‘I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck.’, a famous quote says. If you adhere to the words, you recognize the alluring sight of a crown of flowers reigning over a head or the handsomeness of a felt rose attached to a necklace. Flowers add privileged beauty to any place they choose to grow in. Because nature’s recipe is so frail and transitory, we learned how to make a flower last forever using a variety of materials, from felt to satin ribbon. It might at first seem like a daunting DIY task, but we can embark on it together and see where the flower trail leads us.

Flower Crown how to make a flower

The next tips will show you a few ways of creating flower arrangements both as fashion accessories and house décor items, using fresh and fake flowers.

How to Make a Flower: A Guide to Styles, Varieties and Trends

How to Make Any Flowers Using Fabric?

Pink Felt Flower Badge how to make a flower

Most fabrics are malleable enough to be transformed into the most authentic-looking roses or dahlias. Plus, there’s no limited blooming season, the colors don’t wear off in a week, and the artificial flowers don’t require watering at all. Well, you can always refresh their look by simply throwing them in the washing machine.

Felt is the classic material for personal projects, including flower making. First of all, it lends itself easily to the hand. There are four basic methods by which you can shape and cut the felt petals in order to get more than one type of flower, be it a peony or a daisy or

  1. Petal by petal – You need six big petals one-inch wide and six smaller petals. They can be any shape, a simple square or circle or fancier, if you dare. You then cut a felt circle for the base and glue all the petals to it. Secure them with a little button to the center, and voila! A classic!
  2. Rolled – First, you cut a felt strip in a spiral, which in turn can be wavy, straight or scalloped, depending on the look you’re aiming for. You then roll and glue the strips together. This is a perfect technique for building up a wreath of roses or multi-petaled peonies.
  3. Flat – The flat technique means you cut the felt in various shapes and sizes, then stack the layers together with either glue or thread and needle. The variety of shapes offers you the freedom to create anything from exuberant flowers to the petite blooms for your baby’s head.
  4. Folded – A rival for the origami flower, the folded bloom sees the edges of the felt circles cut in either plain or fancy styles. The tools you use will definitely dictate the flower type, be it a pair of shears or scallops.

How to Make a Flower Clip?

DIY Flower Headband how to make a flower

Now that we planted the first seeds and ‘grew’ ourselves a flower, it’s time to bloom it into the perfect accessory. The flower clip is a rival for the easiest. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Make sure the base of your flower is flat. This will provide stability on the clip while keeping the method down to the ‘easy level’.
  2. In order to hide the metal, you might want to glue a strip of ribbon or other material on the clip. Not only will it prove more aesthetically pleasing, but it will make your flower seem denser or more natural.
  3. Glue the flower on the clip. You have unlimited options. Try a larger flower as the base and built the ensemble up with a smaller one. Or simply arrange the petals in odd numbers.
  4. Finally, there’s nothing like some sparkle to vitalize your flower accessory. Try gluing some rhinestones or beads to the mix. However, keep them in small sizes. Too much extravagance can weigh down on the look.

How to Make a Flower into a Crown?

Flower Crown

To keep in tone with the article, we’ll use faux flowers for the crown as well. Just bear in mind you can also pick up natural flowers, at least while summer’s in full swing.

Step 1.

A crown fit for a king? In order to achieve that, even a king must have had his head measured beforehand. However, this is a DIY project, so first thing’s first – measure your own head with a flower wire. This will be the base for your network of flowers. It runs like an unseen thread and holds the crown together, while malleable enough to weave and attach other small flowers on the way. If you want your crown packed and stuffy with flower, just remember to leave a bit of wiggle room when cutting the wire.

Step 2.

Choose your statement flowers. There’s no limit to the shapes, sizes, and colors you can use. If you’re buying them from a shop, just make believe you’re on a wild field picking up any blooms that open your path. Use artificial flowers with stems. You need those 2 inches of stem to secure the wire to it.

As an extra tip, baby’s breath should always be an item on the list. It’s the perfect airy, complementary filler while also inexpensive and long-lasting.

Step 3.

The most important thing to remember is to attach the flowers face outward, since your head will be inside the circle. Now you’re ready to wrap a spiral of wire through each of your chosen flowers. You can stick to a simple, one-color design or enrich the visual palette with an entire rainbow of colors.

How to Make a Flower Headband for a Baby?

Flower Headband for Baby how to make a flower

Babies really know how to sport a headband. Add flowers to the mix, and the level of cuteness scores even higher. Here’s a list of the supplies to get in order to stylishly crown your bundle of joy.

  • Felt flowers.
  • Stretchy elastic.
  • Glue.

Once you’re covered, start by cutting the elastic to 12 inches. Cut a circle of felt for the base, and sandwich-glue the elastic between the felt flower and the base. You can always add more than one flower to the composition.

How to Make a Ribbon Flower? Easy!

Ribbon Flower

Photo Courtesy: www.instructables.com

The elegant Kanzashi Satin Ribbon Flower is inspired by a traditional Japanese hairstyle. They can make for beautiful folded cloth hair adornments. Here are a few steps to follow. Be warned, this technique involves thread and needle.

  1. Cut 25 strips of satin each measuring about 4 inches in length.
  2. Our flower will have 22 petals. Take one piece of the cut ribbon, fold the corners inwards, and sew to seal them.
  3. Build the flower in 3 layers. Sew the petals together over a circular base of felt or paper.

There’s no steep learning curve on how to make a flower complete with beauty and bling to dazzle the eyes. The feminine floral accessories are not only extremely simple to make, but also a fun accessory to build any style you want to fill, from the hippie look to the romantic wedding day dress.

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