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5 Best Headbands for Running That Don’t Slip

Running can be one of the most exhilarating exercises. Fresh air in your lungs, energy coursing through your muscles, that runner’s high after a few miles…and then, inevitably, your headband slipping off. Running is a fantastic exercise, but it’s a real struggle to find a headband that doesn’t slip off! When headbands make such a difference with cold ears or sweat dripping into your eyes, it’s hard to go without. For that reason, we’ve done our research and found five great headbands that shouldn’t slip when you’re running.

TrailHeads Women’s Ponytail Headband

First on our list of the best headbands for running is this women’s ponytail option. TrailHeads has released this headband in a number of stunning colors and styles. Not only are you bound to find this in your preferred color for brightening your run, but there are many more benefits to choosing this headband. The headband is extra wide, which is what helps prevent it from slipping during your run. For example, the design covers the majority of the forehead at two-and-a-half inches. It then widens to cover the entire ear at four inches, which provides the extra grip and coverage.

The bonus of this headband is the provided loop at the back for ponytails. If you’ve ever run with a ponytail, you’ll know the issue of it coming loose and needing adjustment during even the shortest run. Additionally, the binding is designed from polyester and spandex, which creates a soft and flexible fabric. The headband stretches for a contoured fit while recovering its shape when not in use. This product serves three essential actions: wicking sweat, keeping ears covered, and holding your ponytail snugly in place.

French Fitness Men’s Moisture Wicking Headband

Our next choice is specifically for men. The French Fitness Revolution men’s headband, though chosen for our purpose of running, could easily be used for any kind of athletic activity, such as Crossfit, biking, tennis, and so on. The headband is crafted specifically for comfort and absorbency, which easily makes it one of the best headbands for running.

This company realizes the issue of headbands constantly slipping off, or feeling too hot if they are insulated for winter workouts. With super absorbency, a lightweight fabric, and comfortable stretch, this headband is made to stay in place and wick moisture away without adding heat to those hot summer workouts.

The headband is double-layered and reversible, both for helping regulate body heat and moisture-wicking. As a plus, the lightweight fabric dries quickly. This will be a great option for individuals who lead active lives and find themselves needing workout options quite often. Finally, even maintenance is simplified as the headband will not lose elasticity with a quick wash and dry.

TClian Women’s Ear Warmer Running Headband

This headband by TClian is another great option for women, especially if you are looking for a thicker headband in the cooler months. Thin headbands are great for hot weather; however, when the temperature drops, it doesn’t take long before your ears start to feel numb. With this headband, you won’t have to worry about that a moment longer!

The best part about this headband, though, is that it’s warm without the bulk. This is a great design choice, considering warm but bulky headbands could potentially feel less efficient for active workouts. To add extra warmth, the headband is lined with fleece, giving it a soft interior without adding weight. The design and quality make it a great contender for one of the best headbands for running.

This headband comes in a variety of colors and styles. It has a contoured shape to completely cover your ears and most of your forehead. The extra-wide band provides greater coverage to help prevent any slipping during your run. Additionally, though it’s all about preserving warmth, it can still be machine washed for easy maintenance.

Self Pro Men’s Running Headband

Our fourth option for the best headbands for running would be this Self Pro Men’s headband. As with most of the headbands we have recommended, this product would not only be great for running but also other sports such as Crossfit and weightlifting.

While headbands make all the difference in keeping sweat out of your eyes, if they don’t have enough stretch or they are too heavy, they can end up causing a headache after awhile. If it’s not creating a headache, tight headbands usually slip off during your workout, and both problems are unacceptable. These issues are exactly what Self Pro kept in mind when creating this men’s headband.

The headband is absorbent enough to keep your eyes and forehead completely clear of sweat and just loose enough to stay put during the most active workout. Further, the fabric is lightweight and breathable to keep you cool, comfortable, and focused. The headband has a contoured width that narrows to the base of the neck for a much more comfortable design, and aids in the non-slip function as well.

Moisture-Wicking Headbands for Men and Women

The final choice for our selection of the best headbands for running is the Moisture-Wicking headband. While this isn’t considered a traditional headband in the most typical sense, it definitely hits the mark for a great non-slip running headband. Oureamod has created a headband that can be worn in a number of ways, both for running and every other sport you can imagine.

This product features a wide band of gathered fabric, which one can wear in various styles. While it would serve its purpose as an absorbent, non-slip running headband, it can also be worn as a beanie-style cap, a hairband, a balaclava, a mask, a neckerchief, a scarf, and more. It has been created with enough fabric to easily become the most versatile clothing item you’ll own.

Beyond the number of uses, it is breathable, stretchy, non-slip, thin, moisture-wicking, fast-drying, and never needs adjusting mid-workout. As a bonus, each very affordable order comes with five headbands in various styles and patterns. There are numerous colors to choose from, each with different patterns for every headband in the pack.

Wrapping Up

It has always been a problem finding a high-quality headband that effectively wicks moisture while also staying put. However, we consider these as the best headbands for running, and they should work very well to solve these issues. These headbands are known for their absorbency, their temperature regulation, their stretchy fabric, and most importantly, their ability to stay in place during workouts.

Let us know in the comments which option you like best, or if you have any other suggestions for non-slip running headbands!

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