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How to Make a Mesh Ribbon Wreath: 5 Easy Projects

Mesh ribbon is a great product you can use to create all kinds of amazing things. They come in a wide array of colors, textures, styles and widths. As a result, they are used in many types of crafts. Best of all, they make unique wreaths that will set the stage for any upcoming event or holiday. Here are some DIY ways you can learn how to make a mesh ribbon wreath that should really inspire you.

Project 1 – How to Make a Mesh Ribbon Wreath With Fluff

Source: Etsystatic.

The perfect way to start your holiday decorations is with a homemade door wreath.

What You Need

  • Wire hanger;
  • Sparkly tinsel pipe cleaners in the same color as the mesh;
  • Scissors;
  • Wire cutters;
  • Pliers;
  • Extra-wide deco mesh ribbon (about 21″ wide) in 2 colors;
  • Fabric glue to prevent raveling;
  • Embellishments such as a bow, bulbs fake flowers or whatever else suits your fancy;
  • Floral wire or a glue gun and rods.


  1. Firstly, open up the hanger and use the pliers to make it round. You can use the hook at the top for hanging or cut it off and just attach the back directly to the hook.
  2. Secondly, wrap the wire with the pipe cleaners.
  3. Use fabric glue or spray on adhesive on the end to prevent raveling then gather the mesh across the width beginning the gather a few inches from the end and leaving a tail 6′-8′ long.
  4. Holding the pinch securely, place it against the wire frame.
  5. Twist a piece of the tinsel pipe cleaner around the wire frame and mesh then twist it tightly at the back to secure it. You will end up with little loose puffs of fabric.
  6. Move down the mesh about 9″ then gather it again just like the first time.
  7. Leaving it loose, attach this second piece with another piece of tinsel as close to the first as possible to get the amount of fluff desired.
  8. Continue around the entire frame making sure each fluffy piece is the same size.
  9. At the beginning of the circle, place the new fluff on top the old and attach it again with the tinsel.
  10. Trim the end leaving enough to tuck it behind the fluff and then seal it with glue.
  11. Add the 2nd color the same way as the first if desired otherwise just go around again in the same color. Be sure and seal both ends.
  12. Use the floral wire or a glue gun to attach your embellishments and it’s ready to hang.

Project 2 – How to Make a Mesh Ribbon Wreath With Spirals

This wreath generates a festive, fun look using mesh that’s cut into short pieces. This pattern makes a 32″ wreath. If you want a narrower one just use skinnier mesh.

What You Need

  • A 16″ wire wreath frame;
  • Scissors;
  • Wire cutters;
  • 4 colors of deco mesh 21″ wide in any combination or 2 colors;
  • Fabric glue or adhesive spray to prevent raveling;
  • 4 clothes pins or alligator clips to hold centers while working on the spirals;
  • Chenille stems or pipe cleaners;
  • Thin gauge wire, a glue gun and rods or floral wire to attach embellishments to taste.


  1. Cut the mesh into lengths of 9″-12″.
  2. Use fabric glue or adhesive spray on each end to prevent raveling.
  3. Roll each of 4 pieces of cut mesh into tubes with the finished edge at each end. Be sure to alternate colors or one of each color if using 4 colors.
  4. Fold each tube in half lengthwise to find the center.
  5. Pinch the center then hold it with a clothes pin or alligator clip.
  6. Do the same to each piece until you have 4 finished spirals.
  7. Put the 4 pieces together, wrap the pipe cleaner or chenille stem around the set and twist it at the back.
  8. Attach the pipe cleaner or chenille stem around the wire frame and twist it securely at the back.
  9. Continue with each set of 4 in the same way.
  10. Place them as close together as possible in order to keep it fluffy while preventing them from sliding around the frame.
  11. Leave the tails of the pipe cleaners or chenille stems uncut.
  12. As you add each set and secure it at the back, twist it to the previous set to ensure it doesn’t slip.
  13. After completing the circle, trim the wires at the back and tuck the ends under the wire ties.
  14. Push all the spirals tips toward the center and, if needed, rewind them a little tighter around your finger.
  15. Lastly, use the thin gauge wire or glue gun to attach any embellishments you want.

Project 3 – How to Make a Mesh Ribbon Wreath With Lights

Light up your holiday with a one-of-a-kind mesh door wreath.

What You Need

  • Metallic mesh ribbon;
  • 1 box of 100 white lights;
  • 1 package of fern pins or floral pins;
  • Thin gauge wire or a glue gun and rods;
  • 1 wide white foam wreath;
  • Fabric glue or spray adhesive to prevent raveling;
  • Scissors;
  • Wire cutters.


  1. Firstly, use the fabric glue or spray adhesive on the end to prevent raveling.
  2. Secondly, bunch the end, twist it and attach it to the foam wreath with a push pin.
  3. Measure out 16″, wrap it around the wreath, twist it and pin it near the previous pin in order to create a fluff. Leave the end of the fluffed parts open so the lights can be fed through.
  4. Continue the process around ending with sealing the ribbon end before securing.
  5. Thread the miniature lights through the back of the wreath and then the side of the fluffy parts in each section.
  6. Secure the lights and the sides of each fluff with the floral pins.
  7. Lastly, make a bow and add it to the top of the wreath before attaching whatever other embellishments you might like with a glue gun and rods or floral wire.

Project 4 – How to Make a Mesh Ribbon Wreath With Loops

Source: bp.blogspot.com.

This one is a super simple alternative and that can be dolled up any way you want.

What You Need

  • Wire wreath frame;
  • 8″ wide mesh ribbon;
  • Floral wire or a glue gun and rods;
  • Scissors;
  • Wire cutters;
  • Fabric glue or spray adhesive;
  • Embellishments as desired.


  1. Firstly, get or make a wire wreath frame.
  2. Secondly, seal one end of the ribbon with fabric glue or spray adhesive.
  3. Make a loop and twist the end. The loop should be as big as needed to create the look you want.
  4. Wrap floral wire around the bottom.
  5. Attach the loop to the wire frame using the end of the floral wire.
  6. Keep making loops of the same length all the way around, each time twisting the wire at the back then attaching it to the wire attached to the previous bow.
  7. Connect the last loop to the first at the back then trim all the wires and tuck the ends under the loop wires.
  8. Lastly, add any embellishments needed with floral wire or a glue gun and rods.

Project 5 – How to Make a Mesh Ribbon Wreath That Looks Like a Christmas Tree

There’s nothing that says a wreath is required to be circular. Here’s one simple design that looks like a fir tree. After you master it you can create any design you want. Even though you can make it with a Styrofoam or wire base, this project will use a wire one.

What You Need

  • Heavy gauge wire from which you’ll make a frame wire frame. Make sure it has a flat back. Wires need to go horizontally as well as vertically and be securely attached.
  • Pipe cleaners that match the ribbon;
  • Mesh ribbon 4″-10″ wide to match the pipe cleaners. The size of the mesh selected will greatly affect the look of the tree.
  • Ornaments;
  • Miniature lights;
  • Scissors;
  • Wire cutters;
  • Hot glue gun and glue rods;
  • Thin gauge wire for attaching embellishments;
  • Wall or door attachment.


  1. Buy or create a frame that looks like a fir tree leaving space between the horizontal bars in order to end up with rows of boughs when done.
  2. Secure the horizontal rows with 2 vertical wires, one on each side of center, that runs between bar rows all the way to the last row.
  3. Cover the entire metal frame with pipe cleaners. That will hide the wiring and help blend in the background with the ribbon.
  4. Cut enough pipe cleaners long enough to twist around the base of each loop as well as around the wire. You want them to end up fairly close together in order to create a thick, fluffy finished product.
  5. Seal one end of the mesh ribbon with fabric glue or spray on adhesive to keep it from raveling.
  6. Create a loop no more than 4″ long and cinch the bottom with a twist then secure it with a piece of pipe cleaner. These will be attached to each other with the ribbon so don’t cut the ribbon between loops. Make a bunch of them setting them aside as you go. It’s okay if they vary in size since in nature that’s the way they would grow anyway.
  7. Starting from the bottom, begin attaching the loops to the frame making sure to wind the pipe cleaner twice around the wire frame before twisting it on the back of the frame to secure. Make sure you place the loops close together. That will leave not only a thick grouping of loops, but extra mesh between loops to fill in gaps.
  8. When you get to the end, attach the next loop on the next row up.
  9. Go all the way to the top, turn it over to trim and tuck the ends of the pipe cleaners and weave them into the finished product.
  10. On the front, adjust and fluff the loops so the tree looks full.
  11. Now it’s time to decorate. If you’re adding lights, do that first. The stringer can be secured with wire or a hot glue gun by attaching it between existing loops. Make sure the light dangle slightly so they resemble how they would look on the tree.
  12. Attach ornaments randomly.
  13. Finally, you can attach a light-weight bow or star as a tree topper.

Summing Up

For many people today, making holiday crafts has become a tradition. As a result, you’ll often see them displayed from year-to-year. Let us know if you try any of these projects or if you know how to make a mesh ribbon wreath a different way. Regardless of the shape or theme, a wreath is a great way to get this festive time of year started.

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