How to curl ribbon? Easy! Follow the recommendations made in this article and you will learn how to make a bow with curling ribbon in no time.

Ribbon is a very versatile fabric to work with. There are plenty of fun things you can craft with it. Furthermore, there is a wide range of methods in which you can curl ribbon. Whether you need curled ribbon for a gift enriching or just a small length of ribbon in order to create a hair clip, you only need a pair of good scissors to help you create beautiful bows or other nice things.

Fabric ribbon, unlike the paper-made one, needs a little bit of effort. An effective way to curl a ribbon is to bake it or apply a starch solution on it. No matter the way you chose to do it, it is not that hard, and once you get the trick, it will be a lot of fun and a relaxing way to spend your time.

How to Curl Ribbon? Step-By-Step Guide

  • Cut the ribbon in order for it to have the proper length, best suited for your needs. If you do not know exactly how much you need, then cut around 12 inches (30 cm). Do not forget to take into consideration the fact that once it is curled the ribbon will become shorter.
  • Discover the ribbon’s natural flow and the way it makes its curves. The ribbon has its own natural flow. Pay attention to it and discover the best way to easier curl it. You need to follow this flow when you use the scissors to curl the ribbon. The popular belief is that the harder and faster you pull the scissors the better the curls. It is not always true. The best way is to hold a constant tension and go slower with the scissors.
  • Pay attention to both sides of the ribbon. Which side is shinier and which one is dull? The less shiny side will have to be situated backward, facing the ground. Usually, the curls follow the side of the ribbon that is shiny.
  • Catch one end of your fabric and keep it between your forefinger and your thumb. You want to stretch the ribbon as much as you can. Extra tip: it is much simpler to tie the ribbon on the gift package before stretching it. If you do not do this, you will need to fix one end with tape and hold the second one with your fingers. If you mostly use your right hand, keep the fabric on your left hand, and do the same process for your other hand, but in reverse.
  • The scissors’ “game”.  In this stage of the curling process, you must hold your scissors facing up and opened. Wrap your palm around the middle of the scissors. Your thumb must come on the ribbon, facing against the end part of the tool you are working with. How to curl ribbon, you ask? Do not fret, you will find out in a moment.
  • Pressing point. Press the less shiny side of the fabric against the scissors’ blade, using your thumb. Make sure to hold the ribbon with its dull side facing down.
  • “Pressing point” reloaded. In this step, you must continue pressing with your thumb while you pull the ribbon across the scissors blade. Remember to do this quickly. This way, the pressure will create beautiful curls on the ribbon. This part could be a little bit tricky. You need to find the right speed to curl the ribbon. If you do it too slow, it won’t curl at all. In some cases, a slow pull of the scissors makes the ribbon even flatter. On the other hand, if you pull to fast, the ribbon might break.
  • Releasing time. Now it is time to release the scissors blade. The ribbon should be all curled up at this time. If it is not as curled as you want, then you can give it another try. If still doesn’t work, then you should cut another piece of ribbon.

The steps presented above are the old-fashioned way that helps you if you were wondering how to curl ribbon. However, the fabric ribbon needs special attention to be curled up.

How to Curl Ribbon Made of Fabric?

curl ribbon fabric in two colors

Curling fabric with a starch solution is not that hard. You just need to follow some easy steps.

  • Prepare all the materials you will work with. Though you need more materials to work with, it doesn’t take long to curl ribbon with starch solution. Find something cylindrical, like a bigger pen. You will later put the ribbon on it to help it curl. Also, get the necessary length of a fabric ribbon. Try to cut a bit longer than you actually need. The next step is to mix some cornstarch with a small amount of water in a spray bottle. Finally, you need to have a couple of clips around.
  • Create the starch solution. You can do this by combining one tablespoon of cornstarch powder with a small amount of water. Put the solution in the spray bottle and mix it up like a cocktail. Repeat the mixing until the powder is completely dissolved.
  • Use clips to hold the ends of the ribbon. You must now clip your ribbon at one end of your cylindrical rod. It doesn’t matter if this item is made of wood or other material. Also, make sure that your ribbon is secured. Otherwise, the curls will not be very well-defined.
  • Wrap your fabric around the cylindrical tool. Make this as tight as possible or you can make it looser if you do not want to achieve very tight curls. Pay attention to not overlapping the curls because those parts will not be covered with the starch spray. Secure your ribbon on both ends.
  • Use the starch spray. Do not use too much, though. Just spray a little on the whole ribbon.
  • Wait for your ribbon to dry. The ribbon must dry completely before you take it down from the cylindrical tool. Otherwise, the fabric may lose its curly shape.
  • The final step. Be happy! You have arrived at the end of the curling process. You can now remove the clips and easily get the ribbon off the drying tool. The fabric should now be stiff and curled up. Remember not to get it wet or else it will lose the curls.

I think that now you found the answer at how to curl ribbon. You can use this curled ribbon to embellish many beautiful things such as bows, gift wrapping, hair clips, and much more. You can add a little extra touch to almost anything.

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