You don’t have to be part of a royal family to wear a crown like a princess. The beauty of a hair crown is that you not have to go to fancy salons, apply extensions or use expensive products that would cost you a small fortune to get the look you desire. The art of braided hair crowning, if we could put it this way, can be carried out by any type of female, with any hair type: short or long, thin or normal, highlights or solid hair color (even gray), dark or light… the list really could go on forever. You can experiment with ‘dressing’ your hair in a flower or pearl crown, using clips or any other small accessories you like. Get ready to create your own salon at home and wrap your head in a gorgeous and stunning hair crown with results that you will be proud of. We’ll show you how with an easy technique and short tutorial for each style. Here are our 10 Creative Hair Crown Accessories and Styling Tips to keep you inspired!

messy hair crown braid

1. Messy Hair Crown Braid

Ah, almost nobody can pull off hair crowns like the lovely Jennifer Lawrence. Just look at how those loose pieces of hair frame her face beautifully; this is a look that took a lot of attention to make, but that seems chic and messy for a perfect mix between edgy and sweet. Don’t be afraid to tease your hair a bit to make the halo of your dreams!

hair crown braid with low pony

2. Hair Crown Braid Low Ponytail

If you want to enjoy the glory of almost royal elegance and prove a point, you can brush your hair back for this splendid hair crown idea fit for a wedding. This is one of our favorite styles for special occasions, as it gives off an ultra-feminine glow. Make sure that you use a bit of hair spray for the top part to keep your hair in place, and allow your hair to flow down your back in soft waves.

fishtail hair crown

3. Fishtail Hair Crown

Clip your hair into a fishtail braid hair crown for a breath-taking effect. You have to carry out the same steps as with a regular fishtail, but making sure to braid up and around your head. You can let a piece of hair flow down here and there in the front for a well-studied, careless elegance.

pearl hair crown

4. Pearl Hair Crown

We all know that pearls are a genuine symbol of sophistication that is impossible to replace. You can create a marvelous pearl hair crown with pieces of gold wire and small white flowers. Complete the look with soft retro finger waves and a perfect white blouse. All you future brides out there, keep in mind that this is an excellent idea for your wedding!

floral hair crown

5. Floral Hair Crown

Possibly the most popular hair crown is the flower variety. You can always buy a flower crown at almost any fashion shop, but the nicest part of all is making one on your own. Get some wire and a selection of your favorite silk flowers (we suggest you go with pastel shades) and twist the flowers one into the other. You can wear a flower hair crown at a festival, at the beach and even on your wedding day.

gold leaf hair crown

6. Gold Leaf Wreath

If you want to shine like a Greek goddess, you can wear a sublime gold leaf wreath. You can either make your own and paint it gold with the help of a spray can, or you can always buy one from a store. We guarantee that you will have more fun making it at home, though. Just make sure that the wreath fits your head well for a great visual impact.

full hair crown braid

7. Full Hair Crown Braid

One of the best parts of having short or medium hair is that you can create a full hair crown braid, leaving your neck and shoulders bare. Work your way around your head with the braid and secure loose strands with bobby pins if you need to. In the end, you will look nothing less than fabulous, darling.

half up half down hair crown braid

8. Half Up Half Down Hair Crown Braid

Don’t worry, ladies with long locks, we have a super pretty hair crown idea for you, too. The advantage that you have is that you can keep half of your hair up and half down while rocking the hair crown. You will have to braid little pieces of your hair in the crown (similar to the waterfall technique), also making sure that no strands are left behind. A cute touch is to softly curl your tips at the end.

partial hair crown braid

9. Partial Hair Crown Braid

You don’t have to braid a hair crown all around your head to look simply glamorous. You can always experiment with braiding a crown halfway down the side of your head (a bit above your ear) for a wonderful effect. Start braiding on one side of your head above your ear and braid down the direction of your part. This look is particularly nice on girls who have side bangs (like the picture we have provided) and who have relatively long hair, so try it out if this is your case. Ah, and as always, try curling your tips for some extra sweetness.

hair crown with thin braids

10. Thin Double Hair Crown Braids

Double or even triple hair crown braids will always maximize the impact of your hair style. This hair crown idea will look so soft and natural that it won’t even seem that you made an effort to create it. The idea is to create multiple, thinner braids, instead of one large and thick one. Work around the part you usually have and allow them to flow down towards the back of your neck. Even if you don’t have bangs, you can leave a few loose strands to frame your face in the front.

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