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Holiday Hair Bows Ideas for Halloween, Christmas & More

Hair bows have become the coolest accessory in the fashion world. The great thing about them is the fact that you don’t have to pay outrageous sums of money for them when you can make them yourself. Ingenious mommy bloggers have led to the creation a vast collection of do-it-yourself cute big bows, pom pom hair bows, bow bows and many more. If you want to take your accessorizing to the next level you should definitely take a look at the following ideas that we have for you. On this list you can find anything from Holiday bow ideas to thematic bows for school days or special events.

1. Holiday Hair Bow Ideas for Christmas

If you want to create a Holiday Bow with Xmas theme all you have to do is use the most popular colors of the season: red, green, white and black. Alternatively, you can use center-pieces like reindeer, snow-men, gifts etc. Bows can come in different shapes and sizes. For example, you can make a simple ribbon bow, or a headband with a Christmas motif on it.

We found this great Red Black Hair Bow Headband with Christmas theme on Etsy. If you want to re-create it you will need an elastic headband, some ribbon or lace and a center-piece (pearls, metal clasp etc.).

If you want to make something a little-bit more complicated you could go with the “Lebelle Boutique Holiday Polka Dots” hair bow. This bow can be used as a hair-band, accessory for hair or simply pinned on a shirt or blouse.

Cool hair bows can also come in the shape of a Christmas tree, reindeer or Santa. Take a look at this darling Christmas tree bow made from ribbon. The best thing about it is the fact that it will take under one dollar and 10 minutes to make.

Do you want to learn how to make cute hair bows with different Christmas characters? You can also play with the ideas from the Interchangeable Rudolph, Santa and Christmas Tree Sculpture clippies from the image below.

2. Holiday Hair Bow Ideas for Halloween

Halloween may be the time for monsters, ghosts, Frankensteins and witches, but it is also the time for mermaids and other fantastical creatures. Halloween themed bows for teenagers can come in various shapes and sizes for this season. There are no restrictions for motif or colors. Let’s take a look at a few hair bows you could make for Halloween.

This cool Ghost hair clip looks sensationally cute. As you can probably already tell from the photo it is also a simple DIY project. You can make it with the help of a plain hair clip, some white ribbon and sticky eyes. If you don’t feel like making it yourself you can purchase it for 3.50 dollars.

We also liked this peppermint candy hair clip that we found on Etsy, although we have to admit that the doing-it-yourself part might prove a bit complicated.

Who said that Halloween pumpkins have to be evil? This adorable baby Pumpkin hair bow doesn’t look scary at all. If you want to make it yourself you can purchase a felt center-piece with Halloween motif, some lace and ribbon. You will also need a hair clip to accessorize it.

Our last pick for Halloween hair bows is this small black spider. If you want to recreate it you will need stick-on eyes, a small colored bow, some elastic and a fluffy pom pom.

3. Cool Hair Bows for Special Events

There are all sorts of cute butterfly bows that you can recreate. You will find most of them on mommy blogs or Pinterest. We really liked this idea because it looks nice and it seems easy to make. As a matter of fact, all you will need to make it is a ruler, two types of ribbon, a hair pin and a pair of scissors. In order to curl the ribbon you will also need a pencil and some clothing pins.

Pom Pom hair bows might be needed for cheerleading events, school projects and other competitions. They can be made from long, dangling ribbon, or simply in the form of a spikey pom-pom (image below). If you want to recreate this project you should prepare some ribbon, ric rac, felt and working supplies. Pom Pom bows can also be made from paper.

We also found this beautiful Thanks Giving Turkey hair bow. It uses colors such as orange, brown, yellow and white to remind us of the day that when we are most thankful. If you want to make it even more original you can add a cute turkey center-piece to hold the bow together. Attach it to a headband or simply apply a hair clip to it and voila! You have a brand new Thanksgiving hair bow.

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