We always like to push the boundaries of hair-styling and fashion by using beautiful hair bows. Delicate and feminine or over-the-top and  bejeweled, bows are the one thing that can make or break an outfit, singularize us out of a crowd or simply give that extra bit of jazzing up our look needs. But, sometimes, accessorizing with bows can be a bit difficult, especially since we’re not little girls anymore. Therefore, we have compiled for you a list of 9 fabulous ways in which you can use hair bows, personalized for your own style.

#1. Office style

Sometimes, our office code asks us to wear more demure and simple outfits, which may or may not be in line with our personality. If you find yourself in the situation where you need to wear office clothes all week, but still want to jazz them up a bit, a hair bow might be the perfect solution for you. However, as a piece of advice, it might be a good idea to use a simple, small or medium-sized bow, in a single, toned-down color. Patterns are not a good idea either, if you have an office dress-code, but you can sneak in a bit of lace.


#2. Bridal style

Although it might seem a bit daunting and gilding the lily to add a hair bow to your already amazing outfit on your special day, there are ways of doing it and looking classy at the same time. One trick when it comes to wearing a hair bow with your wedding dress is to choose a simple one, so as to embellish your hair, but not steal the attention away from your dress. You can try a simple hair bow with pearls or a metallic one.


#3. Glamorous style

For many girls out there, glamour is the only possible way to live. Silk scarves, high heels and leather clutches are the only available look, night and day. Those special ladies can always choose a nice glittery golden hair bow, to go perfectly with their outfits. You can also try silver or rose gold, combined with ivory, aqua or sea foam. All these colors, patterns and, of course, the glitter, speak of glamour, cutting edge and a woman that is always ready for anything that might come her way. And in heels!

#4. Diva style

Fur coats, leather boots, designer handbags and an attitude to go with all of those simply spell diva. This particular style belongs to girls that are not afraid of anything, always speak their mind and have a wonderful way of showing who they really are. You can achieve all these things by sporting some head gear fit for a queen. Try finding a hair bow with complicated knots, bright, bold colors and a few extra additions, such as a touch of fur or some feathers.


#5. Playful style

If your style is playful, colorful and almost childish, then bows are already the perfect item for you and almost any kind you wear will look fabulous, mainly because of your delightful personality. However, you can still take it one step further and try on some special hair bows, like Disney princess themed ones or pixelated bows, designed to match your playfulness, easy-going nature and style perfectly. You can usually find cheap playful bows and hair bow accessories wholesale items at your local beauty stores.


#6. Elegant style

Elegance is never out of style and, more importantly, can never be overrated. When we think of elegance we think of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly and you can easily achieve that sense of style and personal demeanor with some simple touches and accessories, like the hair bow. As an example, you can try wearing this beautiful, white and deep sea bow, with a lovely anchor pattern on it. The nautical theme in clothing always equals elegance, as a tip for you to be able to plan your next outfits.


#7. Ultra feminine style

Another great personal style which you can outline and even better is the ultra-feminine one. Comprised mostly of garments that sport tulle, lace, pearls, sequins and beautiful soft colors, this particular style speaks of a gentle and tender woman, in love with all things girly and more. In this case, hair bows and ribbons are a definite yes for you, because they are one of the most feminine accessories you could wear, alongside high heels and stockings. You can either buy the bows or even make some yourself, in order to let your imagination run wild. Go for cream colored tulles and satins, small embellishments and golden details.


#8. Vintage style

If you’re in love with the roaring 20s, decadent 30s or the classy 40s, that means you’re a vintage girl. And the perfect solution for you is a great, bejeweled hair bow, metallic, powerful and unique. The lovely part about these bows is that you can try making them yourself at home. Just start off with a simple base, meaning a normal hair bow made of textile material and work your way from there, by adding rhinestones, sequins and glitter, or any other hair bow accessories supplies you might have. Tie it all together with a satin middle in a matching color and place the bow on the side of your head, not in the back for a real flapper girl look.


#9. Glam rock style

For this particular fashion style you need your hair bow to encompass three elements: a bit of black leather, a classic red rose patterned textile material and some metallic details. When you think glam rock think of all the rock bands in the 80s that used to dress up in flamboyant outfits that mixed crazy patterns with masculine empowering black leather and added a bunch of metal chains on top. And because you couldn’t possibly wear such an outfit on the street or for work today, a hair bow constructed in this manner will do just the trick.


Here are the best ways in which you can accessorize your loveliest hair bows no matter what fashion style you normally wear. From demure office looks to 80s glam rock, everything is covered in just a few easy steps.

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