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10 Ways to Wear Hair Bow Clips

What is the perfect balance of girly, feminine and chic? Hair bow clips! These adorable accessories are perfect for kids, girls and women of all ages, even for a baby girl. While clip on bow ties have become a popular alternative for boys and men, ladies can rock them like super sweet divas on a day to day basis. Even more so, red or black mens bow tie clips can instantly become the perfect bow hair clips for girls without any other adjustments, as long as the pattern and shape suits your personality. That means that simple bow and arrow clip art and bow tie clip art are a thing of the past; we are now ready to wear them in our hair playfully and beautifully.

You can choose from store bought hair bow clips or even start a DIY art and crafts project and make your own with wholesale materials that you can buy on sale cheap, like alligator bow clips and ribbon or rhinestone details (you can find a free tutorial almost any where on YouTube for how to put a clip on a bow tie and other bow clips tips). No matter which way you choose, we are ready to show you ideas for styling them afterwards. Learn how to go from bow to Bow Chicka Wow Wow with these awesome 10 ways to wear hair bow clips below!

1. Side Swept Ponytail

If purity, innocence and sweetness are traits that define your personality, a side swept ponytail held together with a hair bow clip is the hairstyle for you. You can style your hair this way during the summer and even match the bows in your hair with the ones on your shoes (and even make your own shoe bow clips) for the prettiest appearance possible. Hit the closest boutique to you and stock up on those bow clips!

2. Braid with Bow Finish

Another bow clips hairstyle that aims for a cute approach is having a braid with a bow finish. This means that you style your hair in the braid type of your choice and use a bow clip at the end instead of a regular hair tie. You can combine this style with the one above by sweeping your braid to the side and using a bow in your favorite color to finish it all off.

3. Beautiful Bun

You might not be Cupid, but you are sure to put an arrow through his heart if you show up at your date with a beautiful bun detailed with a hair bow clip. There are many ways in which you can rock this look, by placing the bow clip on any angle of your bun, like the front, back or to the side. This is fantastic for a clean and sweet look for a delightful first impression.

4. Side Headband

This is a lovely bow clips hairstyle that you can always wear on memorable occasions, like Christmas, a day out with your girls or even for a walk in the park. It is super easy to get right and you can even choose from a selection of bow ties and clip on bow tie to attach to a ribbon afterwards. Secure the ribbon safe and sound around your head and at the base of your neck for the ultimate pretty girl look.

5. Side Swept Bangs

No matter if you are growing out your bangs and they keep getting in your eyes or you just want to play around with your look, securing your bangs to the side with the help of a hair bow clip is a delightful idea. You can part your hair to whichever side you are used to and gently sweep your bangs to the side, holding them in place with a hair bow clip.

6. Bangs Up

An alternative to the side swept bangs look is by pulling them back towards the top of your head so you conceal your part. One of the best parts about this hair bow clips style is that it works amazingly for girls with shorter hair or pixie cuts, as opposed to other hair bow clip styles that are only for medium or long hair. All you have to do is choose your favorite color for the bow clip and in a matter of seconds your hair is styled.

7. Half Down, Half Up

By far, the most popular hair style that involves bow clips is half down, half up, using a bow in the middle. Tumblr is literally filled with images like these, with girls that have long hair and a big beautiful bow for the cherry on top. If you have long hair and you want to adopt this look, you can either keep it straight or lightly curl the ends into casual waves.

8. Braids with Bows

If you really want to be creative, you can make bow clip art in your hair with this styling idea. Like in most cases, it works the best for long hair, as your “playground” is a lot more generous. Braid your hair to the side whichever way you like, take tiny bow clips and sprinkle them throughout the braid. The smaller the bow clips are, the sweeter the hair style will turn out.

9. Pretty Ponytail

We girls love ponytails that are messy, but carefully styled at the same time. To make this hair styling idea even better, add a bow clip to the knot of your ponytail, in the same nonchalant manner. This particular hair style is perfect for wearing at school or on a casual day out in town, for both students and ladies on the run.

10. Double Bow Pigtails

Pew Pew! For this Sailor Moon, kawaii-inspired look, pull your hair up into two big pigtails on each side of your head. Afterwards, choose two super cute matching hair bow clips and put them on each pigtail. If adorable Asian fashion goes hand in hand with your personality, you have to try this hair style out.

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