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How to Cut Your Own Hair in Many Different Styles - Bows and Bands

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Sometimes you look in the mirror and realize it’s time for a new do. Who wants to pay the hundreds of dollars to get an amazing new look?

Cutting your own hair is actually quite simple. You just need to know how to do it correctly and want style you want.

This article will tell you about the multitude of different styles you can consider when cutting your own hair.

Tips are included to give you an idea on how to get the job done efficiently.

Reasons to Learn How to Cut Your Own Hair

getting a haircut

​Image from Pixabay

Professional haircuts can get pretty pricey especially if you’re getting tons of length cut off. Cutting your own hair will take practice, but after a few tries, you’ll be a professional.

After learning to cut your own hair you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. Maybe you’ve been considering this for a while and finally mustered up the strength to do it.

You may find that you love cutting and styling hair. Another reason to cut your own hair is because you know exactly what you want.

The truth is sometimes hair stylist simply don’t understand the look you’re going for. Since you’re handling the scissors you control how the hairstyle will look.

Popular Haircut Styles

man cutting woman's hair

​Image from Pixabay

Layered bangs are the perfect style for a unique look. Make the layers as dramatic as you desire. Cut the bangs to match your face structure.

Start from the center of the bangs out to the edges. The center section should be the shortest. Cut the outside edges at ear length for the layered effect.

Ombre short haircuts are trendy right now. Usually, an Ombre look will have lighter ends and darker roots. Choose any color you want. Blonde to light brown go good together as well as brown to black.

A short Crop Updo is a hairstyle which requires you to cut the edges of the hair really short. After that, you can use medium short length hair in the middle. Allow this hair to fall over to one side and gel it down.

Pixie Cut with deep side parting. This look is great for those who want a rock star look. This is a regular Pixie cut but with a section of the hair shaved completely off. The shortest section should take up about 1/3 of the hair on your head.

Fade this look in the back for a natural look.

Angled Bobs are trendy too. Start by creating a regular Bob haircut. Layer the haircut and cut at an angle on one side.

Curly Bobs are great to bring more volume to the hair. Use fringe waves and a side part to accomplish this look. The curls can flow to the front and side of the face.

DIY Hair Cutting Tips

To avoid having a totally messed up look you should consider these tips. By the end of this article, you'll be a professional at cutting your own hair.

Some go for a short style, while some want to cut length off for a medium length styled haircut. These looks will be perfected if done properly.

This is just the beginning of saving time, money, and learning your own skills. You never know you may want to consider being a stylist.

woman holding a scissor trying to cut her own hair

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  • Dry Cut on Short Hair

If you want short hair, it’s best to cut the hair off from the ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is tight on the center of the head. A loose ponytail will lead to discrepancy in length.

After securing the ponytail get a comb to measure your hairline. Where do you want the hair to sit? Shoulder length or by the chin should be just fine. Begin cutting straight across the chin line for a neat, even cut.

Now you need to make sure you get any uneven, or split ends. Take the scissors and point them at the ponytail. Begin cutting until all the split ends are gone. Once everything looks even and soft, pull the hair tie out and style the way you want.

Shake your hair out to get rid of any excess hair.

  • The Bob Haircut

This fashionable style can seem hard to achieve from home. It’s completely possible and will look great when done correctly.

Grab a ponytail holder and bring all the hair back at the base of the neck. Make sure this ponytail is secure.

Make sure it’s positioned completely in the center of the back of the head as well. Begin cutting right across the ponytail. Your cutting line should be perfectly straight, use a come if you need to.

When you’re finished shake your head and hair thoroughly to get rid of excess hair clippings. For a style-variation consider making waves or curls in the hair for a stylish Bob cut.

  • Make Sure to Leave the Hair Dry

The majority of professional stylist will agree hair should be left dry when cutting it. Cutting wet hair will lead to uneven edges. This is because wet hair clumps together unlike dry hair.

Even if you’re just cutting your bangs or clipping the ends make sure to do it on dry hair.

  • Scissors for Cutting Hair

This may be one of the most important hair cutting tips. Make sure you have scissors designed for hair cutting. Stay away from regular office scissors since the blades are different.

It’s best to use trimming scissors no matter what. These ensure the scissors will be easy to maneuver. Professional hair cutting scissors should only be used when cutting someone else’s hair, not your own.

  • Bang Cutting

Section off the length of the bangs. Tie the hair with a hair tie. Use a comb to make a straight cutline along the length of the bangs.

Getting perfectly straight edges and eliminating any dead ends is very important to have the perfect bang.

To add a little more style to the bangs allow the sides to be a little longer, down to the cheekbone.

  • Split the Hair into Sections

Before you begin cutting your entire head of hair make sure to separate the hair into sections. If the goal is a for a shorter look overall you may consider splitting the hair into 4 sections, to ensure you cut everything evenly.

This tip is especially helpful for those with thick, layered hair. If the hair is thin, then you can get away with just one ponytail.

Also, remember to aim a bit longer than you intend. This gives you room for mistakes and slip-ups. You can always go back and cut more off, but you can't go back and fix the hair once it's cut too short.

  • Say No to Blocked Edges

Nobody wants a square box looking haircut. Make your haircut look natural by cutting the ends vertically. Horizontal cuts usually end in a very straight blocked look.

Although some people like this look, many would rather their cut look natural. Always remember to use trimming scissors.

  • Stand in Front of a Large Mirror

This will eliminate unwanted mistakes. You need to be able to see your hair at every angle. To look at the back of the hair grab a small mirror while standing in front of a large one. Turn around and look into the small mirror to see the back of the head through the large mirror.

As long as every angle of the head is visible you should be able to avoid any mistakes. This will also help you obtain the perfect design.

  • Invite a friend

Having a companion there for support is a great idea. This person can tell you if something goes wrong or if you need to straighten up your posture and try again.

They’ll be especially helpful if you’re cutting off hair in the back of the head. No matter how straight it may feel, you could be going in an unwanted diagonal direction.

In all honesty, you may need another person to be there because there's no way you can hold the mirror and cut at the same time.

Just remember to let your friend or family know they’re there for support. All the cutting and styling will be done by you.

  • Are You Really Ready for a Haircut?

Well, are you? Or is this some kind of short-lived stage you're going through? This is a very important question. Only proceed to cut your hair when you're completely sure about it. Give it a month or two then decide if it's really what you want.

After a month or two you’ll know if it was a temporary stage or if you’re really serious. Another sign you may be ready is if you constantly think of cutting your hair.

Maybe you’re completely tired of lugging around long hair and want to try something new. Avoid cutting the hair prematurely because you cannot go back once it’s cut off.

If you have had long hair all your life and this is your first time getting a short haircut use caution. Take extra time to consider your choice. Start with a medium length cut and keep going shorter from there.

This way if you decide you don’t want short hair, at least you did not cut all the hair off.

Haircut Styles for Long Hair

Woman showing her haircut

​Image from

For those with long hair, it's always a great idea to layer the hair up to give it a fresh new look. DIY hair dyes and highlights can come in handy too.

Try adding blunt bangs or waves to the bangs for a new look. Blunt bangs are those that are very sleek and rounded.

Shag haircuts look amazing in long hair. Learn how to cut your own hair with this style. It’s not as intense as a full haircut.

The Shag look hangs in both right and left directions, with a slight curl to the ends of the hair. Achieve this haircut by cutting to the desired length and using a curling want to curl pieces of hair under slightly.

Comb the hair out very lightly. Comb just enough to bring the hair in the right position.

Maximize layers by cutting 3 or 4 layers into the hair. Use a curling wand to separate each layer. Layered or waved curls make for an amazing hairstyle

Hair Cuts for Short Hair

short bob hairstyle

​Image from Pinterest

After learning how to cut your own hair you may want to try intricate, classy short hairstyles. A short shaggy, spiky hairstyle will really show off your DIY skills.

Pixie Cuts are perfect for those who want an edgy look. Layered Pixie Cuts look even better. Obtain this style by cutting the hair from 4 sectioned off ponytails. If you want the look to be layered cut the back sections a little bit shorter than the top 2.

Next, shake out the hair. Use a comb and scissors to cut the hair both vertically and horizontally both in the back and front. If desired cut bangs as well.

A Side Swoop haircut is easy to obtain. Style the hair on top of the head to the side. Cut in a downward angle. After this use a curling wand to swoop the hair over the side of the head.

Kids Haircut Styles

Children’s haircuts are usually blocked with sharp edges and bangs. This look is alright for kids since they don’t need all the styles and flare that adults desire.

Trimming your kid’s hair will surely be easier than trimming your own hair. The hard part comes in when you’re trying to make sure your kid stays still.

Kids haircut styles include Bobs, Leveled Cuts, and Layers. Kids can have just about any haircut styles that adults would use. The only one you may consider staying away from is the Spiky Pixie Cut.

Add braids and twists to give the style a little personality. Flower pieces and headbands work great too.

Highlights and Hair Dye

woman dying her hair

​Image from Beauty Bargainista

For some, haircutting isn’t enough. You may be feeling really creative and wish to color your own hair as well.

Highlights give hair depth. Sometimes the right highlights and hair colors will make the hair look layered even if it’s not.

No products found.

Before coloring your hair make sure it’s clean and void of any products. Coloring should be done after cutting the hair. If you color the hair before cutting, you’ll end up cutting away the colored hair.

Be realistic with color expectations. If you have dark brown or black hair it may take more time and dye to get the color that you want. If your hair is lightly colored, go easy on the hair dye and be very careful.

Haircut Mistakes to Avoid

After initially cutting your hair you’re going to have to keep up with it to maintain the same look. If you’re confident enough you can do it yourself every few weeks, but you should go back to the salon once in a while to make sure everything looks right.

You may even get some tips from your stylist. You probably didn't think of this but what is your morning routine? Will you have time to maintain your fresh new cut?

Some haircut styles are very low maintenance but if the hair is layered it may take extra time getting ready in the morning.

Make sure your haircut goals are realistic as well. Avoid googling a super complex hairstyle only to attempt it and find out that you messed up your hair.

Watch a few tutorials so you know what you’re getting into. Start with the basics and then move on from there.

Beware, what works from someone’s hair may not work for yours. Everyone has different textures and hair. Just because one person can cut their hair a certain way doesn’t mean you can.

Being unaware of the exact style you want can cause issues. Print out a picture and look at it a few times to know exactly what you’re doing. If you forget how the style is supposed to look you’ll end up with a crazy hairstyle.

Now you’ve learned exactly how to cut your own hair. Incorporate any style you choose, just make sure you really do want to go through with this​.

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