There is a lot to consider once she says yes. The venue, the guest list, the wedding cake, and the invitations are just the basics. One details that is not on the top of everybody’s list of priorities is the outfit that the groom and his groomsmen will wear. What colors can the groom and his groomsmen add to blend into the probable femininity of the wedding day without appearing too bright? Should the groomsmen match the color that the bridesmaids are wearing? It is a lot to consider. To put a fresh splash on a wedding, here are the top 6 coral bow tie choices and wearing ideas.

6 Coral Bow Ties To Complement The Big Day

Coral Bow Tie and Suspender Set

Coral Bow Tie and Suspender Set

A coral bow tie and suspender set can be worn by everyone who is participating in a wedding, from the young ring bearer to the father of the bride. This is a great option for a bride who wants a cohesive look among all of the gentlemen in her wedding. The suspenders and bowtie come in both clip-on and self-tie options, allowing you to customize the order for your wedding party.

You can also pair a bow tie and suspender set with another favorite color; some men can wear just the bow tie and others can wear just the suspenders. You can then mix and match another complementary color to still make everyone look cohesive.

Coral and White Chevron Bow Ties

Coral and White Chevron Bow Tie

Chevron pattern is a trendy option. You can incorporate a coral and white bow tie into your look to stand out among the rest. Made from a high-quality cotton, these bow ties have a stabilizer in them so they are able to hold their shape well. They come pre-tied, so it is easy to ensure that all of the men in the wedding will have a clean look. The adjustable neck allows for comfort for each person wearing the bow tie. These coral and white chevron neck ties even come with additional stitching so you can be sure that children are not able to take apart the tie.

Coral and Gray Bow Tie

dual-colored bow tie

Bow tie and suspender sets often pair the colors coral and gray. They are a great color scheme, as they are both soft and calm colors. They are a suitable pair for either a formal or an informal wedding. Gray and coral are contrasting, yet relaxing, which gives off a great mood for a wedding day. Gray is an easy color to add to other elements of a wedding, such as centerpieces and table decorations. One should use coral a bit more carefully due to its boldness. Having the men in a wedding wear these colors together will help bring everything together in a cohesive manner. The coral will add a fresh splash among the various shades of gray.

Creative Coral Bow Tie

fox pattern bow tie

creative coral bow tie can be used in a wedding, or for any other event that requires such attire. The decorative and trendy foxes can help lighten the mood of an informal wedding, or can be worn to any special occasion. This bow tie can be worn by anyone from 12 years old into adulthood. Its complementary white and black colors make it easy to match other pieces of attire.

Bringing a bit of creativity into the use of a fun color adds an extra highlight to the attire. Foxes are a trendy design, but others can be used and be equally creative while incorporating the coral color. This fun tie can also act as a conversation starter, as it is a touch above a plain or traditionally patterned bow tie.

Coral Hounstooth Bow Tie

Salmon Houndstooth Bow Tie

This classic houndstooth plaid bow tie is a gentle mix of coral and white. Houndstooth checks were originally created in woven wool cloth in Scotland, but are now made with many other materials worldwide. This bow tie is perfect for any summer event, from a wedding to a mother’s day brunch.

Because this bow tie is made of top quality cotton, it will hold up to a lot of wear. The various styles that this coral bow tie is available in helps to fit it into any budget. This pattern is the sign of a true gentleman. Both boys and men are able to wear this coral bow tie. It comes with a metal clip attachment that one can firmly place on a shirt collar.

The men’s pre-tied bow tie comes with an adjustable strap and looks identical to the clip on, but has a 3/4 inch wide strap to go around the neck and securely and discretely hook beneath the bow.

Coral Bow Tie With Matching Handkerchief

bow tie and handkerchief set

If you are looking for a bow tie that comes along with a matching accessory, a coral bow tie with a matching handkerchief is a great choice. The pocket square handkerchief can also be used as either, and its size is approximately 10″ x 10″ inches. Men often wear these as pocket squares but can use them as a handkerchief as the night goes on. The matching bow tie with the accessory makes the ensemble look cohesive.

Since this is a simple look, it is easy to incorporate other shades of coral into a group. Men can wear varying shades of coral with this look, which will provide variety while also showing that they are in a group.

Coral is a great color to choose for a cheerful occasion. It can be easily matched with a muted color such as gray. You can incorporate it into classic patterns such as chevron and houndstooth, which makes it a very versatile choice for a splash of color. If you have some more great ideas on how to incorporate coral into a bow tie or accessories, please share them to inspire people to play around more with this easy and happy color.

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