The ponytail hairstyle is a classic that can be used for any day. A day at work, school, an event or vacation will allow for the casual ponytail.

Many women and girls are unaware of some of the most beautiful ponytail hairstyle variations which will leave you looking stunning.

These 15 styles are perfect for any occasion of your choice. Some even use these special ponytails for weddings, funerals, celebratory events and graduations.

You’re sure to look your best by implementing these styles to your hair regime.

How We Choose Our Ratings

These ponytail hairstyles are versatile for any occasion. The best one is a style you can use at your leisure or at events as big as a wedding.

We chose the top 15 best ponytail hairstyles by looking at the beauty, complexity and versatility of each style. We rate each style out of 5 stars. A rating of 5/5 stars is the best score while 1/5 stars is the worst.

We wanted to bring you the most intriguing hairstyles while also considering how easy it will be to create these styles on your own.

Too many bobby pins and extra complex add-ons can really be a drag. We took this into consideration in our ratings.

The Top 15 Best Ponytails

From school dances to a lady’s night with friends. These hairstyles are great for any occasion. Braids, twists and a few extra accessories can really make a regular ponytail stand out. Let’s take a look at the top 15.

1. Triple Crown Ponytail

Triple Crown Ponytail

Courtesy of Instagram: @leletnyc

This is a sophisticated ponytail hairstyle is using 3 or 4 gold bands around the ponytail itself. You may have to go to a craft store to find these golden bands.

They add elegance and personality to a regular ponytail. To get this look use a regular hair tie for a high ponytail.

Next, use your choice of 3 or 4 golden bands to tie around the ponytail in 3 to 4 different sections. To add thickness to your hair, incorporate clip-on hair extensions.

Finish this look by using water, gel or mousse to brush the edges of your hair in place. We rate this look 5/5 stars for its ease in creating, elegance and beauty.

2. Twisted High Ponytail

2. Twisted High Ponytail

Courtesy of Instagram: @chrisappleton

Accomplish this hairstyle by creating a high ponytail and using two strand twists all the way down. For a longer ponytail use the clip-on's or hair extensions of your choice.

Lay down the baby hairs on either side of the head to finish this look. For a variation, you can also add twists on each side of the head, which will feed into the larger ponytail twist.

We rate this hairstyle 5/5 stars for its ease in creating and beauty.

3. Cuffed Ponytail

3. Cuffed Ponytail

Courtesy of Instagram: @freshlengths

Use braided or dreadlocked hair for this style. Braid the hair into a high ponytail and add extensions if necessary.

Small golden cuffs can be applied to the braids. To complete this look, you’ll need about 20 or so golden cuffs.

Put the cuffs on French braids and regular braids, wherever you want them to sit. These golden cuffs can be found online and at craft stores.

We rate this look 4.5/5 stars for its simplicity and elegance.

4. Double Twist Ponytail

4. Double Twist Ponytail

Courtesy of Instagram: @jenatkinhairxchloeandisabel

Create this style by beginning at the top of your hair. Create two large twists on either side of the head, when you get to the center angle the twists together and pin them with a large scrunchy or hair tie.

Add extensions or use your natural hair if desired. Dress this look up using bows or other hair pieces.

We rate this look 4.5/5 stars for its simplicity and beauty.

5. Braided Hair Tie Pony Tail

5. Braided Hair Tie Pony Tail

Courtesy of Instagram: @taylor_lamb_hair

This ponytail hairstyle requires a good deal of length on the hair. If the hair isn't long enough, use long extensions. Start two braids on either side of the head.

Braid all the way down and use the rest of the hair for a ponytail. Wrap the two braids tightly around each other to use as a hair tie.

You can leave this as a messy ponytail or use gel and mousse to clean the look up. We rate this look 4.5/5 stars for its ease in creating and beauty.

6. Bobby Pin Art Ponytail

6. Bobby Pin Art Ponytail

Courtesy of Instagram: @sunitav

This style calls for up to ten bobby pins. Buy gold bobby pins or any bobby pin with a festive glamorous look. Silver bobby pins will work fine as well.

Use the large bobby pins to make a pattern in the hair. For this style you'll want a large ponytail, so add curls, or extensions to make them look full.

Use a low ponytail for this look as well. We rate this look 4/5 stars for its elegance.

7. Half Fishtail Ponytail

7. Half Fishtail Ponytail

Courtesy of Instagram: @morganhairco

Have you ever heard of a fishtail braid? Well, this look is completed using a variant of the braid. Braid the hair into a fishtail braid from the center of the head.

Don’t braid tight. A loose effect will add volume to this style. Tie the ponytail with a hair tie or with your hair by wrapping it around and pinning it with a bobby pin.

This is a great look for summer. We rate this look 4/5 stars for its simplicity and elegance.

8. Side French Braid Ponytail

8. Side French Braid Ponytail

Courtesy of Instagram: @tracehenningsen

Create a large French braid on the side of the hair and pull it back into a long ponytail. For variations of this look use extensions, curls, and clip-ins to make them look more festive.

To create a slightly different look French braid under the ponytail and leave the top of the hair brushed back into the ponytail. This look will look best with a high ponytail.

We rate this look 3.5/5 stars for its simplicity and braided effect.

9. Bubble Ponytail

9. Bubble Ponytail

Courtesy of:

This ponytail hairstyle can be created in a variety of different ways. Use small golden cuffs, hair ties or scrunchies to accomplish this look.

Split the ponytail into 3 or 4 sections and tie each section with a hair tie. This creates a “bubble effect.” Loosen the hair within each bubble to make the hair bubble look fuller.

We rate this hairstyle 3.5/5 stars for its simplicity and creativity.

10. Rope Braid Ponytail

10. Rope Braid Ponytail

Courtesy of

This simple ponytail variation can be accomplished by creating a loose French braid going down the top of the head into a ponytail. To make this look more casual start the French braid in the center of the head and braid into a low ponytail.

Put a headband or other accessories to finish this look. Bangs will also look good with this ponytail style. We rate this look 3.5/5 stars for its simplicity and casual look.

11. Twisted Side Ponytail

11. Twisted Side Ponytail

Courtesy of

Accomplish this look by twisting the back of the hair into a low side ponytail. Use either a large two-strand twist or twist the entire back of the head.

For a medium-high ponytail start the twist just above the ear and twist sideways including the hair at the base of the neck.

We rate this ponytail 3/5 stars for its unique design.

12. Double Braided Ponytail

12. Double Braided Ponytail

Courtesy of

To achieve this look, French braid the back of the head into two parallel ponytails. Braid up towards the center of the head to create a high or medium ponytail.

Two strand twists can be used to accomplish this ponytail hairstyle as well. Straighten out the ponytail hair for a clean sweep.

We rate this hairstyle 3/5 stars for simplicity and ease in creation.

13. Messy Side Twist Ponytail

13. Messy Side Twist Ponytail

Courtesy of

Create this ponytail hairstyle by making a messy two strand twist on the side of the head. The twist should be outlining the face as you twist down into the ponytail.

This will be a low ponytail which adds a cute decorative touch to the face. Incorporate bobby pins and hair accessories as needed to further glamorize this look.

We rate this hairstyle 3/5 stars for its elegance and creativity.

14. Braided Crown Ponytail

14. Braided Crown Ponytail

Courtesy of

Create a French braid over the entire head around the edges. Braid tightly for an elegant look and loose for a leisure look.

Start at the base of the skull then work your way around until you reach the other side. Next, you can tie the remaining hair into a low ponytail or bring the braid up for a high ponytail.

This can also be done by creating twists around the crown of the head. This makes for a naturally beautiful look.

We rate this look 3/5 stars for its beauty and creativity.

15. Ponytail Bow

15. Ponytail Bow

Courtesy of

Yes, you can actually tie your hair into a ponytail using the ponytail bow. It’s not as complex as it may seem.

Gather two large sections of hair from the top half of the head. Wrap them around, and then tie them into a bow to complete the look. It’s that simple.

Make a messy bow or get some practice and create a neat bow which will be perfect for a night out. We rate this look 3/5 stars for its unique design and simplicity.

From Casual to Fashionable

Hair accessories can make any ponytail look go from good to great. Anything with added beads, jewels, pearls or colorful ribbons can make the ponytail look amazing.

Hair stores and department stores are packed with hair accessories to make any hairstyle better. Sometimes a curling iron or wavy hair can add volume and personality to the style as well. Who says a ponytail has to be straight and boring?

Highlights in the hair and the right hair dye can make the ponytail better as well. Highlight the ponytail itself to show depth and variation.

Use ribbon as a hair tie on both the top and bottom of a ponytail. Most of these looks are appropriate for children as well.

Hair Style Guide

Choosing the right hairstyle for the right occasion makes a world of difference. Every woman wants to look good while out and about. What about those times when you're going to a special event and really want to wow the crowd?

The high ponytail works best for these times. Variations of high ponytails add sophistication, elegance, and allure to the hairstyle. Adding bobby pins and a few silver or golden cuffs will top the look.

A swift braid or twist can make the high ponytails even better. Create a messy look for dinners, a casual night out or date night. If you want to look really sharp, then just tighten up the braid or twist and make it as neat as possible.

The low ponytail hairstyle is great for a more casual look. Use these to go to school or work. Maybe you just want a new look to hang out with friends.

These are great for sports practices, vacations and leisure days.  You can make this look more elegant by adding pearls or beads on the top of the head. It’s all about how well you decorate the look.

Weddings, formal dinner parties, and any other formal occasion can suit both the high and low ponytails if done correctly.

Incorporate the right accessories and use fishtail braids for these formal occasions. Take a look at the Deer Pearl Wedding website to see exactly how a high ponytail can suit any formal occasion.

No matter which ponytail hairstyle you choose these variations are sure to keep you looking and feeling your best.


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