Bows really make our lives more beautiful. Just a sweet and subtle detail can spark a total transformation, no matter if it is regarding a hairstyle, suit, Christmas box, corsage for a wedding or prom outfit or cheerleader accessory. There literally are just as many types of bows as there are situations in which you can wear or use them, and frankly we love each and every one of them. In addition to this, we also adore do it yourself projects, especially when they involve silky smooth fabrics like ribbons. One of the most popular questions surrounding this specific area of bow art, so to speak, is how to make a bow out of ribbon?

While it is not exactly rocket science, it might not be as speedy as tying shoe laces, though. Ribbon is a delicate type of fabric that needs to be handled with care, particularly when looking to create shapes out of it. Nonetheless, the big inquiry still remains how to make a bow out of ribbon? Search no further, because we have created the ultimate list of types of bows with ribbons, methods for how to make hair bows out of ribbon, tips for getting the bows right and more. All you have to do is choose the kind of bow you are planning to make and follow the instructions for each subsection. For any extra help under the form of video guides, search for how to make a bow out of ribbon tutorials on YouTube. Girls, have fun with your arts and crafts projects and may the bows be with you!

Simple & Sweet – The Basic Bow (Without Sewing)

ribbon being tied into a bow

Step one for making a bow out of ribbon

If you want to know how to make a bow out of ribbon, you have certainly come to the right place. Let’s start with a simple pattern. Pick your favorite cute ribbon pattern (like flowers, plaid or simple) and follow these steps:

  1. Take a long piece of ribbon and, without twisting, fold the left and right sides of the ribbon until you obtain two long loops (like the two loops when you tie your shoe laces). You will see a deep loop between the two in the center.
  2. Take the loop on your right hand side and cross it over the top half of the left hand loop.
  3. Take the loop that you crossed over the first and fold it down behind the remaining loop.
  4. Gently pull each side of the loops until a small know forms in the center of the bow. Tug until tight enough to not fall apart.
  5. Optionally, you can cut the ends into two points.

Additionally, the steps for a basic bow are great for how to make a bow tie out of ribbon for girls, as well. The only difference is that you first place the piece of ribbon around your neck, under the collar of your shirt, and then carry out the remaining steps.

Hair Bow

Hair bows are super sweet and pretty alternatives to simply wearing your hair down. Creating hair bows with ribbon is even more fun, and if you were wondering how to make a hair bow out of ribbon, you can find out here:

  1. Decide on the type of ribbon you want to use (fabric: silk, satin, velvet, burlap etc.) and the method of tying it into your hair (using hair clips, ties, bobby pins, head bands etc.). For an easy alternative, use an elastic hair tie.
  2. Choose a ribbon with your favorite print (floral or decorative patterns are lovely) and whether you want your bow to be thin or thick. For hair bows, we recommend wider bows so it can stand out large and nicely against your hair. Cut the ribbon to five or six inches long.
  3. Push and pull the ribbon through the hair tie, making sure that does not twist and that it is equally long for both sides.
  4. Take one end and cross it over the other end, until you reach a form that resembles the Fight against Breast Cancer pink ribbon (we all know the shape). Knot the two ends together.
  5. Create two parallel loops of equal length.
  6. Tie the two loops together as if you were tying your shoe laces (cross left over right and then left under right).
  7. Tug each end to adjust the shape of the bow, cutting off the edges until they are the same length.

For babies, follow the same steps but use a head band instead of a hair tie.

If you are into cheer leading, you should know that these instructions also work for how to make a cheer bow. Instead of tying a not, use another piece of ribbon to hold the loops together.

Gift Box Bow

Why go out and buy bows for gift boxes when you can learn how to make a bow out of wired ribbon for birthday presents or how to make a Christmas bow out of ribbon for holiday gifts? It is a unique touch for any gift for a special someone and I guarantee that you will enjoy making it. Go for festive colors and patterns for a fantastic visual impact.

  1. Take a long piece of ribbon, enough to be able to wrap around your palm up to 10 times.
  2. After wrapping it, hold the looped ribbon between your fingers and thumb and use a pair of scissors to cut a small inner triangle on each side of the center. Make sure that you cut through each and every layer.
  3. Take a piece of florist wire and use it to tie the center tightly.
  4. Cut off the ends of the wire and start spreading out the layers until you obtain a rosette style bow. Your curling loops will look gorgeous on any present!

These steps also work for learning how to make a big bow out of ribbon for a Christmas wreath.

What do you think of our how to make a bow tie out of ribbon ideas? Which one did you find the easiest and sweetest? Let us know and have fun with your project!

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