gift will also come with a horse motif that will make it even more perfect. Infinity scarfs are extremely comfortable, fashionable. This could be a great gift, especially considering that it is still cold outside. You could also purchase this for a rider as the weather outside is still cold.

5. ‘Bless our Stable’ Wood Horse Sign

This beautiful hand-made “Bless our Stable” hand screened wood horse sign would look great in any barn. Are you looking for horse gifts for riders and ranchers? They will surely appreciate a token of good faith such as this one. You can buy this on Etsy for 18 dollars.

6. Custom-Made Saddle

The saddle is probably the most important piece of horse tack. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a personalized one? If you are skilled in DIY projects you could personalize your friend’s saddle. Engrave his/her initials in it or use a horse motif for decorating. We are positive that they will absolutely love it.

7. Dressage Saddle Pads & Ear Nets

Dressage saddle pads aren’t outrageously expensive and they are very useful. A rider usually owns at least two or three saddle pads, each with its purpose. A dressage saddle pad can be used for training sessions. It also comes with a matching ear net.

8. ‘Herd Your Horses’ Board Game

Your friend doesn’t have to be a cowboy to herd and train horses. With the “Herd your Horses” Board game you can enjoy the wonders of training wild horses from the comfort of your home. The best thing about it is that it can be played with friends. The game has 3 wild adventures, 55 full-color horse cards, playing pieces, adventure cards and a game board.

9. Western Moments Saddle Wind Chime

The “Western Moments Saddle Wind Chime” is a great looking gift that can be added in a back yard, barn or on a porch. It could make a great gift for a horse lover and it also comes at a great price.

10. Horse Tail-lights for Low-Light Situations

Tail Lights is an innovative product envisioned by a rancher. His project is still in kick starter phase, but it shows promise. “Tail lights” poses absolutely no danger for the horse, and protects riders in low-light conditions. It also comes with the added bonus of looking absolutely spectacular.

“Every day riders have to navigate along busy roads to make it to a trail. More often than not, and depending on the time of year, riders find themselves returning at dusk and back to the barn in the dark. Tail Lights will change the way we see horses, and their riders, at any time of the day… or night.” Source

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