Shopping for horse trailer accessories can be more than just a task we have to complete, it can actually be a lot of fun. Keeping your four-legged companion safe and comfortable during travel is important so fitting the trailer with all of the necessary horse trailer parts and accessories it needs can seem like a daunting task. Don’t be too concerned about it, though, there are many pretty horse trailer accessories that can help make traveling with your horse enjoyable and safe.

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There are some items that your horse will require during travel and it is best that you store them in the trailer to make sure that you keep everything well organized and that you do not leave anything behind by accident. The trailer itself will also require a few accessories in order to ensure that you are going to travel safely and that you won’t have any issues on the road.

Just what you might need in terms of horse trailer accessories will vary depending on the type of trailer that you have, the amount of space that is available inside, and the number of horses you will be transporting with it. To help you get started on your trailer refurbishing project, we’ve put together a list of pretty horse trailer accessories that will surely come in handy on the road.

Horse Trailer Accessories

6 Pretty Horse Trailer Accessories worth Getting

Before hitting the road, it’s important to be well prepared for all of your horse’s needs. In the following list, we’ve included horse trailer accessories that will make caring for your horse during travels easier as well as accessories that will make the transportation process easier to complete.

1.     Hay Feeders

Hay feeders are essential accessories to have in your horse trailer when you decide to travel with your companion. Hay feeders come in a wide range of sizes and styles. You can look into getting corner hay feeders if you want to maximize the space in your horse trailer. These feeders only take up the corner space that you wouldn’t normally use to begin with and they can be mounted in the interior of the trailer if necessary.

2.     Ties and Tie Rings

Ties and tie rings are not only essential horse trailer accessories, they can also be quite visually appealing. Firstly, you will need ties and tie rings to keep your horse safe during travels. Ties are used to keep the horse tethered to the trailer when it is moving. They are used to connect the horse’s halter to a tie ring on the wall. Ties must be short and strong to ensure that the horse is secure in the trailer during transportation.

Quick release clips are a popular addition to ties and tie rings. The quick release clips run between the wall ring and the ties and they will break if they are given a strong pull. They are important as they ensure that the horse can pull itself away from the trailer wall in case of an emergency. This way, should an accident take place, your horse will not become trapped in the trailer.

The tie rings are a vital piece of equipment as they ensure your horse is properly tethered. They have to be strong and well-fitted on the wall to make sure that there is no chance of them moving away from the trailer wall during transportation. Ties and safety releases usually come in a wide variety of colors and shapes so you can have some fun choosing the ones that you love most.

3.     Water Caddies

Water caddies are usually attached to the outside of the trailer and you can choose from a wide variety of designs to find one that fits well on your trailer. You can purchase plastic caddies that are light and easy to manipulate. You can also choose the size that best suits your needs. For instance, if longer outings are something that you are considering doing, you can get a bigger water caddy to make sure that you will not have to refill it too often. Many water caddy designs are made from translucent materials so you can easily check if you are running low on water and need to stop for a refill.

4.     Wheel Locks

Wheel locks can definitely come in handy for any kind of horse trailer. They can be used to clamp the wheel in place and keep it from being taken. When your trailer is unhitched or simply parked, you can use wheel locks and chocks to prevent the trailer from moving on its own and to keep it safe. There are many different designs available so you can choose one that suits your needs. From the simple clamps that lock around the wheel to the heavy duty metallic ones, you are sure to find wheel locks that make it easier for you to travel with your horse trailer.

5.     Mats

Mats are great accessories to have in your horse trailer because they protect your horse during travels. They are particularly important for long journeys as they are placed on the floors and on the walls to protect the horse’s feet and sides during rough travels. Mats are vital to ensure the horse is traveling comfortably and they can be made from rubber or foam. They make the trailer look more welcoming and ensure the horse’s wellbeing during transportation.

6.     Tack and Saddle Racks

Tack racks and saddle racks will help you stay organized during travels. Racks will not only make your trailer seem tidy and organized, but also help you transport the tack and the saddles that you use for your horses safely inside the trailer. You can easily install saddle and tack racks into your trailer without compromising on a lot of space. Make sure to choose a saddle rack that will accommodate the types of saddles that you have.

Certain saddle racks can hold several different types of saddles so choosing a rack that is more versatile might be a better option. Saddle and tack racks are vital horse trailer accessories that will help you not only improve the appearance of your trailer but also efficiently pack, store, and transport your gear inside your trailer.

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