Finding great ways to style a hair bandana can certainly come in handy when you’re looking for a change of pace. Hair bandanas can completely transform your look and quickly change your everyday hairstyle into a pin up hair with bandana masterpiece that will have heads turning everywhere. Not only can you get away with some stylish vintage looks by working this handy accessory into your hairstyle, you’ll also have a few go-to bandana hair wrap techniques under your belt to help you create a lovely up-do in no time.

From a cute bandana hair braid to the always pleasing curled rockabilly locks that pin up enthusiasts will never get enough of, we’ve put together 4 amazing bandana hairstyles to get you out of any hairstyling crisis that may come your way. We’ve picked cute headband and bandana ideas that are easy to recreate and won’t require too much time and effort, but that will help you create a unique look.

1.      Hair Bandana Head Wrap

Head Wrap Tutorial

This cute head wrap idea can help you effortlessly style a great hair bandana without having to prep your hair forever. A typical hair wrap might be longer that your average bandana but this tutorial shows that you can just as easily work a hair bandana into the mix and achieve the same amazing look without having to use a longer hair wrap.

It’s an ideal styling idea if you’re not in the mood to spend hours working on your hair-do but you want to create a vintage hairstyle that looks like it required a lot of effort. Not only is this look visually stunning and easy to pull off, it works well regardless of your hair length since the bandana is actually covering your head.

You can quickly recreate this head wrap by placing the bandana upside down on your head, leaving the middle to drape over your forehead as seen in the image above and bringing the ends together at the top, then tying them into a simple knot. After securing the hair bandana in place you can start to tuck the middle corner under the knot to hide it. Finally, simply adjust the ends to fit your preference. If the ends of your bandana are too long you can simply tie them into a second knot to shorten them.

2.      Easy Hair Bandana Up-Do

Easy Hair Bandana Up-Do

This easy bandana look can be as well-structured or as messy as you choose depending on the up-do you prefer to style your hair in. You can create a tight bun to achieve a studied look or tie your hair up into a high ponytail and pin the hair strands around the base of the ponytail for a more laid back version of the same look. Regardless of the up-do that you decide to go to, this easy hair bandana up-do will help highlight your bangs while helping you define a high hair bun.

Make sure to give your hair-do volume for a more dramatic effect when styling this look. Once you’ve secured your bun in place, fold the bandana to create a headband effect and place it on the back of your head, wrapping it up and around the mid-section of your hair-do, bringing the ends together at the top of your head and tying a simple knot. Continue to tie a second, bigger knot over the first one and pull the ends of the bandana through the knot to the sides. Tuck the ends across the sides under the bandana to conceal them. Adjust the knot and make sure it is still centered in the middle of your head. If you’re not happy with how secure your bandana is, you can use a few bobby pins to secure it in place.

3.      Braided Hair Bandana Up-Do

Braided Hair Bandana Up-Do

This up-do looks like it took a lot of work but it’s actually really easy to recreate and you won’t have to worry about complex steps. You can style this easy up-do for shorter hair as well but you will need to secure the braids in place with hair pins if your hair is too short to tie into a braided bun using the bandana. If you have bangs you can use hair pins to separate them from the rest of your hair.

Part your hair down the middle and tie your bandana back along with your hair into a low ponytail as seen in the image. Make sure that you secure the bandana in place to separate your bangs from your ponytail and define each section. Split the ponytail into two tails, each one containing a side of the bandana. You can now either twist each tail in and around itself and hold it into a bun or braid it into a three-strand braid before twisting it into a bun. Use the bandana to tie each bun together.

Once you have secured each bun in place, you can tie the ends of the bandana together at the base of the buns to bring them close together. If your hair is shorter you can simply create smaller buns and use hair pins to secure them in place and to tuck the ends under the buns in order to conceal them.

4.      Three-Strand Braid Bandana Hairstyle

Three-Strand Braid Bandana Hair Style

This hippie-inspired three-strand braid bandana hair-do takes minutes to style and really shows off your lovely locks. This is also a hairstyle that can work for shorter hair but it will compliment a longer cut better as it highlights the lateral braid. You can kick things off by braiding your hair in a simple three-strand braid on the side you prefer. Braid your hair towards the front of your head so that you can get it over your shoulder.

Place your hair bandana at the back of your head over the base of the braid and bring the ends to the front of your head and twist them bringing them over one another and back to the back of your head. Tie the ends into a simple knot at the back, then twist each end and tuck it under the bandana to conceal them.

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