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Dyson Hair Dryer Review: Is It A Device that Worth the Money Spent?

Dyson revolutionized the world of vacuum cleaners more than 2 decades ago, and they have been working ever since to improve just about every other home appliance. From bladeless fans to robotic vacuums, Dyson has been at the forefront of innovation and performance. They haven’t tackled a mousetrap yet, but they’ve worked to make just about everything else better.

That’s because they constantly look at the things people use in their daily lives and ask why. Why is this the way it’s always been done, and why do we keep doing it? They challenge convention, and in doing so, they make superior products.

Products that carry the Dyson name are trusted and lauded, but they’re also expensive. Dyson performance does not come cheap, but it leaves many wondering if their products are worth it. Dyson products carry a bit of weight as a status symbol, and because of that, it can be hard to get an idea of their true value.

This is especially the case when it comes to the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. You’ve probably heard a lot about it, but it can be hard to sift out the hype from the truth. You might have heard that it’s a revolutionary hair dryer, but just how much does your hair dryer need to revolt? You’ve got a lot of questions, and you want some honest answers.

Maybe you own a salon and you’re looking to equip it with state-of-the-art hair dryers, or maybe you’re just tired of buying hair dryer after hair dryer and getting poor performance and a short lifespan.

Whatever the case may be you want to know if the Dyson is worth your hard earned cash. Are you paying for the brand name itself, or are you paying for a hair dryer that’s truly like nothing you’ve ever seen before? Here is everything you need to know about the Dyson hair dryer to decide for yourself if it’s a hot ticket, or just a lot of hot air.

If you’re used to spending about $20 on your little Con Air collapsible travel hair dryer, then the Dyson will come as a shocking surprise in more ways than one.

There’s just no sugar coating it, the Dyson hair dryer is expensive. At less than $400 the supersonic model far exceeds what both professionals and average people are used to paying for a hair dryer.

It’s hard to overcome that initial sticker shock, especially when other professional grade models are still less than half the price. It can be easy to assume that at least a portion of the price is for the name itself.

The price is definitely the biggest drawback of the hair dryer, and it’s the one factor that probably leads most people to assume that it can’t possibly be worth it. But you’re a little more discerning, right? You’ve heard some good reviews about other Dyson products, and you’re not going to let price disguise true value. So what you really need to do now is examine all the features and see how they stack up.

  • Measures air temperature 20 times a second
  • Regulates the heat accordingly
  • 4 specific heat settings
  • Constant cold setting and a cold shot button

It seems like no matter what hair dryer you use, you always have to battle with heat. Heat is the enemy of your hair, but unless you want to leave for work with it dripping wet every morning, you need it. You know that heat can dry and damage your hair, so you try to use it sparingly, but hair dryers are quick and convenient.

The Dyson supersonic measures air temperature 20 times a second, and it regulates the heat accordingly. This means that it can help protect your hair from extreme heat while still allowing your hair to dry quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to sacrifice your hair on the altar of convenience, and you can keep it looking strong and healthy. You can get it dry without drying it out.

You can choose from 4 specific heat settings depending on your needs. Some mornings you might want to just go with a gentle heat or regular heat, and other mornings you need a little more power to get your killer hairstyle in gear. There is also a constant cold setting and a cold shot button to help you set your style after you’re finished.

Thy Dyson hair dryer employs air multiplier technology that produces 41 liters of air per second. This creates a high-velocity jet of air, and jet is not an understatement. This means your hair dries fast. Really fast. If you have ever used a Dyson hand dryer in a bar or restaurant restroom then you are pretty familiar with the speed their products are capable of.

  • Air multiplier technology
  • 41 liters of air per second
  • High-velocity jet of air
  • Dry and style hair quickly

The hair dryer, just like the hand dryer, is designed for speed. The supersonic allows you to dry and style your hair quickly and get on to more important things. Not that styling your hair isn’t important, but your days are packed, your mornings are hectic, and you don’t have time to stand in front of a mirror for 20 minutes and think of all the things you are not getting done as you wait for your hair to dry.

If you’re interested in the Dyson hair dryer for your salon then speed is even more important to you. Time is money, and the faster you can get your clients’ hair styled and dry, the faster you can move on to another paying customer.

You’re probably so used to using a standard hair dryer that you don’t even realize how oddly designed they really are. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even pick up on what you like about the feel of the Dyson at first. You would simply realize that it somehow feels right in your hand.

That feeling is because this hair dryer wasn’t just designed, it was engineered. In that engineering process the digital motor was placed in the handle of the hair dryer instead of in the top as with every other hair dryer. This keeps the hair dryer from being so top-heavy, and, instead, it feels more natural and balanced in your hand.

Okay, so the Dyson is ergonomically designed. Is that really something you care about in a hair dryer? Does the balance of the handle and the motor help balance out the price? That might depend on how you use your hair dryer.

If you use it simply to get dry hair before heading out the door, then maybe not, but if you’re used to trying to wrangle a hair dryer and styling tools, then balance might be more important. The easier it is to hold the supersonic Dyson hair dryer, the easier it is to aim the jet-like stream of air, and the easier it is to style your hair any way you want it.

Part of that ease of styling also comes from the Dyson’s attachment options. Each Dyson comes with 360 degree rotating styling tools that use a one-click magnetic attachment system. You get a smoothing nozzle, an airflow concentrator, and a diffuser.

You’ve probably seen similar attachments with your old hair dryer, but you probably left them in the packaging, or lost them all together. That’s because most hair dryer attachments look and feel cheap, and they do very little to change your hair drying experience.

But with Dyson, the attachments are as important as the hair dryer itself. The wide design of the smoothing nozzle helps you get a more relaxed and natural look, and it delivers a gentler stream of air. It provides a quick way to dry your hair without the use of a brush, or another styling tool. That’s right, it’s designed for use without so much as a hairbrush.

You just click on the smoothing nozzle and run your hands through your hair as you dry it. You’ll end up with less frizz, and fewer fly-aways, but you’ll feel like you have much more control over the drying process.

The second attachment, the airflow concentrator, gives you a high velocity blade of air. Its razor sharp precision airflow is perfect for styling your hair section by section, and it let s you get high-powered air exactly where you need it.

What this means is that you can actually use the precision airflow along with the precision heat, to curl, straighten, or otherwise style your hair piece by piece. That’s right, you don’t need any other fancy tools. You can get waves, curls, and volume, just by concentrating where the air flows.

There are plenty of tutorials on Dyson’s website that show you how you can put this hair dryer’s precision to use, and they’re nothing short of fascinating. Whether or not it will be enough to overcome the price may still remain to be seen, but there’s no denying that watching the Dyson in action will change the way you think of hair dryers.

The last attachment, the diffuser, is perfect if you have curly hair. It is designed to disperse the air through each curl to give you a natural look without the frizz that usually follows. It gives you an even heat distribution on a very gentle setting to help you preserve the look of each curl.

To use it you hardly have to do anything at all. You just focus the airflow on each section of curls and try to resist the urge to move the diffuser back and forth rapidly. It just takes a slow and steady hand to get curls that look natural, yet perfect.

Dyson truly set out to create a better hair dryer and in doing so they enlisted the help of engineers, scientists, and hair stylists. They also examined over 1,000 miles of hair using more than 100 specialists to determine how to better protect hair from both the visible and invisible damage that conventional hair dryers can cause.

The biggest part of preventing that damage was to create intelligent heat design using a glass thermostat that is placed in front of the heating element. It is this thermostat that allows the hair dryer to measure air temperature at such a fast rate. By measuring and monitoring the temperature, the dryer is able to keep the temperature from ever exceeding 302 degrees.

At 302 degrees heat can irreparably damage your hair. What does that say about all the times you’ve dried your hair and smelled that old familiar burning smell? That was just your hair dryer’s nifty way of damaging your hair. Dyson won’t let that happen again.

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer has been given lots of top awards, including an Allure Best of Beauty award and an InSide Best Tech award. It’s the most awarded hair dryer of 2017, and it has ringing endorsements from consumers and beauty editors alike. GQ loves it, and so does Glamour magazine.

It’s praised widely both on the Dyson website, of course, but also all over the Internet. The feedback is positive, and it’s clear that Dyson did what they set out to do. They finally made a better hair dryer.

It’s hard to argue once you compare the long list of features, the stunning innovation, and the high praise, that the Dyson isn’t an amazing hair dryer. It’s clearly revolutionized the way hair dryers are conceptualized. It’s a game changer, but will it change your game? Perhaps you just have to add up the cost of all your past hair dryers and see if it isn’t time to invest in something with more staying power.

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