Hair pins are some of the most amazing accessories girls could have in their vanity table. Leaving your hair down might be the easy way out, but we all know that we love playing with our locks, no matter if they are long or short. You can have either straight or curly hair, thick or thin, with or without bangs… whatever length your hair is, you have so many styles available with hair pins at hand that you can change your appearance every day with a new style. Rhinestone hair pins, gold or silver hair pins, unconventional bobby pin hairstyle alternatives… you can go crazy with the help of countless awesome DIY tutorials and pictures that show you how you can make some pretty impressive hairdos with the help of pins (just ignore table hair pin legs, hair pick lock or trigger pins if they come up while you search). You can even design your own hair pins and use them for all sorts of creative hair dos, curling and pinning away as your heart desires. Nevertheless, instead of offering just one tutorial, we want to give you an entire virtual gallery of inspiration, through these 10 creative ways to use hair pins. Check out all of our favorite ideas below and get your hairdo game on with the best pinned style for you!

hat hair pin

A hat hair pin can be very stylish.


1. British Refinement: Hat Hair Pin

Hats are, without a doubt, totally in. Wide brim hats are sweet and all, but really none can compare to the chic pinned hats fabulously adorned by the British. With gorgeous details such as lace finishes, exotic feathers or vintage flowers complimented by gently curled locks, we can understand why British women love wearing perfectly poised hats so much.

2. Black / African American Hair Pin Styles

Even though it might be more difficult to maintain numerous hairstyles as an African American woman, the sky is the limit when it comes to using hair pins for them. You can allow every natural curl to stand out on its own without taming them and pin the hair on one side back with Amish or bobby pins. If you want to nail a hair style worthy of prestigious grown ups, you can arrange your hair in a chic updo and secure it with hair pins in the back.

crystal wedding hair pins

Crystal wedding hair pins can look quite spectacular, wedding or not!


3. Wonderful Wedding: Rhinestones / Crystals Hair Pins

Hair pins are possibly most adored as pieces of decorative bridal jewelry at weddings. Pearl, rhinestone, diamond, or Swarovski crystal hair pins are all excellent choices for wearing at a wedding as the lucky bride to be. Instead of going to a professional salon, you can try your hand at bridal styling with Goody spiral hair pins or any of the ideas we listed above. Top it all off with lush, natural makeup and get ready for the most heart-warming day of your life with style.

4. Fabulous French Roll (Twist)

If you have always wanted to learn how to use an antique hair pin or comb properly, here is your chance. The classic and highly classy French roll, also known as the French twist, is a stunning style with hair pins that can make you look like a million dollars. The hairstyle is defined by taking all of your hair, sweeping it to the side and pulling it up in a clean bun that you secure vertically.

chic chinese hair pin

A Chinese hair pin makes for a chic bun.


5. Chic Chinese

Any casual, seemingly messy bun can instantly be glammed up by using a Chinese hair pin. Whether you love the culture or you just want to add a piece of jewelry to your hair without all of the hassle, you can always go for a beautiful hair piece like this one.

6. Floral Prom Queen

Bring on the flowers and bring on the crown! If you have what it takes to be prom queen of the night, consider some flattering flower hair pins to bring out your femininity and help you steal the show with ultimate style. We recommend that you go for multiple tiny flower hair pins instead of one large piece; it accentuates your girly tastes and adds cuteness to your sweet appearance.

starfish hair pin

A pretty starfish hair pin can make you a mermaid for a day.


7. Eternal Bohemian Summer

If you probably never thought that plastic starfish hair pins could exist or look good on you, think again. Just glancing at the picture above will make you crave those endless summer days and nights that are so close to your heart. When summer and autumn pass and you want to start feeling the winter holidays, you can sprinkle your hair with snowflake hair pins to boost your holiday cheer.

8. Go Geisha

If you want the allure of an authentic geisha, the closest you can probably get is by successfully nailing a Japanese hair style. The mouth-watering chandelier hair pins that are part of Japanese culture are truly a sight to behold on their own; adding them to your own hair style will offer irreplaceable class and a unique shine.

40s style updo with hair pins

Hair pins as part of a 40s style updo.


9. Soft 40s Vintage Curls

Ah, the 40s, what a fantastic time it would have been to be alive… when women really were feminine and put time and effort into their delicate hair styles. To get this look right, curl your hair up to both sides and allow the back part to softly grace your shoulders. You will need a lot of hair spray and hair pins, but the result is jaw-dropping.

10. Glamorous 50s Pin Up Hair

Speeding up a bit to the 1950s leads us to pin up girl hair, easily one of the most popular styles with hair pins in the world. If you are worrying that learning how to pin curl hair or how to do pin up hair is impossibly challenging, you can rest assured that it’s not as hard as it may seem. There are pin up hairstyles for short hair and pin up hairstyles for long hair (and medium) that are equally gorgeous. Play around with pin curls short hair, for example, and add a red bandana at the end for an instead head-turning impact

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