So your house never looks like a page out of Better Homes and Gardens, huh? Contrary to what you may believe, this is not because you’re not handy, crafty, or good at DIY. It’s simply because you’ve never actually asked yourself how simple it is to make pretty bows for decorating gift boxes, the Christmas tree, or even your own hair. Check out our simple instructions below.

How to make decorative bows

In this section, we’ll be giving you easy to follow instructions for 3 different and easy bows to make. You can use them for all sorts of decorative purposes, from gift boxes to simply having pretty bows to decorate the house with for Christmas. For all these three types of bows, you’ll require no more than a few simple tools and materials.

Obviously, you will need to select the ribbon you want to turn into a bow. We advise you to try out all sorts of different widths, textures, and sizes until you find something that feels just right. By and large, if you can tie the ribbon into a knot by hand, you will also be able to tie it into pretty bows. Remember to buy extra, because, obviously, tying ribbon into bows will eat up a lot of the ribbon’s length. Finally, remember that some materials are better suited for beginners than others. Skip the satin, velvet, cotton, or organza the first few times and work with something that’s easier for a novice to handle, like grosgrain, printed paper, or ribbon with wired edges, which is really easy to mold into a bow.

Aside from a cutter or scissors, you might also require a few additional tools, such as a hot glue gun complete with a set of sticks, plus some wire. You will likely use the glue to hold parts of the ribbon stuck to the box. Additionally, you might also need the wire, for ribbon types which are not malleable enough to be turned into bows or other shapes. That being said, let’s get to work!

How to make a pull bow

Making a perfect bow that looks impressive and is easy to undo is actually not that complicated at all. For this variant, we’ll be using satin and no wiring, since all we want to achieve is a good-looking bow that doesn’t take ages to remove. Start out by laying your segment of ribbon on a flat surface, then take both its ends and make two symmetrical loops. Make sure they’re evenly aligned, then fold the left loop over the right one. Take the loop through the back of the bow and then right down through the center. Pull it tight into a knot. You are essentially done. If you want something more sophisticated, you can always layer two or more pieces of ribbon, of various lengths, but make sure they are well aligned. At the end, you will also want to level the tails, for the sake of symmetry.

How to make a gift box with bow

White box with red simple bow and Valentine card

This brief tutorial will help you understand how to create wired ribbon bows out of a basic material like grosgrain. Tie a long piece of ribbon and lay it down on a level surface. Bring the two separate halves of the ribbon to the center and get them to overlap. You’ll basically have two loops, with tails, too. Grab a firm hold of the ribbon’s neck at the center. Wrap it in wire there, to fasten it into place, then wrap the wire in a piece of tape or ribbon to conceal it. If using tape, bear in mind that you can use a ribbon in a complimentary color for great effect. Trim off the excess ribbon and glue it to the wired part. Then shape the tails to make them looped and/or symmetrical.

How to make a double loop bow


Double loops make for really pretty bows and, believe it or not, they are still made out of a single piece of ribbon. First off, you’re going to have to cut out a really long stretch of ribbon. Make sure there’s enough to do that. Then, lay it flat on your work surface and start looping it. Create a pair of loops first, hold on to them with their fingers, then create a second pair. Try to hold that one in place with your fingers, too, or ask for the assistance of a friend or family member. The first time you try to do the double loop bow you should probably stick to no more than two sets of loops, to get a feel of the handiwork. You can later move on to bows with even more loops. Bring the two sets of loops together at the middle and wrap them in a piece of very thin wire. Cover the wiring with a piece of ribbon in the same color (alternatively, you can also use stitching). Once the wire is covered, the latest addition to your set of pretty bows is done. You can use it for a gift box, as a hair accessory (on a hair clip, for instance), or as a decorative/festive element around the house.

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