We all love ribbons, ties and bows to pieces, we have to admit it. It doesn’t matter if we use them for tying gift boxes, decorating a Christmas wreath or wearing a ribbon tie as part of our outfits. We even love lyrics related to ribbons, like the ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree’ song by Dawn and Tony Orlando (which you can find on YouTube if you do not know it). We love ribbons in all shapes and sizes, from elastic, wired (with a wire on each edge), big, grosgrain, stretch, simple or intricate. A ribbon tie truly is a perfection addition to make your outfit pretty and posh, no matter how it’s tied. Nevertheless, we are also aware that making a ribbon tie isn’t as easy as tying a knot. We want to help you out with the process, so we have created a step by step guide for your very own DIY ribbon tie. I guarantee that our detailed instructions will help you wrap your head around it, both metaphorically and literally. Even more so, we have also prepared some awesome styling ideas with ribbon ties, so you know how to incorporate them into your #ootd. So get some ribbon and dive into our How to make a ribbon tie + wearing a ribbon tie tips guide!

ribbon bow tie

Instructions on How to Make a Ribbon Tie

Before we get started with our steps on how to make a ribbon tie, you might be wondering where you can buy ribbon and get the best deals. If you are interested in making multiple ribbon ties (and, hey, maybe even a small business out of this hobby), you should look into wholesale suppliers that sell batches of ribbons at small prices. If you want to make just one ribbon tie or two to wear every once in a while, you can go to your local fabric shop and pick your fabric out by hand. You should know that there are various types of ribbons you can choose from, like grosgrain, silk, velvet or satin. You can even experiment with more than one type of ribbon and build complex bows after you learn how to make a ribbon tie. All the time while you are making your ribbon tie, keep in mind the steps you took when you were learning to tie your shoe laces as a child. As we go through our instructions, you will see they are very similar. In addition to this, follow each of the four steps in the image we have provided for extra visual guidance. But let’s get to the point so we can continue with our styling tips; follow these instructions below:

  1. Begin with taking a long piece of ribbon and creating two loops. Pinch both of these loops with one hand each so you can secure them in place.
  2. Take the two loops and tie them together like you would with shoe laces.
  3. Carefully pull each loop to the opposite side until you form the knot in the middle.
  4. Adjust the loops until you obtain symmetry and cut off any extra material on your ends, depending on how long you want your ribbon tie to be.

How to Wear a Ribbon Tie

bow tie in your hair

In Your Hair

One of the most popular ways to wear a ribbon tie is in your hair. You can do this so many ways that it would be impossible to fit them all into this article, so we are going to cover a really simple one that you can wear at school, work or out on a date: a ribbon tie ponytail. You can do this either by taking the ribbon you have just made and gluing or tying it onto an elastic band and simply creating a ponytail, or by wrapping it onto your hair from the beginning. If you choose the latter, we would suggest making the ponytail with a hair tie first so it doesn’t fall out of place. After that, take a long piece of ribbon and follow the steps in the first section of this article, but tying the ribbon around your hair this time.

fur west wrap with bow tie

Fur Vest Wrap

We all know that fur vests are super trendy this season, so we thought we’d give you an idea to revamp your favorite autumn piece. By making a ribbon tie for your fur vest it won’t seem so bulky and you will also be adding a feminine touch to your outfit. All you have to do is put on your fur vest and take a long and wide piece of ribbon (preferably from a thicker fabric, like cotton) and wrap it around your waist. When you get the two pieces to the front, make a ribbon tie with the instructions we have provided. Adjust the loops and enjoy your DIY fur vest belt!

bow tie

Bow Tie

Whoever said that bow ties were just for guys? This lovely accessory works perfectly well with girls, too, and it can be a nice sprinkle of class for your outfit. You can get creative with all sorts of patterns, such as plaid, polka dots or stripes. However, if you choose a bow tie with a detailed pattern, make sure you use solid colors for the rest of your outfit. If you want it the other way around (a full print top, for example), you can choose a bow tie in a solid color. Try to pick out shades that are contrasting and vivid for an awesome impact.

black pussy bow tie over white shirt

Pussy Bow

A pussy bow is a brilliant way in which you can use a ribbon tie with dress shirts or loose blouses. Use exactly the same instructions for making a ribbon tie, but just apply them while holding the piece of ribbon under your collar and around your neck. You can never go wrong with a sheer white blouse and a black pussy bow.

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