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10 Dog Bow Tie Designs for Your Little Friend

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Dressing up your dog just got a lot classier. Think strapping your dog in a sweater for the winter is too much? It’s time to try the dog bow tie. Now, not entirely necessary, but who doesn’t like seeing a pug waddling towards them in a rubber duck-themed bow tie? In this article, we’ll go over 10 of our favorite dog bow ties, what they’re made of, and what kind of dog they can fit. Let’s put a new spin on those family photos of yours!

10 Dog Bow Ties for Your Dapper Pup

1. Heypet Colorful Polka Dots Bow Tie

Heypet Colorful Polka Dots Dog Bow Tie

If you’re looking for a colorful bow tie design for your dog, the Heypet Polka Dot Bow Tie is to die for! Made from a polyester silk material, this red and white polka-dotted accessory is perfect for any small dog, or even cat. Suitable for just about any occasion, the elastic neckband around the tie can be perfectly fitted for most pet neck sizes. Especially for such an affordable price, this bow tie can bring out your pet’s best looks.

2. Mint Dog Bow Tie

LittleBrotique dog bow tie

Are you looking for a plain dog bow tie that your pup can wear any day of the week? You will want to check this one out. For lighter coated dogs, LittleBrotique’s Mint Dog Bow Tie is a perfect fit. Handmade from durable cotton fabric with a plastic buckle, this accessory is great for special events and holidays, when your dog needs to look their best. The bow tie also comes in an array of sizing options depending on how big your dog’s neck is.

3. Eyesonme EOM Selected Adjustable Dog Bow Tie

black bow tie with a white collar attached to it

This is a traditional bow tie design made for formal occasions. Eyesonme has created one of the best dog bow ties for a wedding. Complete with a white collar, this cotton bowtie is not only comfortable but extremely stylish. Made suitable for young or adult pets, the collar has a safe velcro patch that can fit most, if not all neck sizes. Are you looking for something more colorful than black and white? The company also creates a bunch of alternative color variations to match your special day.

4. American Flag Bow Tie

American flag dog bow tie

Perfect for the Fourth of July, this American flag bow tie is great for your parade or BBQ. Made from a durable and comfortable polyester, this bow tie can suit most pet neck sizes. The strap has a total length of 48 inches. So, not to worry, your pet can stand out and proudly boast that they’re proud to be an American. Make Uncle Sam proud with this patriotic dog bow tie.

5. Birthday Dog Bow Tie

multicolor bow tie

On your dog’s special day, you need a special bow tie. Check out this confetti patterned birthday bow tie! This cute bow tie is available in four sizes and will fit any shape or breed of dog. The Birthday Bow Tie is made of comfortable cotton and can easily be attached to your dog’s collar. This handmade tie is the perfect birthday accessory for every fashionable pup.

6. Tok Tok Designs® Formal Dog Bow Tie

Tok Tok Designs Formal Dog Bow Tie

You can’t go wrong with a classic plaid bow tie. This red, black, and white bow tie will look fashionable on any dog. This is a collar style bow tie, meaning it wraps right around your pup’s neck. The strap is adjustable and will fit medium and large sized dogs. This tie is perfect for formal occasions or just days when your dog wants to look fancy.

7. Preppy Classic Blue Seersucker Dog Bow Tie

Preppy Classic Blue Seersucker Dog Bow Tie

Perhaps you and your dog have a bourgeois fashion sense. If so, your dog will be styling in this classic preppy bow tie. It is handmade of light blue seersucker and nylon. Simply slide this bow tie onto your dog’s collar using the elastic loop. Your little gentleman will look great whether you are going to the park or heading to the country club.

8. Super Hero Comic Dog Bow Tie

Super Hero Comic Dog Bow Tie

Show off your dog’s nerdy side with this comic book themed bow tie. The material has classic comic book sayings printed on it like “POW”. Available in four sizes, this bow tie will be a great fit for any pup. This tie was handmade and attaches to your dog’s collar with a velcro loop. Toss on a cape and your dog will be ready to fight crime in no time at all.

9. Blue Geometric Dog Bow Tie

dark blue, light blue dog bow tie with a geometric design

This blue geometric print bow tie is a must have in any dog’s wardrobe. This bow tie is available in four different sizes ranging from three inches long to six inches. It attaches to your dog’s collar via a piece of velcro, making it easier to put on and take off. With this handmade bow tie, your pup will be the envy of every other dog on the block.

10. Yagopet 10pcs/pack New Pet Dog Bow Ties

10 colorful bow ties for dogs

Do you love dressing your pup up in a new bow tie every day of the week? If so, this is the bow tie pack for you. This set comes with adjustable bow ties. Each bow tie features a different pattern like rainbow, plaid, and stars. These bow ties are designed to fit small and medium sized dogs with necks measuring from 25 to 45 cm.

Any of these ten bow ties will have your furry little friend looking classy and fashion-forward. No matter what your (or your dog’s) personal style is, there is a bow tie to match. Whether it is a special occasion or just a casual day, bow ties can brighten any day. Do you have a favorite dog bow tie? Let us know in the comments below!

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