Hippie headbands were so in vogue during Woodstock periods. However, this cool fashion trend has regained its popularity in the last few years. They are easy to make and wear because you can match them to almost any outfit. You can either buy them from clothing or accessories shops, or you can make them yourself.

hippie headbands styles

How to Create Beautiful Hippie Headbands?

  • Choose your materials. The first step in creating cool hippie headbands is to pick your favorite materials to work with. There are no wrong options. You can choose all kind of fabric, from leather to ribbon, or even elastic one. Before choosing a specific material, try to picture the headband as well as thinking how you will wear it. There are also other things to consider such as if you want the fabric to be washable or not.
  • Gather all the necessary items. Think of all the supplies you will need to craft this piece of accessory. There are endless possibilities. You can either make a simple headband or you can embellish it with additional things such as flowers, buttons, and more. Basically, you will need the following things: a piece of fabric, safety pins or clips, a needle, and thread.
  • Take proper measurements. Grab a measurement tool and put it around your head, just like you want to wear the hippie headband. This way, you will know exactly how much fabric you will need. Furthermore, you should try to leave an extra few centimeters on each side.
  • Cut the fabric. Take the chosen material and cut it following the previous measurements. You can even try it on your head, after cutting, to see if it really fits you. As I previously mentioned, the fabric should be a little bit longer than your head’s circumference. If you want to make braided hippie headbands, then you should make sure you have more than just one piece of fabric. Cut all the fabrics in the same way as the first one.
  • Braid the fabrics. If you choose to make a braided headband, you should place all the three materials next to each other and fix their edges with clips or safety pins. You can pick whatever materials you want. For example, you can mix leather with ribbon and elastic. After you have secured the ends, you can start braiding the materials. Braiding means you should cross over the edge materials, using the central one as a focal point. Continue crossing the materials over until you obtain the desired headband.
  • Additional items. You can also embellish your hippie headbands by adding an extra touch such as flowers or other things. If you decide to do so, you should choose the headband’s places in which you want to add these items. Make sure you place the objects at equal lengths. How to fix the items on the headband, you ask? Well, it is simple. You just need to either sew them around the handmade headband or you can glue them on it. However, this last method has a bigger risk of not holding the flowers in a proper manner for a longer time.
  • The final touch. Now, you can stick the ends together. Similar to the case described above, you can either glue them or sew them together. Make sure you fix and overlap them correctly to be more resistant. Put a small part of one edge on top of the other. This way the headband will hold better.

Interesting Creative Ways in Which You Can Wear Your Hippie Headbands

hippie headbands how to wear them

  • Classic old-fashioned way. The easiest and most common way to wear your hippie headbands is to place them around your head, over your hair. However, make sure that in the back, the band is covered by your hair. This is how they used to wear it back in the days, the original way.
  • Modern look. Another way in which you can wear your headband is to first pull your hair into a ponytail and then follow the same recommendations as described in the above method. However, make sure that your ponytail is high and that the headband has a strong grip. Many times, they are loose and end by messing your hairdo.
  • The lazy way. This is the simplest way to wear a hippie headband. Just place it on your head and do not bother to pull your hair above it. This is great for days in which you are not in the mood to spend a lot of time doing your hair. Though, instead of calling it lazy, let’s call it the bohemian way of wearing hippie headbands.
  • The low ponytail. This method is very similar to the modern look described above. However, instead of wearing a high ponytail, try to make it lower, closer to your neck area. This way, you can place the hippie headbands above it. Though, make sure you do not catch the ponytail with your headband because it will look really weird.
  • Bangs, baby. A more modern look is provided by a haircut with bangs. There are two ways in which you can wear hippie headbands with bangs. You can pull the bangs over the material and let it find its own flow over your forehead. The second way to wear the headband is to leave the bangs under the fabric. It is true that this second method might flatten your hair a little. However, you can still carefully pull your bangs to give them more volume.
  • The sky is the limit. There are many other ways in which you can wear hippie headbands. You can either split your hair in two ponytails, each on every side of the head, or you can wear a single side ponytail. Before doing this, place the headband around your head so that when you grab your hair into the ponytail, the headband will get tangled too. This way, it will be better fixed and it will remain this way for a longer time.

All in all, when it comes to hippie headbands, there are plenty of creative ways to craft them as well as wearing them as fashion statements. Even though you might not make the perfect headband from the first try, don’t give up and keep on trying. These headbands are a cool accessory, suitable for many occasions.

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