The dapper look of a bow tie can add a little something extra to men’s outfits anytime you wear a dress style shirt. Long and short sleeve dress shirts look fantastic with a bow tie to style it up further. You can wear a white bow tie for a highly fashionable look. But you do need to wear it a certain way though for maximum effect. Here are a few suggestions on how to wear a dapper white bow tie.

The Style Dilemma of the White Bow Tie

Not only is a bow tie a bit of a dilemma to tie adequately, it is also sometimes difficult to style a white tie with outfits. The styling dilemma of the white bow tie is that you have to figure out a way to make it work with your outfits. It is a bit easier to figure out how to make a black bow tie or a patterned bow tie work with your style.

The classic look of a white bow tie requires a bit more style planning. These five different suggestions are a good place to start with some ideas for your white bow tie looks. From these five recommendations, you will be able to expand to various other ways to wear this fashionable men’s neck wear accessory.

Style Look Number 1: Loud Prints in Clothing Mixed with a White Bow Tie

white bow tie with camo shirt

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One way to wear a white bow tie is to add it to an outfit with loud prints. If you are wearing a suit jacket with a bold print on it, then you will be able to easily put a white bow tie on with the rest of the outfit. A bold printed dress shirt with a white tie is another way to maneuver this stylishly.

Camo print, animal print, stripped print, checked print, and spotted prints for your jackets or shirts will look stand apart from a white tie. You should go with a pair of dress pants that are in a solid color that complements the patterned suit jacket or dress shirt you selected.

Style Look Number 2: Blue Suit Jacket, White Dress Shirt, and a White Bow Tie

man in blue suit jacket and a white bow tie

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The cool tones of a blue suit jacket combined with a white or cream hued dress shirt and white bow tie makes for a fresh clean cut outfit. A blue suit jacket pairs up perfectly with a white bow tie, as it is so visually appealing.

The blue of the jacket helps to add some contrast with the white tie and white dress shirt. The blue and white effectively complements one another. Dark blues and light blues look classy with white colors.

Style Look Number 3: All-White Option

all white outfit

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Try an all-white outfit for a refreshed style look. Go with a colorful accessory to compliment your white suit and bow tie.

Another thing you could add to your all-white outfit is some tan suspenders to offset the white of the shirt and tie. To make this look more casual, you could wear a pair of skinny jeans.

Style Look Number 4: Black Dress Shirt with a White Bow Tie

Man wearing a dark colored suit with a white bow tie

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A sleek black dress shirt with a white bow tie can create an exceptionally classic look. This look has a distinct appearance due to the contrast between the white and black colors of the shirt and the tie.

A black shirt with a white tie is a perfect thing to wear if you are trying to add a powerfully stylish edge to your look. Depending on how you accessorize this look, it can be worn both casually or for more swanky occasions.

You could dress this look down with wearing dark wash jeans with a close fit. To dress it up, wear a pair of black dress pants and a suit jacket or vest.

Style Look Number 5: White Suit, Colorful Shirt, and a White Bow Tie

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Another option to try out with a white bow tie is to wear it with a mixture of white and a pop of color. Select a colorful dress shirt. Put on your bow tie with the shirt and make sure it looks well together.

Place a white suit jacket over the colorful shirt and wear white pants. This creates a matching effect between the white suit jacket and pants with the tie.

The colorful shirt offers some contrast to the white elements of the suit. You can even accessorize up this outfit a step further with a white fedora.






A white bow tie offers plenty of stylish looks beyond these five suggestions. The key to knowing how best to dress with a white bow tie is to experiment with what works for you the most. Test out different shirts, jackets, and pants combinations while wearing your white bow tie. Start out with these different suggestions and expand from there.

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