Running a hair salon is a huge undertaking. You’re constantly trying to meet the demands of your customers, give them incredible value, and still turn a decent profit for yourself.

Achieving a good bottom line is hard. In fact, it’s the most difficult thing about running a hair salon. It’s more complicated than the dye jobs, and more fraught with anxiety than trying to recreate things that customers see on Instagram.

It’s hard because you have to constantly battle salon product prices. You need to buy everything from hair dyes, to applicators, to blow dryers. You need and shampoo, and conditioner, and styling products. You need shelves lined with inventory, and cabinets filled with resources, and everything needs to be high quality.

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That part isn’t necessarily the hard part.

It’s easy to find high-quality products – it’s finding ones that are affordable that can be difficult.

Both the products you use in store and those that you sell to customers need to be affordable because the more money you can save, the bigger your bottom line.

This is especially hard when it comes to finding hair extensions and weaves.

Your customers want extensions that look natural, that are made of real human hair, and that have texture, body, and shine.

These are things that don’t always come cheap, but they usually require a lot of work, time, and attention. If you’re putting in that much effort, you want a nice return on your investment.

Plenty of wholesale retailers offer deals online on these top-of-the-line quality products, but the fact remains that many of them are too expensive. To use them, you would have to charge your customers, such as a surcharge, that you would end up driving many of them away.

Not to mention, you have area competitors to compete with so you also have to consider keeping your prices low.

Find Affordable Hair Products at AliExpress

It can start to sound like a real headache, and you might start to wonder what made you think you could open up your own salon in the first place, when all of a sudden, there comes along a simple answer.

AliExpress Hair is that simple answer.

They provide great hair products at cheap prices, and you get the best of both worlds.

Are you a little skeptical?

Of course, as a business owner, you have to be. But take a look at the 8 reasons AliExpress hair can work for you and your clients.

1. The Price is Right

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You don’t want to buy cheap products. You want to buy products that are affordable and inexpensive. That’s not the same as cheap. When you think of cheap you probably think of low quality. That’s not the way you think of your business, and it’s not what your customers want or expect.

Affordability, on the other hand, is something entirely different.

It implies that something is attainable. Those killer Instagram looks your customers are asking for? Those can suddenly be attainable. They can get color, volume, and value. You just have to know where to shop for your supplies.

Price is important, and it’s clear that AliExpress offers unbeatable prices, and those low prices mean high profits for you.

These low prices are accomplished because many of the hair products come from China. That might initially raise a red flag for you. You’ve seen all the cautionary tales about what happens when you order something from a factory direct from China.

That’s how you end up with dresses that look like t-shirts and bridal gowns that look like asymmetrical maxi dresses. These things are true, and everyone is guilty of making bad purchases online, but there are some safeguards in place to protect you and your business.

Keep reading to find out why you can buy from AliExpress with confidence.

2. You Can Read Customer Reviews

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You’re right to be skeptical of online sellers who make lots of promises and offer really low prices. Companies might not always be totally truthful, but luckily, you can count on your fellow hair stylists and hair enthusiasts to tell it like it is.

You can read customer reviews, check out customer photos, and decide for yourself if you’re really getting what you pay for. You can also trust reviewers to be honest. If you’ve ever read online reviews, then you know this is true.

Reviewers don’t hold anything back. If they’re unhappy, they are sure to let people know.

When it comes to finding top-quality salon products at reasonable, prices, you’re not the only one on the lookout, and you’re not the only one who might be a little skeptical.

So go ahead, do your research on each seller. Check out their ratings. Look through their customer reviews, and make an informed decision.

Your choices will in turn help other customers like yourself make wise decisions. If you find a seller through AliExpress that has a superior product, ships quickly, and has great customer service, be sure to let people know.

If you have a bad experience, you should share that too. You get to make sure that sellers are held accountable and that they deliver on their promises in every way possible.

3. You Can Return Products

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You have to be discerning about quality, and that means you have to be able to examine and inspect products to make sure they meet your rigorous standards. If they don’t, you have to reserve the right to send them back.

AliExpress gives you that opportunity through its return policy.

AliExpress is comprised of multiple sellers, so you’ll need to check the individual seller’s terms before you purchase. But generally speaking, as long as you can prove that a seller did not accurately describe their product, you can return it.

While that might sound ominous, it actually means that it’s in a seller’s best interest to accurately represent their products. If they don’t? It goes right back, and you continue your search.

Again, you’ll want to keep an eye on each seller’s return policies and try to pick those with the best shipping and return options. Some sellers will cover and refund the cost of shipping if you are not satisfied, and in other cases, you forfeit your shipping.

It’s a risk that you take, but it is a relatively small one given the opportunity you have to get affordable products with only a small potential for hiccups.

It’s best to order a few test hair products from a seller to get to know their quality and accuracy before making bulk purchases.

4. You Can Get Deals Through Their App

aliexpress apps

Apps are the best aren’t they? Especially when they offer you money saving exclusive deals, and that’s just what AliExpress offers through their own app.

You can download the app through the website simply by clicking on the Android or Apple option. Then you either add products to your cart or wish list, and you’ll save money at the checkout.

AliExpress also gives you coupons for signing up initially, and they send you offers through your email too.

There are tons of ways to save, and you’re happy to have every opportunity.

They also frequently have flash deals that you can scroll through on their app or website, and the search results are amazing. The prices are incredible, and you’ll have a hard time keeping things strictly business related. That’s okay, go ahead and check out those lipstick shades.

You’ve earned it.

5. You Can Save By Buying in Bulk


AliExpress hair sellers often offer you a discount off of weaves and extensions when you buy a certain number of units.

Sometimes, the percentage off seems small, usually only 2 or 3 percent. But when you’re buying the kinds of units that you likely will be, every little percentage off becomes important.

If you were buying extensions for personal use, these discounts might not seem worth it, but to keep your salon running on a profit, you’ll revel in those small percentages.

Again, take advantage of these bulk prices after you’ve tested the waters.

When you find a seller that you like and trust, who delivers great products, then go ahead and take advantage of that bulk discount.

Stock up and save.

6. Their Inventory is Huge

If you’re in the market for real human hair weaves, extensions, and wigs, then you have nearly 200,000 products to sift through.

That’s some major inventory, and there’s bound to be something to satisfy every customer, every style, and also every budget.

You can find every texture and color under the sun. From stick-straight bleach blonde extensions to ombre finger waves, there is hair for all.

You can find wigs, both natural and synthetic. You can find braided extensions for all those Game of Thrones fans. You can find extensions in vibrant off-the-wall colors like magenta and emerald.  

It’s practically impossible not to find exactly what you’re looking for.

All this being said, you have to be patient. With hundreds of pages to sort through, you only find the best stuff by putting in the time and effort.

7. You Can Get Virgin Hair

virgin hair

Getting virgin hair – hair that is untreated, unprocessed, and from a single donor – is something that both you and your clients want.

Your customers want virgin human hair because they want a superior product, and you want it because it’s easier to work with, looks more natural, and styles better.

Virgin hair has more shine, it’s less brittle, and the hair cuticle remains in tact. It’s healthier, and because it’s untreated, you can style it however you want to. It has full of potential and possibilities, and it looks real.

Your customers don’t want synthetic weaves and extensions that look fake. They don’t want wigs that you could get at Party City. They don’t want people to be able to tell what’s real and what isn’t. They just want to look natural and effortless.

Virgin hair makes the possible, and now you know just where to get it.

8. You Can Find Salon Tools Too

salon tools

AliExpress has it all. They feature thousands of items from just about every category including lots of products that can help you get your salon off the ground. You’ll find styling tools, facial kits, manicure accessories, and eyelashes, just to name a few.

All of these products can help support the services that your salon offers, and they can help give you an edge over your competition.

These days, the more your salon is able to do, the better. The more services you provide, and the more expertise you can bring to the table, the stronger following you will be able to have and the more money you can make.

You want your business to be a one-stop beauty shop, and AliExpress can help make that happen.

A Partner in Making You Profits

Running a salon takes creativity, patience, and skill. You have to be able to do it all.

You have to have business savvy and artistic vision. Caring about the intangibles like the way your customers feel about the way they look is key. And you also have to care about the hard numbers that you crunch.

It can be a lot of pressure, and it’s no wonder that it’s hard to succeed.

But you have something special in your corner.

On top of your own natural abilities, you have a supplier that’s here to help you.

AliExpress gives you great products that are backed by customer reviews, and incredibly affordable. You can save through their app, you can buy in bulk, and you can choose from thousands of products to find the ones that are just right for you.

Find the tools to manage all of your salon’s services, and you can grow your client base through better products. Increase your bottom line, and help your salon thrive.

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