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How Do You Tie a Bow Tie? Instructions & Styling Tips

Ever since the beginnings of the suit, men and women everywhere have been asking themselves the question: how do you tie a bow tie? Just like in the case of neckties, the process of tying a bow can seem like a complete mystery at the beginning. You don’t have to worry, the process is actually quite simple if you follow a few steps accordingly. The best part about bow ties is that they act as highly stylish accessories for both men and women, for casual and prestigious occasions alike. Nowadays, you can easily find elegant bow ties in stores, or you can choose to make one yourself as a DIY project if you can’t seem to find what you are looking for and you want to have some creative fun at the same time. After you get the bow tie of your choice, you can learn how to tie it with our guide below and, in the end, learn some cool tips on how to wear them. If you need any extra help you can search on You Tube how do you tie a bow tie and follow the steps visually, but we are pretty sure that you will understand by the end of this article. Without further ado, find the answer for “how do you tie a bow tie?” with detailed instructions and styling tips below!

Step by step guide to tying a bow tie by yourself.

How Do You Tie a Bow Tie Step by Step

In just a few easy steps you will learn how to tie your bow tie like a pro:

  1. Place the unfolded bow tie around your neck, with your collar lifted and the bow tie facing upwards. Pull the right side down a bit so that it is a few inches longer than the left one and maintain its length.
  2. Take the longer, right hand piece and place it across the shorter, left one in a diagonal movement.
  3. Afterwards, take the same piece that you just moved and bring it under the left piece and up over the loop at your neck.
  4. This is where a bit of a tricky part comes in; where the right and left pieces crossed you take the shorter, left piece and fold it once to the right and then once to the left, until you obtain the shape of a bow.
  5. Take the right piece that you brought up and over the neck loop and pull it down over the middle of the bow you created in step 4.
  6. Then fold the piece you placed over in the direction of your chest and hold it behind the bow from step 4 by pinching the material together.
  7. You will now see that you have obtained a loop. Take the part that you pinched in step 6 and push it through the resulted loop, behind the bow from step 4.
  8. Take the left and right parts of the bow and carefully pull them so you can tighten the bow tie.
  9. Keep adjusting the right and left sides until they are equal.
  10. Take a look in the mirror and smile, you have just tied a bow tie perfectly!

A lovely DIY bow tie

DIY Bow Tie

If you hop on You Tube, you will discover a wonderful world of bow ties, made from ribbon and all sorts of other fabrics. One of the most popular varieties is the no sew bow tie, as it involves a lot less hassle than others. For this kind of do it yourself project, you will need a glue gun, a pair of scissors, tracing tool (wheel and paper), a piece of fabric (roughly 8.5 inches by 11 inches), some elastic and around six pins. Follow the steps in the tutorial of your choice and make sure you learn how do you tie a bow with ribbon if you choose to make your bow tie out of ribbon fabric.

Bow Tie Styling Tips for Men

For men, bow ties can be a sign of excellent taste in many situations.

  • If you are getting ready for a white collar event, you can go for a classic black and white look with a suit and black bowtie.
  • If you still want to maintain the refined edge without being too formal, you can use a dark colored bow tie with a checked shirt and a dark colored blazer, matched with a pair of light jeans.
  • For day to day wear while looking sharp, you can take a simple button up shirt, put a thin cardigan over and a business casual jacket and go for a pair of classic dark jeans and bucks. The bow tie you use for casual situations can be in the color or print of your choice.
  • For the hipster at heart, a bow tie with a funky print can look amazing with a knit sweater and large glasses. Finish off the look with a stylish hat and you will look fantastic!
  • You can always use a vest to wear on top of your button-up shirt with your bow tie. Don’t hesitate to match this kind of outfit with jeans and wear at a semi-formal event.

How Girls can Rock Bow Ties

In more recent years, bow ties are no longer an accessory just for men. Nowadays, girls can wear bow ties just as much as guys and still look just as wonderful.

  • Some of the most popular bow ties for girls are those made of ribbons. You can go for a school girl look and tie a bow at the top of your white button-up shirt and wear a plaid skirt with knee-high socks.
  • For a classy, office look, take a wide ribbon and wear it as a bow tie with a dark colored shirt and a high waisted pencil skirt.
  • A chic and casual summer appearance can be nailed by wearing a bright colored bow with a loose—fitting white shirt, white shorts and a light, oversized blazer.
  • If you are a bohemian at heart, incorporate bow ties into your vintage outfit, with semi-transparent flower printed shirts, suspenders and high waisted denim shorts.

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