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5 Cute Hair Ribbons and How to Style Them

From the infamous softball hair ribbons and cheerleader bows to the romantic and simple braided ribbon hairdos, it would seem that we will never run out of new and creative ideas to integrate hair ribbons into amazing hairstyles. With so many cute ribbons and the nearly endless ways in which we can tie them, it’s no wonder that ribbon hairstyles and bows are great styling accessories that can complement any outfit.

You can buy ribbon bow hair clips or take the DIY approach and learn how to make hair bows out of ribbon yourself. You can work simple ribbons into an intricate hairstyle or use hair ribbons to decorate hair braids. There are many inspired ideas for making your own unique ribbon accessories and styling tutorials are limitless when it comes to using ribbons to enhance your look.

Whether you choose a simple bleu ribbon hair style with a single three strand braid or you show off a Minnie Mouse-inspired pink hair ribbon bow paired with a simple hairdo, you can always count on your ribbon collection to help you spruce up your look. Here are some creative styling ideas that you can use to incorporate cute hair ribbons into your hairstyles.

You can work hair ribbons into anything from ponytails to hair buns and elegant up-dos. You can use ribbons to dress up a simple bun or to adorn your hair with a romantic headband when you wear it down. There are many ways to completely change the way your hairstyle looks by incorporating some lovely hair ribbons into it. Here are some visually stunning ideas to help you get inspired and create your own unique looks.

Tie a Ribbon Bow on a Short Stack Hairstyle

This look can be created whether your hair is long or short. You only have to create a short stack and tie the ends into a simple strand at the back. You can let the rest of your hair fall down on your shoulders naturally. Use a hair ribbon to tie a simple bow at the back and brush the ends out, letting them fall over the rest of the hair. You can backcomb the short stack for a more dramatic look, or simply brush your hair back and tie it into a simple strand as seen in the image for a demure and romantic hairstyle.

Weave Hair Ribbons into a Crown Braid

You can wear a hair ribbon woven into a crown braid to create a lovely look. It might seem very complicated to incorporate the ribbon into an intricate crown-style braid, but it is actually a lot simpler than it looks. You can simply tie the end of the ribbon around the base of one of the hair strands that you are going to braid together. All you have to do after that is braid the ribbon along with the strand that you have tied it to when creating the crown braid. The same basic principle applies for any hair braid in which you want to incorporate ribbons. You can conceal the area where you tied the end of the ribbon to the hair strand by either continuing to braid around your head or, as seen in the image above, by disguising the knot underneath the hair strands at the base of the braid. Once you have finished braiding your hair, you can simply use the ends of the ribbon to tie the strands together in order to secure the braid in place. If you are using two braids to create the look, as seen in the image, you can tie both ribbons together into a bow to complete the look.

Tie a Hair Ribbon around a Bun

One of the best ways to integrate a hair ribbon into your hairstyle is by using it to accentuate a lovely bun. It can help you achieve an elegant and romantic hairdo that is easy to style and complements any outfit. Regardless of the type of bun that you want to create, how high or how low you want to style it, or what size it will be, a hair ribbon will help accentuate the beauty of this lovely hairstyle. You can use a simple, black ribbon to create a demure, elegant look, or pair two colorful hair ribbons to spruce up your look and create a stylish up-do. If your ribbon is very long, you can tie it into a bow at the back of the bun, or simply wrap it around the bun twice to make it stand out more.

Adorn an Up-do With a Ribbon Headband

Accessorizing an elegant up-do with a ribbon headband will help you bring together an intricate look easily. You can choose a romantic up-do for a softer look or style an elegant braided updo at the back as seen in the image for a more formal hairstyle. Regardless of which up-do you choose, using a ribbon to define the look can be a great idea. Just tie it as a headband to give your hairstyle an extra touch of color.

Create a Timeless Ribbon Bow Ponytail

A ribbon bow ponytail doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to look like a 12-year-old cheerleader. You can use a ribbon to give a classic ponytail that extra touch it needs to stand out. You can tie a messy, low ponytail for a more casual hairstyle or opt for a more structured look by curling and brushing out your hair instead. You can tie a high ponytail and adorn it with a simple black ribbon or choose pastel colored hair ribbons for a softer appearance. If you want to make sure that your ponytail stays in good shape, consider using an elastic band to secure it in place before tying the ribbon over it. You can let the ends of the ribbon fall on the sides of your ponytail or tie them together into a ribbon bow. Regardless of how you choose to style the look, you can’t go wrong with this classic hairstyle.

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