2015 Hair Accessories Headbands and Bows

Headbands, hairbands, tiaras, fascinator, and garlands. If you care about hair accessories, headbands are already a staple in your wardrobe. They’ve been around the block a couple of seasons already, but for S/S ’15 they are making one resounding comeback. Their rise to popularity, back from the dustier, less memorable corners of the ‘80s and ‘90s was sounded off by popular TV series Gossip Girl. But long gone are the days when their appeal was relegated to Tumblr-posting, MTV-gazing teens and tweens.

This year’s fashion weeks and award season saw A-listers the size of Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams sporting them. They were no-frills and sporty, glamorously retro, and dependably practical. Among hair accessories headbands are some of the most reliably versatile ones out there. So let’s help them step off the runways and out of the paparazzi’s limelight and see how you can sport your favorite hair accessory this year.

Faux (but not just) flower garlands

It may not be shocking news to anyone, but flowers, florals, and everything blossom-y somehow manages to sneak its way onto the runways, year after year, without fail. This year, there was a lot to talk about when it came to flowers in hair accessories; headbands, crowns, and barrettes were all adorned with them, either in their bejeweled incarnation or in actual flesh and, erm… petals.

Marchesa delivered with some incredibly delicate, yet ornate flower crowns, which meshed together crystals, feathers, and a pile of boho wavy hair underneath it all. Dolce & Gabbana, always a pair to push lush fashions that extra mile, actually brought out real flowers, to adorn their models’ chignons, in a Spanish romance-inspired collection.

flowers and feathers head band worn by SS15 Marchesa model

Ribbons, ribbons everywhere!

Think ribbons are dowdy or passé? Up-and-coming fashion designer Alexis Mabille doesn’t seem to think so. Their runway was chockfull of poufy hairstyles, in true retro rockabilly style. They were all topped off with wide blue ribbons, which looked carelessly tossed on, as if just pulled off a gift box. Want a more polished look?

It’s incredibly easy to achieve, as countless hair ribbon tutorials online will go to show. Simply chop off a piece of sash ribbon, making it long enough to wrap twice around your head. Then take some style advice from the likes of indie darling Zooey Deschanel, who matches her signature deep black eyeliner wings with an oversized ribbon, casually flung behind her famous curtain bangs.

Super thin tiaras

What a way to make a statement, right? There were plenty of tiaras on the red carpets this season, and the one before it, too. Before you start scratching your head quizzically, bear in mind that we’re not talking about the over-the-top cubic zirconium laden variety of pageant fame. We’re thinking of much more understated pieces, which nonetheless managed to capture our admiration for the way they flattered the wearers’ already bold hair styles. Ginnifer Goodwin, for instance, went for an ultra-thin metallic hairband to compliment her asymmetric short cut and it stood out splendidly.

The sentiment was matched and echoed by the Bottega Venetta S/S ’15 runway, where models sported delicately retro floral headbands, almost too thin to be noticeable from underneath a tousled mass of bohemian hairstyles. But we did notice them, because they were far too inspiring for spring not to notice them.

Low-key and awe-inspiring

Who would have thought that a simple wide headband, combined with a tapered down, equally simple hairstyle, could make a fashion statement in and of itself? Apparently, several designers and stars did. Alexa Chung and Rooney Mara, two of the hottest, edgiest It Girls of the moment sport your regular jersey headbands on the red carpet like it’s nobody’s business. And, judging by their flawlessly composed looks, it really isn’t!Then, Victoria Beckham’s runway for spring/summer, featured a seemingly endless parade of models in no-frills attire, glistening hair stuck to their scalps, and all topped off with the same type of wide, yet non-embellished headband.

Finally, we even saw the return of a popular, no-fuss 90s favorite. Serrated headbands were all the rage at the Barbara Bui s/s show, the marker of a return to a rock’n’roll esthetic for the brand. So, you know, party like it’s 1996, girls!

Leather headbands

Leather has also been a prominent trend in the past few years, so its pairing with the top trend in hair accessories, headbands, was almost a no-brainer. The runways brought in leather flower hairbands at Karl Lagerfeld and even pony tail wraps at Bora Atsu. Valentino embellished their striking, wide headbands with golden studs. However, we like our styles a bit more down to earth, which is why we took our inspiration from Hollywood.

Narrow, elegantly simple headbands in black leather were donned this season by Evan Rachel Wood and Michelle Williams. Both have short hair, which a headband will unfailingly make more glamorous. But keep it thin, unless you want to end up looking like cocktail garnish.

actress Evan Rachel Wood sporting short pixie hair cut with thin leather headband

Image Sources: Featured ImageHawt Celebs, Fashionising

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