Ribbon wreaths are always a great idea to brighten up your home or garden. How to make a ribbon wreath? It isn’t at all difficult. Plus, the end result is always exceptionally rewarding. Ribbon wreaths are the delightful DYI home decorations come rain, sunshine or snow.

Each celebration across the U.S. is met with the most creative ribbon wreaths designs. Easter, the 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, the festive New Year, they each have their own category of ribbon wreaths. Nevertheless, you don’t need a special occasion to learn how to make ribbon wreaths.

To prove this, we have collected a few designs bound to get your started. They’re beautiful and easy to make. Learn how to make a ribbon wreath in no time with these tutorials. Then use your personal designs to brighten up your home. Ribbon wreaths make great gifts for friends and family too. With these tutorials you’ll learn how to make a mesh ribbon wreath or other ribbon wreaths in no time. Time to put your creativity to work!

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath

All you need to make a ribbon wreath is inspiration, patience and a basic list of materials that you can shop at any store. Let’s get started.

1. How to make a wreath out of mesh ribbon

how to make a ribbon wreath

This is the easiest guide on how to make mesh ribbon wreaths. Life is indeed crazy good when you add so much color to it. Here is what you need to make this type of mesh ribbon wreath in a few easy steps:

  • A metal wreath form. You can either purchase it or make it yourself using sturdy wire. The more rings the form has, the more space to decorate.
  • Mesh material in your favorite colors.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Mesh clips, pins or a loaded stapler. Alternatively, you can use a glue gun with colorless glue so that the spillovers don’t leave messy trails.

Armed with these materials, let your crafting skills go wild. Begin by cutting 7-inch strips of mesh. Cut as many such stripes as wish. The more, the richer and merrier your wreath will look. Shape each of them in rounded ribbons. Then, staple each individual stripe to keep its form. Alternatively, secure each ribbon with a pin or glue.

A metal wreath can look pretty by itself. Yet it’s all the more attractive if it’s wrapped in the colorful mesh material. Wrapping it in layers of mesh materials doesn’t only provide a solid base, but it also gives a coherent look to the final result.

With these two steps completed, all you need to do is secure bundles and bundles of the mesh ribbons on the support. Use any method that seems more convenient to you. There it is: the easy guide on how to make a ribbon wreath.

2. How to make a deco ribbon wreath

how to make a ribbon wreath

This gorgeous example of a deco ribbon wreath is ideal to decorate your home in any season. Of course, it looks more complicated than simply adding a bow to a wreath. Nonetheless, we can assure you it isn’t. The basic materials you’ll need:

  • Plenty of grosgrain ribbon in the color and patterns you find most fit for your project.
  • Satin ribbon to wrap the wreath form. A foam wreath form is ideal, but depending on your skill level, any form material will do.
  • Scissors and pins to secure each ribbon loop.

Start by wrapping the wreath form in the satin ribbon. The basic color isn’t that important as the wreath should eventually be covered in fancy ribbons, thus not very visible. Nonetheless, choose a color that fits your general scheme.

Set the wrapped form aside and start cutting the ribbons in 3-inch strips which you can secure into a loop with the help of pins. The fun time starts just shortly afterward. Pin the ribbon loops on the form in random spots. Alternate the colors and patterns to get a vivid and rich look. Layer after layer of ribbons will create this magnificent ribbon wreath. Isn’t it imaginative?

3. How to make a burlap ribbon wreath

how to make a ribbon wreath

A burlap ribbon wreath must be one of the favorite wreath designs. Their rustic yet chic look makes them a great choice for the garden, outside terraces and more. Hung on the door instead of a Welcome sign they will give an instant homey feeling to visiting friends and family.

This is the quick shopping list for this type of wreath:

  • Burlap Jute Ribbon, 6-inch wide.
  • A pair of scissors and hot glue gun.
  • Wire wreath form.
  • 6 pipe cleaners, each 6-inch.
  • Wired Ribbon.
  • Any flower or leaves decorations you like most.

With these readily at hand, let’s start crafting. The burlap ribbon is the first to be used. Tie one end to make a knot on the wire frame. Secure it with a pipe cleaner piece. Start making loops of burlap ribbon and push them through the wire. Don’t make them too loose, but not too tight either. Find the perfect balance to keep the ribbon shape and cover the wire at the same time.

When the wire frame is completed, cut off the remaining burlap ribbon. Secure the end with another knot and tuck it under the last ribbon. This step ensures a clean look without loose ends. The back of the wreath may look a little messy, so use the pipe cleaner pieces to keep everything in place.

The finishing touch: hot glue the flower decorations in any pattern you like. If there are other decorations you would like to embellish your wreath with, feel free to use them. Before putting up the burlap ribbon wreath, make sure everything is glued together as it should.

As you can see, making a ribbon wreath is quite simple. We hope we answered the ‘How to make a ribbon wreath’ question just in time for your next DIY project. Save a couple of hours to revel in such a rewarding crafts project. The results are nothing short of delightful.

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