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Hair Bows Sub 1


What is the perfect balance of girly, feminine and chic? Hair bow clips! These adorable accessories are perfect for kids, girls and women of all ages, even for a baby girl. While clip on bow ties have become a popular alternative for boys and men, ladies can rock them like super sweet divas on a day to day basis. Even more so, red or black mens bow tie clips can instantly … [Read more…]


Hair bows have been a popular fixture in fashion trends for decades. From Minnie Mouse in the 1920s to Lady Gaga just a few years ago, many pop culture icons and characters have made bows popular throughout the years. If you think bows are for children, these fashionable retro hairstyles might just help me change your mind. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends, … [Read more…]


All girls can agree when we say that ribbons are some of the loveliest accessories we could hope for. We can wear them in our hair as bows or pins, around our collars as bow ties or even as necklaces and look as cute as a button. In addition to this, we adore incorporating ribbons for special occasions in our lives, such as logo / award medals, customized ones as wedding or … [Read more…]

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