Bow earrings are a great, simple accessory which you can wear on any occasion. Whether you choose to dress them up or down, this feminine earring is a versatile piece of jewelry. Bow earrings are a great gift to give to women of all ages. Whether your friend or member of the family has just gotten her ears pierced or she is close to retirement, this is one great gift. Nonetheless, you deserve a pair yourself! These earrings come in many different styles; here are just a few that can add a cute touch to an outfit.

9 Lovely Bow Earrings for Any Outfit


Bow Earrings for a Wedding Gift

bow earrings gift for a bride to be

Bow earrings are a great gift for a bride-to-be. The mini silver bows represent the bride’s intention to “tie the knot” which is a clever way to honor a bride while also providing her with a cute accessory. These earrings come on ivory cardstock which displays the note to the bride that the earrings represent her tying the knot. This is a great simple gift to give a bride-to-be as soon as she says yes so she can enjoy them throughout her engagement.

Handmade Vintage Bow Earrings

handmade vintage bow stud earrings

Originating in France, these bow stud earrings have a slightly different appeal to them than traditional bow earrings. With a vintage background, the bow is pictured on top with resin cabochon. These handmade earrings have a bronze base to them. They are each original pieces, as they are made individually, so no two pairs are exactly the same. These add an extra splash of various colors in that background. This makes them a bit more complex than some other earrings that are more simple with their bows.

Robins Egg Blue Ribbon Bow Earrings

light blue satin bow earrings

These lovely Robbins Egg Blue ribbon bow earrings are handmade with 3/8 Robins Egg Blue satin ribbon. These make a great gift for bridesmaids and are also available in many colors. These simple colored bow earrings are versatile for a group who wants to look cohesive but may be wearing different colors. They are available in other colors such as pink, black, and mint. These are pretty because they look as if they are actually hand-tied, creating that authentic look for the bow itself.

Kate Spade Bow Earrings

gold clear stone bow earrings

Kate Spade bow earrings are a rose gold color metal with pave crystals along the bow. They are neat and tidy and add a cute pop of color to the ear. They can make a formal outfit even more feminine with their dainty charm. These designer earrings are high quality and will last for years without any sign of wear.

Gift Wrapping Bow Stud Earrings

Rose Gold Christmas Holiday Ribbon Bow Earrings

Gift wrapping stud earrings are great for the holidays, as they represent the bow that would be used for a holiday gift. The rose gold and gold plated dainty stud earrings are held together with a lightweight friction earring back. This makes them extra comfortable to wear. These make for a great Christmas gift. This is a fun play on the traditional bow earrings that are popular among women.

Dangling Hoop Bow Earrings

hoop bow earrings

These bow earrings make more of a statement, as they are larger earrings than the rest and they dangle from the ears. These vintage hoop earrings have large double silver hoops with the silver bows at the top. Three chains fall in the middle of the earring beneath the bow to add even more depth to these fun earrings. The incorporation of the bow into these dangle earrings makes them trendy while also giving them some bulk, so these earrings can easily be worn alone with no other jewelry.

Hoop Bow Earrings

Gold earrings with bow detail

Christmas hoop bow earrings are special because they are clip-on. Therefore, the person wearing them does not need to have pierced ears. These vintage earrings kind of resemble wreaths but while they can be used as holiday jewelry, they can also be worn year round. These petite earrings add a cute touch to an everyday outfit. Nonetheless, you can complete a holiday outfit if you want to make them festive.

Bow Cartilage Ear Cuff

blue bow cartilage ear cuff

A bow cartilage ear cuff is an alternative to the traditional pierced earring and one should place it on the right ear. The huge bow is made of wire and does not go through the skin. It is available in several colors, so this is another piece that a group can wear and look cohesive while also expressing their own individuality. The bow ear cuff is created from a single piece of wire that has a copper interior. The brightly colored ear cuffs are silver plated and covered with an enamel overlay. They are easily adjustable to fit any ear size.

Dangle Studded Earrings

silver dangle bow earrings with rhinestones

Lastly, vintage-inspired earrings dangle earrings with rhinestones covering the bows that come down from a rhinestone stud can be a nice touch to a classier outfit. These big earrings are still lightweight with their bows presenting a silver tone metal. Each bow is about 1 inch by 1.75 inches and features posts, so the earrings will not easily fall out. These are a cute everyday accessory, but you can easily dress it up for a special occasion. These would be great for a teenager’s first pair of dangle earrings; they are classy yet fun and will not pull too hard on a fresh piercing.

There are a lot of options if you are looking for some cute earrings that incorporate bows. From light and small studs to a more dangly earring, bow earrings are great for people of any age. Silver and gold are both very popular metals for these types of earring, but you can also find them in many colors and even in a multi-colored variety. These all make a great gift for a friend, or even a special treat for yourself if you are looking to change up your style a little. If you have a favorite bow earring that you think makes an outfit look extra special, please share so that other women can explore their options.

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