How do you transform a piece of fabric into a stylish accessory? A head scarf into a silk crown? Our natural inclination for beauty and improvement has led the path to ever more versatile and smart ways to twist, knot, and braid a scarf around the head.

Plus, scarves are our friends not only because they make us look good. They also offer much needed sun protection. While they keep the hair tied at the back, the neck is free to crane to the breeze.

Head Scarves head scarf

Also, scarves are the best cover up for greasy hair on those days when you feel too lazy to shampoo.

And after a week of textbook hair maintenance and tightly twisted office buns, who doesn’t want a stress-free hairstyle for the weekend?

So let’s see what miracles can a head scarf achieve. Remember that to get these scarf-dos, you’ll need them fringe-free around the edges and preferably square.

How to Tie a Head Scarf with Style?

Twisty Turban

Twisty Turban

A turban is the first to cross our mind when we think head scarf. It’s an instinctual hair-do and if a scarf falls in our hands, a turban will almost instantly appear to cover the top of our heads.

We all recognize the Oriental design, but few remember how the turban was promoted as wartime chic in the UK during a time when clothes, shampoo, and even water were in limited supply.

Again, the head scarf was called to arms in an effort to conceal the gray ugliness and scarcity of a world devastated by war. A British Pathe film even showed DIY turban styled hair tying as part of its Ways and Means series.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to lead you to the Twisty Turban headscarf look.

  • Use a long rectangle scarf.
  • Center the scarf on your forehead.
  • Collect the sides at the back of your neck and tie them in a knot.
  • Bring each side to the front of your head and criss-cross.
  • Bring the end back around and tuck them into the sides.

Bow Tie Head Scarf

Betty Page Pinup Girl head scarf

A bow-tie headscarf is a time machine to the age of pinup hair queens of the Fifties. This will lend you a playful and retro look, especially if you combine it with a waterfall of voluminous bangs or tumbling curls.

And while we’re talking cultural icons, let’s take a look at Rosie the Riveter. She was conceived as an inspirational model to women working in factories that produced ammunition for the war efforts in Europe.

Rosie’s trademark is the red and black scarf wrapped around the crown of her head, with the ends tied at the top. This is an easy, fast 40s look!

Rosie the Riveter

For this, you’ll need a medium to large cotton headscarf. Silk might be a little bit too slippery.

  • Fold it in a triangle.
  • Place the scarf over your shoulders, shawl style.
  • Take the two ends and tie them once on top of your head.
  • Pull the back point of the scarf up to the top of your head and stuff your hair in the little pouch.
  • Bring the point over the tied area and tie a knot over it.

Maiden Braid

Maiden Braid Head Scarf

There’s nothing more innocent looking than the Maiden Braid head scarf style. Nor more fun. Plus, if you don’t want to cover too much of your hair, this is the hairdo for you.

  • Separate your hair into two sections.
  • Center a long scarf at the back of your neck.
  • Start braiding one section of your hair, together with half of the scarf.
  • Braid the other part in the same way.
  • Bring both braids to the top of your head and secure with pins.

Level: Easy-peasy

Knotted Fun Bun

Top Knot Wrap

If we say hair bun, then we definitely mean knotted scarf! There are as many different ways to knotting a head scarf as your imagination allows. The style we’ve chosen actually starts with your hair.

  • Pull your hair up into a top bun to one side.
  • Go with a square scarf and turn it so you face a diamond shaped scarf.
  • Grab the bottom point and fold upwards so that the point touches the center of the scarf.
  • Put the folded part of the scarf at the back of your head.
  • Turn it toward the side opposite to your hair bun.
  • Grab the remaining three points and twist them together around your hair bun.
  • Secure with a pin.

Level of difficulty: Medium, for pros.

Knotted Twist

Knotted Twist head scarf

While the recent lesson on knots is still fresh, let’s try another knotty head scarf style. This time with a twist.

  • Use a loop scarf. Or, as known in other circles, the infinity scarf.
  • Place it on your head like a hood.
  • Bring the bottom to one side low on your neck.
  • Twist the bottom. Don’t be gentle, it needs to be tight.
  • Leave a small loop at the end.
  • Wrap the end loop around the bun.

Kerchief Head Scarf

Kerchief Head Scarf

It might be half a scarf, but this type of bandana has what it takes to give you an easy, chic look. No fuss, but absolutely presentable.

The French call it ‘couvre-chef’, or ‘cover the head’.

  • Run a long scarf through an elastic band. Leave the band in the middle of the scarf.
  • Spread the ends of the scarf like two wings.
  • Wrap it around your head starting from the top all the way to the back, along the hairline.
  • Tie off the scarf at the back.

Et, voila!

Vintage Tie

Head scarf

Classy Hollywood hairstyle, this was popularized by Jackie Kennedy as well. Make this hairstyle your own iconic symbol.

  • Fold a scarf in half into a triangle.
  • Place the largest part on the top of your head.
  • Bring the scarf ends forward.
  • Criss-cross them under your chin.
  • Take the ends back and tie them loosely. Don’t tie too strongly, unless you want the grandma look.

That’s a wrap! This was our selection of ultimate scarf-dos. However, the many ways to tie a head scarf are only limited by your imagination.

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