Now that you’ve decided to make a burlap bow for your wreath, you surely want to decide which kind of this fabric you want to use. Real burlap is made from the Jute plant, but may not be the best choice. It is prone to shedding tiny fibers, has imperfections and blemishes, has an earthy smell and can’t be machine washed and dried. On the other hand, faux burlap looks like the real stuff, but it doesn’t shed, has no smell, is softer to the touch and is machine washable and dryer safe. Try at least one of the following pretty ideas on how to make a burlap bow for a wreath to easily create a beautiful bow.

How to Make a Burlap Bow for a Wreath – Method #1

how to make a burlap bow for a wreath that's simple

What You Need

  • 55 inches of burlap ribbon.
  • Hot glue.
  • Scissors.


  1. Cut the burlap ribbon into 4 pieces. You will need 2 of the largest pieces with each piece measuring 18 inches. The next middle piece should be smaller by a few inches measuring 15 inches. The fourth and smallest piece should measure 4 inches. The smallest piece will keep your bow together at the middle.
  2. Using one of the largest 18 inch pieces, create a circle by hot gluing the ends together. Using the medium 15 inch piece, create another circle by gluing the ends together.
  3. Place the smaller, medium size circle on top of the larger circle. Glue the two circles together at the middle.
  4. Gently squeeze the middle of the bow creating dimples at the center. Glue the bow dimples together.
  5. Fold the shortest (4 inch) piece of burlap ribbon into a “tri-fold”. Create the bow’s tail by adding the longest (18 inch) piece at the center making sure both sides of the tail are equal in length. Wrap the tri-folded short piece around the center of your bow with the tail included. Use hot glue to hold the whole bow together.
  6. At the bottom of each tail cut out a triangle.
  7. Make final adjustments of bow by fluffing it and making sure the folds are even.

How to Make a Burlap Bow for a Wreath – Method #2

fall wreath burlap bow

What You Need

  • 4 feet of 2 inch wide burlap ribbon.
  • Wire.
  • Hot glue.


  1. Cut a three foot length of burlap ribbon. A 2” width of the ribbon will work well for a wreath’s bow. If the length turns out to be too long, you can cut it shorter later.
  2. After laying the burlap ribbon flat, fold the ends of the ribbon crisscrossing them over the center point of the ribbon.
  3. Pinch the ribbon together at the center and tie it together with a small piece of wire.
  4. Cut a 4 to 6 inch piece of burlap ribbon. This piece should be approximately ½ as wide as the main ribbon. It should be wide enough to hide the center.
  5. Use the second 4 to 6 inch piece of ribbon to cover the center of the bow. Wrap this piece around the bow’s center and hot glue it.
  6. Cut the two ends of the bow’s tails at the length you want them to be. Make sure the two tails are the same length. You can cut them in a slant or in a “v”shape.

Your burlap bow is now ready for your wreath.

How to Make a Burlap Bow for a Wreath – Method #3

double burlap bow

What You Need

  • Burlap Ribbon.
  • Scissors.
  • Cord or yarn pieces.


  1. Cut one piece of the burlap ribbon that is twice the width you wish the bow to be. Cut a second piece that is twice the width you want the smaller bow to be. The second smaller bow piece will be placed on top of the larger one.
  2. Pinch pleat each loop section at its center. Cut the ends in the back of each section. Tie each section with a piece of cord or yarn at the location of the pinch pleat.
  3. Layer the two bow loops with the smaller loop on the top.
  4. Layout your tail piece over the center of the two bow loops.
  5. Tie the two loop bows together at the center of the loops with the tail piece. Knot the tail piece at the back of the loops. Arrange the loops and tails so they look beautiful.

How to Make a Burlap Bow for a Wreath – Method #4

simple burlap bow

What You Need

  • Burlap ribbon.
  • Twine.


  1. Cut the burlap ribbon to the size bow you wish to make. The piece you cut should be twice the width your bow is going to be plus the amount for two of the tails at the length of the tails you want.
  2. Lay the piece onto a table in a crisscross.
  3. Tie the bow with the twine at its center. Wrap the twine around the center two times. When you tie the bow, arrange the twine to be as long as the tails before you cut the twine. Now you have your simple, gorgeous burlap bow.

How to Make a Burlap Webbing Bow for a Wreath – Method #5

striped burlap bow

What You Need

  • About 2 yards of burlap webbing ribbon.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot glue.
  • Stapler.


  1. Cut the following burlap webbing ribbon: 25″ for the body of the bow, cut 25″ for the tails of the bow, and 6″ for the center of the bow.
  2. Overlap the ends of your 25″ burlap webbing ribbon for the body of the bow at the center and staple it at the center as well.
  3. At the center of the 25″ burlap webbing ribbon you cut for the tail, wire it. At the end of the tails make French cuts.
  4. On a flat surface, you should lay the tail with the right side up. On top of the tail, lay the bow body with its right side up.
  5. Fold the 6″ strip of burlap webbing ribbon to the width you want it to be around the center of the bow. Staple the center webbing ribbon you have folder along its side that is open and close to the ends of the ribbon.
  6. Wrap the center bow piece you have just stapled around the body and tail of the bow at its middle. Leaving enough to glue the center piece to the bow at its back, cut off the bow center piece’s excess.

You now have a gorgeous burlap webbing bow for a wreath.

Wrapping Up

The above methods to make burlap bows should make it possible for you to make a variety of different bows. Some are very simple and others are a bit more involved. You can use plain burlap or burlap with patterns for any of the above designs. The end result of any one of the above methods is a gorgeous bow to add to a wreath designed for any season of the year.

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