Crochet hair bands are in style again. They bring out the feminine traits in every woman, creating a trendy overall look. Even though some crochet hair band patterns are not that easy to make, this craft can be a pleasant activity or even a hobby. You can create beautiful crochet hair bands for yourself, for your kids, or you can give them to friends as presents.

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Crochet Hair Bands: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • Gather all the necessary materials. You will have to use a special hook made only for crocheting. Also, choose your favorite material such as cotton or a synthetic fabric. You can use one single color, or you can combine more to make vivid crochet hair bands. Make sure you use the proper crocheting hook. This is determined by how thick the yarn is.
  • Start stitching. Depending on the type of fabric you have selected, you can make between 13 and 16 chain stitches.
  • Begin creating crocheting rows. Place the crocheting hook inside the second chain starting from the hook. Then, pull the thread through the chain hole. Do that same thing until you reach the end of the fabric. Be careful not to skip any chains. This is the simple, classic method. However, if you know your way with the crocheting hook, you can create other more original models. For example, you could start making rows from the 4th or 5th chain hole, instead of the second one.
  • Continue making rows. Continue threading along the crochet hook while pulling the loops on the hook, one by one. You will repeat this process but this time, pull two loops at once. Do not stop until the end of the yarn. Always turn your craft inside-out from time to time, to check if everything is going well. If there are loose loops on the back of the crochet hair bands, then you should repeat the previous process.
  • Row three. So far so good. How do you make more rows? Well, once you finished the first two rows, you can now place the hook in one of the horizontal stitches. As a recommendation, the best place to insert the hook is the second upright crochet hole of the second row or the row you made previously. Pull the thread through that stitch, and repeat the process starting from the back of the crochet hole situated in the upright part of the headband.
  • The next row. Making rows doesn’t stop here. Now, you will have to select another type of crocheting hook, a smaller one. A medium size will do just fine. No matter what you do, try to avoid a number eight hook. You have to insert a double crochet into every horizontal stitch. Start at the back of the holes located on the upper right side of the crochet hair bands. When you get to the corner of the fabric, insert double crochets in the final stitch. Three will be enough.
  • Side rows. To complete the part in which you build rows, you have to create new rows on each side of the initial crocheting craft work. Use around seven double crochets for each side. Add three more when you work on the corners. After you have completed both parts of the crochet hair bands, you should secure the entire work by fixing the edges.
  • Finish up the edging. Crochet your way along the side of the headband. Make sure to always face the right part of the craft. Strap a thread at the edge, right in the center of the double crochet. At this point, you should make around three rows on every edge. Continue reading the following steps to discover how exactly should you do this.
  • First row. Use one single, double crochet and insert it through the stitches. Repeat the process using four chains, while you skip three double crochets into the next dc. Repeat this step but don’t forget to omit around four crochet holes as well as one double crochet at every end. Now you can turn your crochet hair bands to verify if the interior part looks the same as the exterior one.
  • Second row of the edges. Now, you will have to alternate the following three procedures: insert one stitch in the first crochet loop, place one double crochet in the same hole, and form one chain. Do this until you reach the end of the crochet hair bands.
  • Final row. The third row is also the last one. Place one double crochet inside one chain space. Do the same with the next two spaces. The following space should have one double crochet. From this moment on, you should repeat the entire process until you finish with all the spaces. Don’t forget to omit one double crochet at the end of the hairband. Fix all the stitches together. Do the same thing on the other part of the craft, making it look symmetrical.

final result crochet hair bands

  • Iron the crochet hair bands. You should iron the headband to press it, and make it look better when placed on your head. Don’t just place the iron directly on the headband. Put a cloth between the two things. Set the proper heat that is best suited for ironing the yarn. Before ironing, you should also spray some water on the hair band.
  • Stick the two edges together. Sew another fabric such as a ribbon on the back of the crochet hair band. This will make it easier for you to put on or take off the headband. You can just grab the end part and pull it over your head.
  • More flexibility. To be able to stretch the hairband as you like, you should sew an elastic on both ends of the hair band. This is an additional thing that will also make the removal of the crocheting work mush easier.

Putting It All Together

Crocheting is not difficult once you get the hang of it. You will enjoy it, especially when you will see the materialization of your work. Beautiful crochet hair bands are in fashion again, and they can be worn in both autumn and winter times. For an extra embellishment, you can add crochet flower or other accessories to your headband.

To make this trendy and comfortable hair pieces, you only need a crochet hook and a strong yarn. Also, you will need a lot of precision as well as patience when it comes to crocheting different things. Who knows, maybe you will get so good at this, that you will even make sweaters and other clothing items.

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