Deciding to acquire a horse is definitely one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your entire lifetime. They are not your usual pet, such as a cat or a canary, they will be with you for a long time, for an average of 30 years and they are also beautiful, elegant and majestic creatures. Which is why naming them is crucial. If you’re lacking ideas or looking for a very special name for your special friend, here are 30 amazing suggestions, divided up by category.

#1. Cute names for horses

No matter if your horse is a racing one, a stallion or a mare, if it’s brown, white, grey or black, it can benefit from a cute name that will make it lovely and cool.

  • English Rose – it’s mostly a good name for a female horse, especially if she’s beautiful as a baby and is going to be a show horse;
  • Mariposa – this is the Spanish word for ‘butterfly’ and describes a slender and colored horse, light on its feet and fast like he’s flying;
  • Strawberry Shortcake – it’s one of the sweetest and cutest names out there and there are many variations on it from the dessert world which you can use;
  • When Starlight Falls – may refer both to a boy or a girl and can be for either a black or a gray horse, because of the reference to starlight and nighttime;
  • Lavender Fields Forever – is a play on the Beatles’ famous song Strawberry Fields Forever and goes very well for a mare who just loves to prance around with you in the tall grass;
  • Piper at Dawn – is inspired by a chapter name from the much beloved children’s book Wind in the Willows, which is called The piper at the gates of dawn and is meant for a very playful horse.

#2. Boy names for horses

Your choice here is vast and it really depends on your colt’s personality, likes and dislikes, color, breed or the place he comes from. Use all these as well as your own favorite things to choose a unique male name.

  • Shadowfax – this is the name of Gandalf’s horse in The Lord of the Rings. He was The Lord of all horses, completely white, could understand human speech and ran as fast as the wind;
  • Buzz Lightyear – is the name of the fictional character in the Toy Story movies, a toy space ranger hero. Your horse could also have a show name based on this one, which would be To Infinity and Beyond;
  • Nox – is the Latin word for night and could be used to describe a black boy horse;
  • Ghost of Jupiter – is the name of a nebula, located in the Hydra constellation;
  • The Notorious B.I.G. – is another very cool name for a horse with an attitude. It’s named after the famous American rapper.
  • Alfred Lord Tennyson – is the name of the well-known British poet, a fancy title for a horse, because it has the word “lord” in it.


#3. Girl names for horses

As far as girl horse’s names go, you can follow the same path as for males and take into account their looks and their personality, as well as your own.

  • Nestle Toll House – is the name of the beloved American brand that has been selling the State’s favorite chocolate chips and cookies for the past 75 years;
  • Madame Curie – this is a scientific name for a horse, belonging to one of the most famous women in history;
  • Pocahontas – is the name of the Native American Disney princess. Of course, you can use other princesses as well, if you’re looking for ideas;
  • Bellatrix LeStrange – is the name of one of the female villains in the Harry Potter series; you can use it especially if you have a thoroughbred, because she was all about speed and race purity;
  • Morgan LeFey – was the name of the beautiful and powerful enchantress in Arthurian legends;
  • Nerissa – which translates into ‘from the sea’, if you and your lovely horse happen to live near a sea, the ocean or a bay.

#4. Native American names for horses

Horses were vital to the Native Americans and still are. They’re a part of their beautiful culture, which they cherish and worship and that is why they give such beautiful names to their horses, with even more extravagant meanings.

  • Lasting Moonlight – has a very poetic ring to it and is meant for a very special horse;
  • Taksune – actually means ‘horse’ in the Native American dialect spoken in the Dakota region;
  • Mita Kola – which means ‘my friend’ in the Indian language;
  • Ishta luta – which means ‘red girl’ and which you can use to name a paint horse, for example;
  • Nizhoni – is the Navajo word for ‘beautiful’ and you can definitely use it if you have a Palomino horse, one of the most beautiful breeds out there;
  • Weetamoo – legend has it she was a princess who helped resist the invaders and saved her tribe from extinction.


#5. Funny names for horses

But you don’t always have to be serious when it comes to names. Majestic as they may be, horses deserve to have a little fun as well, so here are some funny names for them.

  • So Not My Problem – is a name for a horse who just couldn’t care less about your jumping exercises or the days and nights you spent training him;
  • Quick, look busy! – is another great name for a horse that makes a point of showing you he’s busy when you need something from him;
  • Wile E. Coyote – for males which tend to be unlucky;
  • Life in Pink – might be a silly name for a gelding; you know, if geldings don’t mind;
  • May the Horse Be With You – a clear play on words from the very famous “May the force be with you!’, for girls and males alike;
  • Gin and tonic – because you have to celebrate when you win a race.

Here are the top 30 name ideas for a horse, from palominos to cute baby colts. Don’t be afraid to go wild and let your imagination run the game when looking for names for your best equine friend.

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