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10 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

We all know how gift wrapping can sometimes be difficult. Some people just seem to have a knack for it and produce perfectly wrapped boxes, but most of us either don’t know how to do it altogether or are, sometimes, tired of the old ways. Therefore, here are some easy and creative ideas on how to improve your wrapping skills, so that you can present your family and friends with the most fabulous gifts they’ve seen so far.

#1. Book pages

This is the perfect gift wrapping idea for book lovers. They will love it and it’s also super easy for you to do. Neatly cut some pages out of a book and use them instead of usual wrapping paper. A few tips here: you can go two ways, either find an old book with yellowed pages and go for the vintage look or keep it new and shiny with pages from a new book; be careful what the pages actually say and make sure they don’t have any offensive words; also, know that it’s better to stay away from the person’s favorite book, so that they don’t consider you’ve ruined it.

#2. Candy cane hearts

A very easy way to show your love on Christmas is by creating this marvelous and delicious, at the same time, display of goodies, when it comes to gift wrapping. What you have to do is to wrap your holiday gift box as normal, place two red and white candy canes on top, so that, together, they make a heart and then tie a big ribbon on top. You can keep the same colors, meaning red and white, or you can go a little crazy and use a green or even purple ribbon. This will make for a great present for your significant other or your mom.

#3. Confetti

It’s the thought that counts, but first impressions last forever as well, so how about a big, beautiful and fun gift, made by using confetti? This idea is well suited for a bridal shower or even for a wedding present. The craft behind it is very simple and requires you to gift wrap the present, preferably in a neutral toned color, dab some glue on one corner and heavily sprinkle colored confetti on it. As a bonus, there’s no ribbon, which makes it even easier.

#4. For the kids

Knowing how to wrap gifts for a baby is not always handy, if you don’t want to use simple cartoon themed wrapping paper but desire to be creative instead, however, there are some easier ways to do it than you thought, like wrapping the box in white paper and taping some crayons on top of it. If you write color me in one of the corners, you’ve already got two presents in one.

#5. For the ladies

More than often we buy the ladies in our lives make-up as present. This is an amazing idea to wrap lipsticks, in order to make it look like rolls of candy. Wrap the lipstick in a piece of white gift wrapping paper, twist the ends just like you would for a piece of candy and swirl some pieces of ribbons or bows around it. To finish the look, wrap it all in cellophane or clear film and add a small name tag. Place them in a beautiful basket and success is guaranteed.

#6. Birthday gifts

There are countless ways in which you can make a custom anniversary gift special, by wrapping it, but some are so easy that it seems a shame not to use them. For example, one particularly simple but also cool way of doing it is by inserting a plastic “magic wand” between the paper and the string you’ve tied it to. Buy a pretty one from a children’s store and write “I’ll make all your wishes come true” on the card. This works wonders for Valentine’s as well.

#7. Pom-pom toppers

This is a gift that will surely be the star of the party. It’s a very simple and cute DIY idea, where you place a big, jazzed up flower made of tissue paper on top of the gift box. They are not difficult at all to make and you can find the instructions easily enough online, on dedicated sites, such as Pinterest. Go crazy with it and use kooky colors that clash, ribbons, polka dots, pictures and drawings. This wrapping idea is all about the fun.

#8. Postcards for the faraway

Getting two things done at once is easy with this very one of a kind gift. If you have friends or parents that live far away from you, wrap their presents in classic, brown paper and glue beautiful postcards on top. You can be elegant and demure, and stick classy cards on them, but you can also use fun ones or hallmark cards. You can buy some cheap and amazing ones on wholesale on Amazon, for example, where you can also find supplies.

#9. Japanese style

The Japanese gift wrapping style is amazing and unique, so it might be a good idea to take a cue from them and use origami for our gifts. Small pieces of jewelry, for example, make-up or perfume bottles can be gifted in origami boxes such as these that will surely make an impression on the receiver. A tip here – if you don’t succeed in making them, you can always use clean milk cartons and wrap those in paper.

#10. Being eco-friendly

Being eco-friendly and staying classy and incredibly elegant at the same time allows you to wrap your presents in pieces of wool, reused from old sweaters, in tartan or in scarves. The receiver will not only enjoy what’s inside the box, but the scarf as well, as a bonus. However, this idea should only be used for gifts that you hand out personally and less for those that will be shipped. The fabric might tear or get dirty during shipping, even if they are in a bag or a container.

These ideas on how to wrap a gift are easy to put into practice, fun and use things you might already have around the house. Since not all of us have a gift wrap organizer, Rubbermaid on the door or station at home in storage, these tips, tricks and techniques might save us from using the gift wrapping services, even if they come for free at most stores.

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