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Infinity Scarf: How to Make and Wear The Perfect Scarf For You

As winter approaches, you’ve got to add layers and hats, scarves, and gloves to keep warm. But you also want to look good while you make your way through the city. One of the classic, great-looking ways to do that is with an infinity scarf.

If you’re crafty, or you just can’t find the right infinity scarf, you can make one for yourself pretty easily. We’ve collected four easy methods for making the perfect infinity scarf for your wardrobe this winter.

If you’ve got some sewing skills, this simple tutorial from A Beautiful Mess is a great place to start.

You’ll need these simple materials:

  • 2 yards of your fabric of choice – aim for fabric that drapes nicely for the prettiest scarf
  • Coordinating thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine

First, fold your fabric in half, lengthwise, and cut the material on the fold. Set aside one half of the fabric.

Fold one half of the fabric, lengthwise. Have the right sides of fabric facing each other. Pin the cut edges together. Bring it to the sewing machine, and stitch the length of the cut edges, leaving the ends open.

3. Turn the Fabric Right Side Out

Now, turn the fabric right side out, and lay it flat on a surface with the middle seam upward and centered.

4. Fold and Pin

Take one end of the fabric and bring it to the other end. Pin the ends together, with the right sides of the fabric facing each other.

5. Sew the Ends Together

Before you start sewing, note that we won’t be stitching the ends all the way closed at this point. You want to leave a two to three-inch opening.

Take your time carefully sewing the ends together to create the infinity scarf. You want to avoid making unsightly knots or ugly stitches, as these will be visible.

Slowly sew the ends together. As you sew, you’ll notice that the scarf is turning on itself. This is what it’s supposed to do to create the infinity look.

Once you are about two or three inches away from your starting point, do some backstitching to secure the seam.

You’ll notice now that the wrong side of the fabric is facing out again. You’re going to reach in and pull the fabric through the opening. Keep pulling until the scarf is completely out.

6. Blind Stitch the Opening

Finally, you’ll blind stitch the opening shut. Now your scarf is done.

And if you feel like repeating the experiment, you can use the other half of the fabric to make a second scarf, and pass it on as a gift.

How To #2 – Crochet an Infinity Scarf

These easy instruction from WikiHow will get you a beautiful crocheted infinity scarf in no time.

You’ll need the following supplies for crocheting an infinity scarf.

  • 9-millimeter crochet hook –Size N or 15 US
  • 1 skein chunky, easy-to-use yarn
  • Scissors

For your first row, chain 100. Join up the chain in the round, using a slip stitch. Be sure to keep the chain untwisted as you go.

For your second row, chain 1, single crochet 100.

For rows three through ten, repeat row 2.

3. Fasten Off the End

Now, weave in the ends to complete the scarf.

How To #3 –Repurpose an Old Long Scarf

Of course, if you already have a scarf that you love, but want to convert it into an infinity scarf, that’s pretty easy, too.

For those who don’t have a sewing machine available, this particular infinity scarf plan is perfect, since you only need to hand stitch.

1. Choose the Scarf

Find a long, rectangular scarf of any material you like. It can be wool, silk, cotton, or pretty much anything else. It just needs to be stretchy, and amenable to twisting.

2. Stitch Together the Ends

Find a thread color that matches your old scarf, to make sure the new stitching will be mostly invisible. Try twisting the ends before stitching the ends together. It’s not necessary, but it may help with the twisting when you wear the scarf.

Always turn the edges inward when stitching, and keep the ends neat, or they will be visibly unkempt when you wear the scarf.

And you’re done. Super easy.

How To #4 –Knitting an Infinity Scarf

If you’re more into knitting than crocheting, and know how to knit in the round, you can use these instructions to make a simple knitted infinity scarf instead.

You’ll need the following:

  • Extra long circular knitting needle –4 millimeter or 6 US or above in size
  • 1 skein of comfortable, easy-to-use yarn
  • Scissors

If you know anything about knitting, you can easily choose the stitch and pattern of stitches that you’d like to use. If you’re a newbie to knitting, though, you can just do a simple knit stitch for even rows, and purl stitch for odd rows. Vary the number of rows as you go to create a more interesting pattern.

3. Determine the Scarf Length

You can gauge the final length of the scarf by making a sample piece of about 15 stitches. Measure its gauge to know how many stitches fit in two inches of knitting. This lets you calculate the final length you’ll need to make your scarf long enough.

4. Cast On

Using your calculations, cast the number of stitches you’ll need to meet the desired length of the scarf. Connect the beginning and ending tow and start knitting in circles.

5. Knit, Knit, and Knit Some More

Knit around and around the circle for a while, until you reach the height you want.

6. Cast Off

Now, cast off, and your scarf is complete.

Infinity scarves are so awesome because they’re so versatile. Here are a few of the best ways to use and wear your new infinity scarf this winter.

1. The Pull Through

  • Put the scarf behind your neck. It should be stretched horizontally, parallel to your shoulders. Do not insert your head through the loop.
  • Drape the ends of the scarf over your shoulders onto your chest. Do not cross the ends.
  • Now, insert one end of the scarf through the other end. The end inserted should be treated like a single piece of fabric, not a loop.
  • Finally, tighten the scarf by pulling the entire closed end of the scarf through the loop. The scarf should fit snuggly below your chin, with one end hanging down onto your torso.
  • Put your head through the loop of the infinity scarf, letting the majority of the scarf to hang down the front of your torso.
  • Cross the scarf in front of your body now, creating a figure 8 directly in front of your neck.
  • Now, pull that smaller, new loop up over your head.
  • Adjust the two loops around your neck for appearance and comfort.
  • You can also pull that second loop up over your head and create a hood.
  • Put your right arm through the loop in your infinity scarf. Let most of the scarf hang behind your shoulder.
  • Now, slip your left arm through the loop that’s hanging behind your shoulder.
  • Adjust the shawl so that the two loops gently hug your shoulder, with the back flat and snug.
  • If the scarf is too large to wear snuggly this way, you can pull the scarf off of your left shoulder, cross the loop creating a figure 8 behind you, and slip your left arm back through the loop.
  • If you don’t like the look or feel of the cross behind, adjust the scarf to be snug between the shoulders, with the rest drooping below your back.
  • Slip the scarf over your head and bring it down to your waist.
  • Pull the scarf forward so that the back of the scarf if hugging the back of your waist, while the rest hangs loosely in front.
  • Cross the scarf in front, creating a figure 8. The intersection of the scarf should be directly in front of your belly button.
  • Now, slip that loop over your head, creating the vest. The fabric should create a cross in front of your bust.
  • Adjust the scarf so that it looks good and feels comfortable.

You can easily make a knitted, crocheted, or sewn scarf, or repurpose an old one, with one of these simple tutorials. Look through the how-tos for wearing your infinity scarf before deciding on yarn colors or fabric patterns, though, to decide which colors and designs you might like to wear in various ways.

Once you’ve gotten an infinity scarf made, you’re ready to wear it in one of the many ways we’ve described. You can also look online for other ideas elsewhere.

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