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4 Hair Clips Ideas for Short Hair

Growing out your pixie cut like a pro can be difficult if you don’t know how to handle your locks. Hair clips might just be your new best friends when it comes to finding new styles for a growing hairdo. Having a trendy short haircut has a lot of advantages. Your hair won’t typically need a lot of maintenance and it will always look effortlessly stylish. It does have some drawbacks in terms of adapting your styling ideas to the new hair length you have.

It’s true that having long hair comes with a lot of styling options but that doesn’t mean that a short hairstyle forces you to always sport the same look. There are many great short hair styling ideas that you can adapt to your new hairdo with little to no effort. Hair clips and bobby pins will always save you from a creative block regarding styling options. Throw in a couple of embellished hair clips, pin your bangs back with some colorful bobby pins, and you’ve got a great new look in minutes.

To help you get inspired, I’ve put together some of the best short hair styling ideas I could find online. As long as you think outside the box, most hair braids and styles can be adapted for short haircuts. We all feel the need to switch it up and look a bit different every once in a while. You can do that with short hair just as well as you can with longer locks. Just look at Emma Watson’s pixie cut photos. A couple of pretty hair clips and some easy styling tips helped her rock multiple looks with a very short cut. There’s also a bonus when you’re applying styling ideas to shorter haircuts: it doesn’t take you forever to get the job done. Just look at the trendy ideas below and try a few of them out.

1.      Braid Your Bob

Bob haircuts look amazing when you blow dry some volume into your locks. But for the everyday look that you can style quickly and easily, there’s nothing better than a lovely braid. Just pick one side of your bob and braid it back as seen in the image. It’s a simple three strand braid that you can quickly style to perfection. Secure it with some decorated hair clips at the back and use some simple bobby pins to keep it in place if your hair is shorter. It’s a great way to keep your bangs out of your eyes on a windy day, at work, or when you’re going out. If your hair is more rebellious and you’re worried that your braid might not survive a busy day, use some hairspray to keep it in place.

2.      Sport a Short Stack

This stylish short stack idea can help you get a bit more volume for your short locks. It takes a bit more work than other styling options but it will compliment a more elegant outfit anytime. The idea is to create a tasteful poof at the back and pin the strand of hair around it back to make it look more natural and dial down the dramatic effect of the volume. Use hairspray on the hair strands that you will use to create the poof. Apply the hairspray just before you tease the hair strands to create the volume. If you wait too long after spraying the locks you won’t be able to create the poof because your hair will set as is. After you’ve obtained the volume you want, pin the ends together at the base of the poof. Cross the ends one over the other in the shape of an X when you pin them for a more defined look. Use hair clips or bobby pins to secure the ends one over the other. You can twist the hair strands at the end as you pin them, as seen in the image. Define the shape of the bun then use hairspray to keep it in place. Finally, if you want the hair to look less structured, run your fingers through it in an upward motion.

3.      Clip on Hair Extensions for an Up-do

Clip on hair extensions to give yourself a bit of length and drama, then turn it all into a stunning up-do. If your hair is too short to achieve this look, use some clip in human hair extensions so help you style it. It’s a layered look that will make it seem like you spent hours in a hair salon to get it. Hair extensions clip in easily and it doesn’t take a lot of work to set them correctly. They’re also a good option for asymmetrical haircuts. They can give you more length where you need it. From that point on, it’s all about layers. You can use the best clip in hair extensions in the world and still mess up a look if you don’t know what you’re doing. This hair style saves you from yourself by covering the roots perfectly. Just split your hair into sections as seen in the image. Start pinning the separate strands to the base of your head with hair clips and tuck the ends in, concealing them. Repeat the process with the next layers until you’ve created the bun, then use hairspray to secure it in place.

4.      Turn Braids into a Bun

This styling idea works great if you need a romantic hairdo to match any outfit. It can work even if your hair is shorter than the example in the picture as the ends of your hair can be tucked in. Comb your hair back and separate it into three equal strands. Pin each strand separately and braid it in a simple, three-strand braid. Secure the base of each braid with hair clips as seen in the picture. Drag each braid across the back of your head and pin it. Tuck the ends of each braid under the hair and create a bun by overlapping the braids. Use hair clips to secure each braid in place. You can decorate the bun with some floral hair clips.

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