If you’ve been keeping your craft ribbons in a bag until now, it’s time to consider a ribbon organizer. Such an item gives you the opportunity to put those crafting skills at work in ingenious ways. Not to mention that all the ribbons will be neatly arranged, always on display and easy to reach.

There are so many ribbon organizer projects out there that there’s no excuse to keep depositing your ribbons in a bag or jumbled together. Alternatively, you can buy a ribbon organizer from crafts stores. However, as crafts and DIY projects enthusiasts we know that you would rather opt for making this truly useful item yourself.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Shoebox Ribbon Organizer

ribbon organizer shoe box

This is a simple idea to keep your ribbons untangled and always ready to use. Any cardboard box will do. Choose the best size to fit all your ribbons or make several ribbon organizers. Typically, a shoebox is the ideal cardboard box for this project.

You can make holes on one length of the box or both, depending on how many ribbons you wish to fit in one box. The holes are easily made with a utility knife. To add an elegant finish to the ribbon organizer holes, use grommets. These too are easy to find at any utility or hardware store.

Push one of the grommet through one hole. Rest it on an anvil. Add the second half, arrange the mandrel and hammer away. Make one more hole on each width of the box. Find a dowel that fits through the middle of the ribbon spoons and the end holes as well.

Place the ribbon spools through the dowel and add a thumbtack next to each of them. Pull one end of each spool through the grommet-finished hole. Your ribbon spool organizer is now ready to use. If you wish to add even more character to your ribbon organization means, you can paint or decorate the box beforehand. A navy ribbon organizer, a yellow ribbon organizer or any other color you like is the way to go.

2. Stack Ribbon Organizer

spice rack ribbon organizer

Storing crafting supplies is quite daunting, especially when your home is filled with them. This includes tones of ribbons and ribbon spools. However, there are creative ways to put some order in the crafting supply chaos. Here is another ribbon organizer project for your crafting room.

You will need wire spice racks just as the ones which are used to organize spices in the pantry or kitchen. Their major advantage is the fact that they attach in really small spaces. Depending on how many ribbon spools you need to store, you can purchase anywhere in between one and six wire spice racks.

Find the corner of your crafting room where you would like them attach and start your project. Place the racks on the wall, marking the spots where they will be attached. Choose any design that tickles your fancy. Drill the holes, put up the racks and drill them in. Place your ribbon spools on the new ribbon organizer.

Here it is: a new, creative and easy way to keep your ribbons untangled, easily accessible and add color to the space – the wall mounted ribbon organizer.

3. Hanger Ribbon Organizer

ribbon organizer pants hanger

Another great idea to keep all your ribbons in one place is to make use of the items you already have in your home. For instance, a multi-tiers pants hanger can double perfectly as a ribbon organizer. Use as many of them as you need.

This is one of the most efficient, cheap and fun solutions to store your ribbons. Plus, you can hang them anywhere and always have these crafting supplies ready to your projects.

4. Sewing Spool Holder Ribbon Organizer

sewing spools holder ribbon organizer

Yet another fantastic trick to repurpose some objects into cute and cheap crafting supplies organizers. A sewing spool holder already has the dowels that could hold your ribbons together. If you have one around the house, dust it up and repurpose it.

If you don’t, yet you like this idea, you can find cheap sewing spool holders in almost any hardware or crafting supply store. Paint it or decorate it, place it on your crafting table or mount it up the wall. The sewing spool holder is quite versatile and a cute way to hold all the ribbons together.

5. Photo Frame Ribbon Organizer

frame ribbon organizer

With a bit of patience you can create a unique ribbon spool organizer of almost any objects laying around the house. A photo frame is one of these objects. This DYI project may take a bit longer than others to bring to completion. However, you’ll reap the benefits of having a unique storage system that can be used as a decoration as well.

Creating a photo frame ribbon organizer can be done with any frame size. It is ideal to choose a photo frame that is a tad wider. This is due to the fact that a wider one will fit more ribbon spools. Buy metal hooks from any hardware store. Use any type of string or wire to connect hooks on the opposite sides of the frame.

Start by attaching the hooks to the sides of the frame. Pay attention that the horizontal line that would be created between the two is straight. After you complete this step, tie a satin ribbon strip to one hook, string the ribbon spools, and tie the second end of the satin strip to the corresponding hook. Repeat this step for each of the hooks.

The satin ribbon can be replaced with metal wire, crafting tension wire or any other material you prefer. Each adds a different note to the final result. What matters most is that you are happy with your photo frame ribbon organizer.

We know how messy and cluttered your workspace can become. Sometimes, in a creative rush, there’s simply no time left for organizing your crafting supplies in an orderly manner. We hope that these cute and easy DIY ribbon organizer projects will save you time and space.

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