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The Splat Hair Dye Review: Should You Purchase This Product?

While many people dye their hair, the brave few seek something that is just a little extra. Instead of merely trying to make a few grey hairs vanish, they push the envelope and go for the most drastic of colors. This is where we see the bright blues, fire engine red, pastels or even green pop up. It is one thing to pay salon prices to get it done, but a whole other story to do this at home. One brand that seems to have just about any bright color you could wish for is Splat. We wanted to compare some Splat products on the market with other brands in a Splat hair dye review to test how they compare.

Splat is a brand we located at our local Wal-Mart. They make a variety of products for those looking to go to the extreme with their hair color. They make everything from dyes that last a handful of washes to permanent hair solutions. Their products can either come with a bleaching step to prepare the hair or a stronger dye that skips the stripping step. There is also a new line of Splat products that are sold as “Naturals” which mean they are vegan and contain no bleach or gluten.

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Over the course of this Splat hair dye review, we discovered that there was a lot more to the Splat line of product than we expected. Splat makes an all-new line sold under the simple name “Natural” that is made to be chemical free, gluten-free and contains no animal products. They also sell products that last for 10 washes, 30 washes, or permanent hair dye.

The 10-day dye kits from Splat were the least expensive, you can find them for about $8. The more permanent dye was right around $10 with the “Natural” Splat kits costing over $14.

We picked several of the Splat products to compare with a mix of products from other manufacturers we found on a single trip to our local store.

The 10 wash product does not contain bleaching agents. It is meantto basically cover the base color for short term use. Without the bleaching agent, this product is not harsh on hair, but it also may not work as well on darker hair. This comes in many of the brights including green, bright blue, and pink.

Easy to use since it does not have the bleaching step. Coverage was consistent.

Darker hair may not see results. This was frustrating but also kind of expected.

Even though this is not sold as a permanent dye, it does tend to stain if you are not careful. Be careful with the clothing you are wearing, towels, and even sheets after use. The dye comes off everywhere, but it also was easy to wash out.

The colors in this line are a bit bolder than the 10 wash product. This line does not include bleach, so again it is made to cover the natural color. This color will face and washout in about a month. Colors include vibrant purples, dark blue, and colors in between.

Simple to use and works like most other color kits. There is not bleach included. The bold colors work to mask the underlying base and wash out over time.

The 30 washes product covers better than the 10 washes kit, but this is not something that will do a drastic change.

The 30 wash product seemed to not be as messy as the 10 wash kit. It did not transfer.

This kit is made for those wanting a drastic and bold color without regards to what their base color is. This has the bleach step, so this will be a long-term change and will not wash out. The chemicals in this kit are harsher than the wash-out colors in order to work for a wide range of hair colors. These are the boldest colors offered by Splat and include deeper crimson red, bright blue, and a mix of other colors.

The bleach in this kit makes it harder to use successfully. There is much more room for human error and long-term hair damage with using bleach and then applying color.

Careful use of the full kit can deliver amazing color. They are just as vibrant as the box shows and seem to last.

The chemicals in this kit are not for the faint of heart. Bleach can mean hair damage and damage to everything around you. The bold colors of dye also really dye things like towels and skin if you have an accident.

The newest addition to the Splat hair dye review, this is a product for those who do not want to worry about harsh chemicals or for those who try to live a vegan lifestyle. It is also great for anyone with an allergy, as it is also gluten-free. Without chemicals like bleach, there are limits as far as the color range. The darker jewel tones like green and blue are made to cover mid-range browns while the pink works best for blonde hair. This is a permanent dye.

This product comes already mixed in a handy port top pouch. It is made to be easy to use and also does not have any extra packaging.

It is great for those with allergies, although the coverage is not as substantial as the other Splat products. There is a tradeoff for the use of natural ingredients, but it is worth it.

This product is among the safest on the list. The lack of harsh chemicals and allergins make it very safe.

The metallics from the Got2B line rival the bold colors from Splat. While there is not a separate bleaching step, this product is made to strip darker base colors. This is a permanent hair color with choices that include amethyst, rose, and bolds.

Even though the packaging states it works for a darker color, this does not always seem to be the case. The dark dye colors do not always end in much of a change on brown hair even on the lighter end of the spectrum.

The colors were not as vibrant as they appeared on the box. They were a decent coverage

This product is among the safest on the list. The lack of harsh chemicals and allergins make it very safe.

This is the happy medium between the 10 and 30 wash products by Splat. There are three colors cremes in the kit for those who want to mix and match. The kit includes red, bright pink, and purple. This does not include a bleaching step, so it works better on lighter hair. There is also a pastelizer to further customize the color.

With all the options available, there was a large learning curve and too many chances to mess this kit up. The instructions were difficult to figure out, but it was manageable.

Being able to customize the color was a fun process. The extra colors and pastelizer gave us a lot to play with.

Having to juggle different layers of colors may not be for everyone. This turned into a big mess really fast. Even for someone who dyes their hair at home on a regular basis, layering colors was not easy to do.

This is among the more permanent colors on the Splat hair dye review. This product does have a lower-level stripping agent that allows it to cover dark hair, but there is no formal bleaching step; They offer some deeper, trendy colors like deep blues and purple.

More of a traditional at-home dye kit. The formula is thick and less prone to drip. There also seemed to be less room for error as there was no skin staining.

Solid coverage of grays but the color range was not as bold as we had hoped. The brand is dependable.

This is the safe bet for someone wanting to go a little trendy but not wanting to go too bold. The lack of bleach means less damage to hair. There was also very little issue with the color transfer.

It is a ready to useproduct that comes in a single tube. These bright and bold colors cover even the darkest browns, but they wash out in a single wash. One tube can be used for more than one application.

It takes a minute to figure out how to keep the color on the hair and off of everything else. It is easy to use too much product and make the hair appear dingy. It is an easy fix though since the product washes out quickly.

The colors were bold on dark hair. After figuring out just the right amount of product to use, this was a viable alternative to dying the hair long-term.

This color was way too easy to get everywhere. There was a lot of color transfer, but it quickly washed out.

After comparing all the products listed as a part of the Splat hair dye review, we realized how much we loved the Splat line of products. The bold colors are amazing, but we like all the options they have even more.The Splat Naturals are a great line for those with allergies or wanting to not use animal products. We had no idea allergies to things like gluten could impact hair color, but it’s great to see Splat taking the precaution for those who need it. While it does not have a bleaching agent to prepare the hair for drastic change, those with allergies or vegans can still make a substantial change.While we really liked all the Splat products, there seems to be a distinct need for each. For those who do not want to deal with long-term coloring and the upkeep. the best choice seems to be the 30 wash kits. They offer better coverage than the 10-day kits with bold colors.The best colors are a part of the permanent color kits. The extra step to prepare the hair for the intense colors is worth it for the amazing results. This is where you will find those eye-catching blues, greens, and purples.The Got2B products lacked something when compared to the Splat line. While the Unlimited kit had some neat options, the quality of bold colors just was not the same.

The L’Oreal Colo-Rista colors were worth trying because they delivered some bold colors even on dark hair. They are not something you can use for everyday color like the Splat products. Of all the products we tried, Splat would be the go-to for bold colors. Splat was the overall winner for the products we tried as a part of the splat hair dye review. It is also nice to know their products are also readily available.

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